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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Toni. who says... "This movie was NOT the comedy they made it out to be. It was actually very sad and at times hard to watch."

It starts out that Eddie Murphy is abandoned at a orphanage/Chinese restaurant. The Chinese restaurant owner is played by Eddie Murphy. There are something like 18 kids at the orphanage. Since there are too many kids for the owners to take care of at once, they implement the buddy system. Eddie Murphy gets paired up with Thandie Newton. They instantly become best friends and they do everything together. She starts to teach him how to ride a bike and they even pretend to get married under a huge oak tree in the backyard and exchange blow pop rings. However, 2 weeks later, Thandie is adopted and she isn't heard from again.

Norbit grows up alone, but believing that one day he'll see Thandie again.

Norbit, now about 13 years old, is playing in a school playground and is being beaten up by two bullies. Rasputia comes along and grabs them both by the collar and throws them away from Norbit. She keeps calling Norbit Nesbit until he corrects her and she asks him if he has a girlfriend. He says no. Rasputia promptly replies, you do now!

Skip ahead to 7 years later and you see that Rasputia (also played by Eddie Murphy) and Norbit are married. Norbit is a VERY non -confrontational person and basically does everything Rasputia wants. He works at some kind of construction job with Rasputia and her three very big bad brothers. Although Rasputia works there, we never see her do anything but sit there and watch tv. Norbit works behind a desk and is basically their gofer.

We see Rasputia go to a gym one day and she tries to seduce the gym instructor. The gym instructor allows himself to be seduced only if her three brother can get him a video workout deal that will make him famous. The instructor goes to Rasputia's house and they have sex. Norbit comes home early and finds them together. Even though Norbit finds them in the act, Rasputia denies that she was having sex with him and the gym instructor runs away.

Eventually, when visiting his foster father, he sees Thandie again, who after many years, has decided to come back and purchase the orphanage and run it herself since their foster father is getting old. Thandie and Norbit catch up and agree to meet for lunch next Tuesday. In several funny scenes, you see Norbit just repeating the word Tuesday over and over and at one point Rasputia tells him to stop saying it or she'll hurt him.

Tuesday comes and we see Norbit all dressed up to see Thandie. Only Thandie has showed up, but with her fiance, played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. Norbit is beyond disappointed. Norbit doesn't trust Cuba and sends away to this commercial advertisement to investigate Cuba. (Important later)

We later see Thandie and Cuba at home and Cuba is wants out of this relationship. While Thandie is out, he starts to pack his car when he is approached by Rasputia's three brothers who tell him they need him to help them out with a plot they have. It seems that they want to buy the orphanage where Thandie and Norbit grew up and turn it into a fabulous strip club. Since it has a liquor license, its perfect. Cuba says he doesn't care until they offer him a percentage of the profits. Then he decides to help them out. He tried to convince Thandie not to buy the orphanage because he doesn't think she can do it on her own, she starts to have her doubts, but persists that she still wants to buy it. In the meantime, Thandie and Norbit keep seeing each other and having a great time. Its almost like their dating even though Norbit is married and Thandie is engaged.

One evening, when Norbit has dinner plans with Thandie, Rasputia's three brothers tell him to have Thandie sign a bunch of papers for the sale of the orphanage. He takes the papers without looking at them since he is so excited about having dinner with Thandie. At dinner he gives the papers to sign, they have a great time and he then returns the papers to Rasputia's brothers. Later, Thandie finds out from Cuba that Norbit tricked her, that instead of signing documents for her to purchase the orphanage, she signs documents that allow the orphanage/chinese restaurant to allow the new owner to carry over the liquor license, instead of having to apply for new costly one. He convinces her to marry him this weekend so they can take care of the orphanage together - even though he knows it will be made into a strip club. Thandie is angry, but agrees to marry Cuba this weekend and starts working on the wedding preparations. She avoids Norbit and when he hears about the impending nuptials, he tried to see her but she refuses to talk to him but tells him she knows how he tricked her into signing those documents.

The day of the wedding approaches and Rasputia's three brothers lock up Norbit in the basement so he can't spoil the wedding. One brother is left behind to guard him and the rest with Rasputia go to the wedding. Norbit manages to escape while the brother watches TV and dances and grabs the envelope that came in from the investigators office telling him that Cuba is basically a rotten guy. On the way to the wedding, while riding his bike, he falls into a puddle because he is caught by Rasputia and her brothers seeing him trying to stop the wedding.

In the meantime at the church, there are two pimps that have befriended Norbit from the beginning of the movie who are trying to help Norbit stop the wedding. They have been trying to delay the wedding for about what seems 20-30 minutes until Norbit finally gets there. He tells Thandie that he didn't know the documents he was giving her to sign weren't the ones he thought they were and that Cuba is a rotten person. It turns out that Cuba has been marrying rich women and then dumping them to get all of their money. Norbit invited the prior women to the wedding and they show up with all of his children that he is not paying child support for and he runs out of the church to try to get away from them and the women and children run after him.

Thandie and Norbit work things out but now Rasputia and her brothers get back to the church and they are livid that their plans for their strip club have been foiled. There is a huge confrontation in front of the church and before they can really hurt Norbit, all the neighborhood bands together and run Rasputia and her brothers out of town, never to be heard of again.

At the end of the movie, you see all Thandie and Norbit get married under the same tree in the backyard of the orphanage where they pretended to get married when they were little. They exchange blow pop rings again.

When the credit start to roll, you see that Rasputia and her brothers have ended up in Mexico and they have opened up a really seedy strip club where the main attraction is Rasputia - who we then see do some so called sexy moves, then sits on a chair and lets water fall all over her like Madonna did in her prime.

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