NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by LaughingEyes

The movie starts out with a voice over done by William Thacker (Hugh Grant) as he walks through Notting Hill, which is an area in London, talking about why he loves it. We are introduced to Tony, an architect turned chef. He tells us he lives in a house with a blue door, which he bought with his wife who left him for a man who “looked exactly like Harrison Ford.” He enters his house, and we are introduced to Spike, his rather disgusting roommate.

He leaves to go to work. We find out he owns a travel book shop. We are introduced to Martin, who works for him. William isn’t doing too well in business, so Martin goes to get them some cappuccinos to perk them up. After Martin leaves, Anna Scott, a famous movie star, enters the shop. William advises her on travel books for Turkey, and busts someone for shop lifting. Anna leaves, and Martin comes back with the cappuccinos.  They drink them, and William offers to go and get more. Martin asks for an orange juice instead. William leaves, and while walking back, he goes around a corner and accidentally spills the orange juice all over Anna. He offers his bathroom at his house (they are across the street from it) to get cleaned up, and she hesitantly says yes. They enter, and it’s a mess inside. He directs her to the bathroom, and while she’s gone, he hastily cleans up as much as he can. She comes back wearing a belly shirt and skirt (she had been shopping and was carrying a couple bags) and he offers her tea, orange juice (she squints at him) or something to eat. She says no to everything, and she leaves. About 30 seconds later, the door bell rings, and its Anna again. She forgot one of her bags. He runs and gets it for her, and she kisses him suddenly (a good 7-8 second kiss) After they pull apart, Spike enters the apartment, smoking and wearing sweats with no underwear. Anna asks Will to not tell anyone about the kiss. She leaves. Spike asks Will to join him for a “video-fest” They watch an Anna Scott film, and Spike says “Somewhere in the world there is someone who has kissed her.” Will says “Yes, she is fairly fabulous.” You can tell he can’t believe he’s the one.

Cut to a couple days later. Will and Spike are on the roof of their apartment, and Will asks for his messages. Spike apparently isn’t good at writing them down, and he has trouble remembering them. He says “Some American girl called Anna called a couple days ago. It was genuinely bizarre. She said ‘Hi, it’s Anna, call me at the Ritz.’ And then gave herself a completely different name.”

Will tries to call her, and is having trouble getting connected to her. Spike remembers that she called herself Flintstone, and he gets through immediately. It was a password. She asks him to come by for tea.

Will goes to the Ritz with flowers, and heads up to her suite, followed by another guy. When he gets there, he is ambushed by her apparent assistant, who mistakes him for press. It is a press day or something for her new movie, called “Helix” which is set in space. Will hadn’t seen the movie. Will pretends he is from a magazine called “Horse and Hound.”  He goes to see Anna, and has to pretend he is interviewing her about the movie while there are people in the room. He asks her really stupid questions because he has no idea what the movie is about. When the guy in the room leaves, he explains himself. She apologizes for kissing him so suddenly. He tells her that this is the kind of thing that happens in dreams. She asks him what happens next in the dream. He says that the guy would kiss the girl. They lean in to kiss, but they are interrupted when the guy comes back in. He leaves again, and he asks her out for that night. She says she’s busy, and they say goodbye because the guy came back in.

He tries to leave the suite, but her assistant tells him that they can just “rush him through the others.” He then has to interview every cast member about the movie, which he hasn’t seen! When he’s done, he tries to leave again, but Anna’s assistant tells him that Anna wants to see him. Anna tells him that she is no longer busy that night. He realizes that it’s his little sister’s birthday and they are having a dinner party. She says that she’ll be his date.

We are now introduced to Max and Bella at their house. Will and Anna arrive, Anna is introduced to both of them. They are both shocked that Will is there with a famous star. Will’s sister, Honey, arrives, and she FREAKS OUT. She is a huge fan of Anna’s. She asks to be her best friend. Anna accepts. Bernie arrives. He is introduced to Anna and is clueless as to who she is. He asks her really stupid questions like “What do you do?” “What kind of acting do you do?” “How much do you make?”

Anna asks to go to the bathroom, and while she’s gone, they interrogate Will as to why he is here with Anna Scott. Bernie realizes who she is at that point and feels like an idiot.

We see them eating dinner, and everyone really likes Anna, and Anna really likes them. They play a game to get the last brownie. It is awarded to the person with the worst life. Will wins, with Bella (she’s in a wheel chair and cannot have children) and Anna close behind.

Will and Anna leave, and after they are out the door, you can hear screams and laughter from inside the house. They walk around for awhile, and she tells him she’s changed her plans and is staying longer. They come upon a private courtyard/park/garden. They break in after she convinces Will to. They walk in, and Anna kisses Will. They walk around, and come upon a bench that says “For June, who loved this garden. From Joseph, who always sat beside her.” Anna sits down, and asks Will to sit with her.

We next see Anna and Will at the movies briefly. After that they are at a restaurant, and they overhear some men saying really rude things about Anna. Will gets fed up, and confronts them. Anna pulls him away, and they begin to leave. Will apologizes, and Anna says, “No, don’t be. I wish could’ve done the same thing. In fact…” and she goes up to them and tells them off.

