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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by ILRPinkGirl who says..."This movie is exactly the same as original; it just looks a bit more realistic."

At the beginning of the film, we are joined by a group of witches, vampires, monsters and ghouls celebrating Halloween, and we quickly learn that these are the inhabitants of Halloween Town.  At the climax of their celebration, we are introduced to Jack Skellington, who is obviously the most popular and well respected member of the community.  At the end of the Halloween celebration, as the other community members congratulate each other, Jack walks off by himself, clearly unhappy.  Through song, we learn that Jack is tired of the monotonous life in Halloween Town, and thinks something is missing in his life.  Still upset, Jack takes a long walk through the forest with his ghost dog Zero, eventually becoming unaware of where he has traveled.  Stumbling into a clearing, Jack discovers a mysterious set of trees, each with an interesting door on them.  We see a tree with an Easter egg-shaped door, a tree with a turkey-shaped door, and so forth.  However, Jack is clearly most intrigued by the tree with the Christmas tree door on it.  As Jack peers inside the door, he is pulled inside by an icy wind.

Dropped into Christmas Town, Jack is thrilled to see such new surroundings, and curiously explores the area.  Jack sees people making presents and snowmen, decorating trees, and so forth.  Jack quickly notices stark differences between Christmas Town and his home, including that they throw snowballs in Christmas Town rather than heads, and that there are no monsters under the bed here.  Jack also sees Santa Claus, and watches on with clear intrigue and interest.

Back in Halloween Town, the mayor and other townspeople are frantically searching for Jack, looking in the crypts and swamp.  About to give up hope, they are relieved to see Jack and Zero arrive back in Halloween Town in a red and green car filled with foreign objects.  Jack and the mayor call an emergency town meeting, where Jack tries to explain Christmas Town to all of his friends.  However, not having experienced it themselves, the community has a hard time grasping the concept of Christmas, constantly trying to relate it back to Halloween.  For example, when Jack tries to explain the concept of a stocking, people start suggesting that someone’s foot is still inside.  Jack is clearly getting frustrated, and knows that the community members will never fully understand.  Therefore, Jack makes a compromise, twisting the truth so that the community will understand.  Jack ends the meeting explaining who Santa Claus is, but refers to him as “like a lobster” and a “vulture in the sky,” giving him the name Sandy Claws. 

Now with the support of the town, Jack decides that they will take over Christmas this year.  So over the next month, we see the inhabitants of Halloween Town preparing for Christmas, but obviously without a clear understanding of the holiday.  The community makes many deadly toys and uses large snakes as stockings.  Jack even sends three of the town troublemakers, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, to fetch Santa Claus in preparation for Christmas.  The only person not in support of Halloween Town celebrating Christmas is Sally, a rag doll who is secretly in love with Jack.  Sally has a horrible premonition of Jack’s Christmas involving fire and destruction, and tries to warn Jack.  However, Jack is so thrilled with a change in his life that he brushes off her warnings. 

Lock, Shock, and Barrel finally return with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.  Jack welcomes him, and tells him excitedly that he can relax, and that Jack will be handling Christmas this year.  Santa tries to protest, but is taken away by the troublesome threesome.  Lock, Shock, and Barrel, without Jack’s knowledge, then take Santa to Oogie Boogie, a dangerous monster who obviously has bad intentions to hurt or kill Santa.

In a last-ditch effort to stop Jack’s Christmas, Sally uses a potion to create a fog throughout Halloween Town, making it too hard for Jack to see where he’s going with the sleigh.  However, Jack’s dog Zero happens to have a red nose, making him the Halloween Town equivalent of Rudolph.  Jack and Zero take off with the sleigh, and start to deliver presents to homes across the world.  However, as the children and their families get attacked by these presents, many call the police, and eventually the military is called to shoot Jack down.  Finally hitting his sleigh with an explosive, Jack and Zero fall to the ground.  At first, Jack is upset, feeling like he’s a complete failure.  But as he thinks about it, Jack realizes that he’s not a failure after all, that Halloween is his true calling, and realizes it was just a mistake to take Christmas away from Santa Claus. 

Returning to Halloween Town to make things right, Jack learns that Santa is with Oogie Boogie, and that Sally has also been captured by Oogie Boogie during a failed rescue attempt.  About to meet their demise, Jack saves Santa and Sally and reveals Oogie Boogie to be nothing more than a bag filled with bugs.  Jack manages to pull a loose string on the bag, causing the bugs inside to fall into a boiling stew.  Jack apologizes to Santa, who begrudgingly accepts the apology and leaves quickly to save Christmas, also bringing snow down over Halloween Town.  Sally says very little, still afraid to confess her love for Jack.  However, Jack realizes everything Sally did for him, and admits his feelings for her.  The movie ends with Jack kissing Sally as it snows around them.

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Frustrated with his Halloween routine, Jack Skellington attempts to take over Christmas, which causes a disaster with dangerous and Halloween-themed toys.  Realizing that running Halloween is his true calling, Jack saves Santa from a potential demise and finally connects with Sally, his secret lover from Halloween Town.

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