They leave, and walk to her hotel. She invites him up to her room. He says yes, and she asks for 5 minutes. When he arrives at her room, she answers the door and tells him he has to leave because her boyfriend is there. She says that she didn’t know they were still together. (She’s not lying) Will pretends to be room service when he enters the room. He is really rude to Will and says rude things about Anna. Will leaves with his dirty plates and garbage. You can tell he is heartbroken.

We see Will over the next few days, really upset. He goes to see Helix, the movie that he never saw that he interviewed all those people for. Spike tries to talk to him, but manages to make it worse after he makes a crude joke about a girl he knew in college.

Will has dinner with his friends, and they all knew that she had a boyfriend. They try to set him up with numerous women, and they are all freaks except for one, but Will isn’t interested. After she leaves, Will and Max and Bella talk. We find out that Will and Bella were once together, and he was in love with her, but she didn’t feel the same about him, and married Max. Will stays the night at their house.

The next day, Will is back at his house, and the door bell rings. It’s Anna, obviously very upset. We find out that nude photos and a video were taken of her when she was younger, and they have been sold, and are everywhere. She needs a place to hide for a while. Will tells her to stay with him. Anna goes and takes a bath, and Spike walks in on her while reading one of the tabloids with pictures of her in it.

Later, Will and Anna talk. Anna apologizes for how she acted last time, and tells him she and her boyfriend broke up. Will accepts her apology. He then offers to help her with her lines for her new movie. They go to the roof, and practice. He advises her to do a Henry James film instead.

Later, they are downstairs, and she tells him that she loves the Chagall painting he has.

After that, we see them in the living room talking. Then Will shows Anna to her room, and they say goodnight.

Later that night, Anna comes to see Will. The obvious happens, and we see them in bed together the next morning. She makes him breakfast in bed, and the door bell rings. Will gets the door, and outside are hundreds of paparazzi, taking pictures of him in his boxers. Anna thinks there’s a surprise outside for her, and she opens the door in one of Will’s shirts. She freaks out and calls for someone to come get her, and packs up her stuff. Spike goes outside wearing nothing but tighty-whiteys.

Anna gets really upset at Will because she knows that Spike told people where she is. She is sort of irrational. She says she regrets the whole thing, and leaves.

Will talks to Spike later, and we find out that Anna was right. Spike was the one who told people where she was.

We see Will walk down a street, and as he walks, the seasons change, and a year passes.

We see Will at his shop, and Honey and Spike burst in. Honey says she’s gotten Anna’s agents’ numbers, and gives them to him. He throws them away after she leaves.

We see Will and all his friends at Tony’s (the architect turned chef from the beginning of the movie) eating dinner. His restaurant is closing. We find out that Bernie got fired. Honey makes an announcement as well. She says that she has decided to get engaged to someone who will make her happy for the rest of her life. While everyone is talking about it, she turns and whispers to Spike, “By the way, it’s you. What do you think?” He says “Me? Well yeah. Groovy.” Then Will says that he is now going to get on with his life.

Later Max tells Will that Anna is back in London filming a new movie. Will goes to see her on the set the next day. She sees him, but can’t talk, and asks him to wait. He finds out that it is a Henry James film. He goes and listens to her film with headphones, and hears her talking to the guy she is filming with. The guy asks who Will is and Anna says “Just some guy. I don’t really know what he’s doing here. It’s kind of awkward.” After Will hears that, he leaves.

We see him back at the shop the next day. Anna comes to see him, with a package. She asks him why he left, and he tells her that he heard what she said. She then tells him that she wasn’t about to pour her heart out to the most indiscreet man in England. She then asks him if they could see each other. He says no. She then says the line which is probably the most famous in the whole movie: “The fame thing isn’t really real. And don’t forget. I’m also just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her.” Then she leaves.

Next we see Will with his friends, talking about it, asking for opinions on his decision. They all support him, but you can tell they are lying. We then find that the package Anna brought for Will was the original Chagall painting that Will had in his apartment. Will then repeats the famous line that Anna said to his friends, and realizes he’s made the wrong decision. They all pile in Max’s car, and head to the Ritz. When they get there, they find out that Anna has already left, but she is holding a press conference at the Savoy before flying to America. They rush out, and head to the Savoy.

Will enters the press conference, and listens to some people ask questions. One guy named Dominic asks how long she is staying the UK, and she said that she was leaving that night. After a couple more questions, Will raises his hand, and asks her if under any circumstances might they be more than just friends. She said that she had been assured there wasn’t. He then asks if he realized he had been a daft prick that she might reconsider. She says yes. He then says “That’s very good news. The readers of Horse and Hound will be delighted.”  She then asks Dominic to repeat his question. He does, and she says “Indefinitely.”

Everyone freaks out and starts kissing each other, and Will and Anna smile at each other from across the room.

We then see their wedding, with background music playing. Then we see Will accompany Anna to either an awards ceremony or premiere.

Finally, we see a park, and the camera pans to them sitting/laying on a bench, Anna is pregnant.