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Cris Johnson is in a Las Vegas diner. He looks at the clock above the counter. He checks his own watch, and then glances out the door. He is looking for someone, but she doesn’t show. He appears to be haunted by visions of a young woman, probably connected to the diner.

Cris is a clairvoyant living under an assumed name, Frank Cadillac, in Las Vegas. He has a minor magic show at one of the hotels, but he makes his living at “low stakes” gambling against the casinos. He manages to stay beneath the radar, never revealing his gift: the ability to see two minutes into his own future.

During one his magic shows, two FBI agents observe him, although he doesn’t realize that’s who they are or that they are even after him. After the magic show, when he goes to a casino to gamble, he is observed by the casino’s security. They have watched him for a while and tonight they are convinced he must be cheating in some way. Cris, however, knows they are coming. He goes to cash his chips and get the hell out of the casino.

A nervous man approaches the money cages of the casino just as Cris gets his cash. Cris looks at him, and the man pulls a gun. He tries to rob the casino, and shoots two people in the process. The scene freezes — this is a vision of the future and now Cris knows what’s going to happen. He tackles the robber and grabs the gun, but the casino security thinks he’s the danger.

Using his ability, Cris eludes security and steals a car. He escapes the police in a car chase and heads for home in the car.

Meanwhile, the FBI agents peruse the security video from the casino. Callie Ferris is convinced Cris is the key to help the FBI stop Russian terrorists from detonating a stolen nuclear bomb. All the information she has obtained until this point proves Cris has some unexplainable ability to see the future. She has her partner get the head of casino security, to ask some more questions before they go and pick up Cris.

Cris goes to see his friend Irv, but realizes that the police and Callie are on his tale. Before Cris leaves Irv’s place, however, he decides to see what Callie wants. Cris views the future & realizes that Callie wants to use his powers and will not take no for an answer. He escapes from her, but he won’t leave town. He has been living every day in hopes of meeting the woman from his vision, and understanding why — where she is concerned — he can see farther ahead than he ever has before.

Two of the Russian terrorists kill the casino’s head of security, trying to find out more about Cris.

Cris goes to the diner. This time the woman from his vision shows up. Her name is Liz and Cris tries a number of ways to meet her — using the future á la Groundhog Day — until her abusive ex-boyfriend shows up and gives him an opportunity to save her. Liz is touched by his efforts (he let the ex-boyfriend hit him, which helps with her sympathy). He tells her his car was stolen, and before long she offers to drive him to his destination — Flagstaff — which is conveniently where Liz is headed.

Callie in the meantime is insistent on tracking Cris down. She finds the diner where he was (and learns in the process that the casino head of security was murdered — she doesn’t connect it yet to the terrorists), learns he was headed towards Flagstaff, and goes to see if she can track down video of him.

Cris and Liz are driving through Nevada together. She has a stop to make at an Indian reservation where she teaches. One of her students has a birthday, and she has brought a present for him. While they descend to the reservation, Cris mentions he would like to meet their shaman. He asks Liz if she believes the stories they tell about shaman — their abilities to control water, to see the future. Liz says she believes anything is possible. At the reservation, Liz draws closer to Cris, particularly after her students point out how much he seems to like her and he performs a magic trick for the birthday boy.

Meanwhile, the Russian terrorists have their nuclear bomb delivered to the docks. The leader of the terrorists wants Cris Johnson eliminated, and so the “henchmen” are off to track Cris down before the FBI can get their hands on them. It is never explained how the terrorist knows about Cris Johnson or his abilities.

Cris is driving Liz’s car through the rain. She falls asleep on her shoulder, and then jerks herself awake. They come up to a roadblock, the road to Flagstaff is flooded, and are forced to turn back to a hotel called the Overhang.

Callie finds out who Liz is, but is still unable to locate where they have gone.

At the hotel, Cris leaves Liz in the room and sleeps in the car himself. Liz glances out the window at one point, and watches him, feeling guilty that he is sleeping in the cold. The next day, Cris “makes” a rose appear in place of a flower one for Liz and the two of them share a passionate kiss.

Because of the police officer at the roadblock, Callie finds out where Liz & Cris are hiding. The government has detected nuclear radiation levels, and so Callie is able to mobilize a large group of FBI to go and capture Cris. The Russian terrorists have been watching the FBI building, in the apartment of a murdered girl, and they follow the FBI to Cris’s hideout.

Cris and Liz are curled up in bed together. Liz is asleep, but Cris’s eyes suddenly pop open and he stares at the ceiling.

Liz leaves the Overhang to go shopping, watched and then intercepted by Callie & the FBI. The Russians are also watching, and they mark Liz as being someone connected to Cris. In the car, Callie convinces Liz that Cris is a dangerous sociopath and that Liz must drug him so Callie & the FBI can arrest him. In shock, Liz agrees.

The Russians watch the hotel, but cannot get a clear shot at Cris. So they wait, like the FBI, to see what happens next.

Liz does not follow through on drugging Cris, and instead warns him that Callie & the FBI are there. Cris tells her his secret, and insists if she believes everything is possible, she needs to believe in him. After Liz sees the proof she believes, but doesn’t understand why he won’t help the FBI. He explains that his gift is limited to his future, and only two minutes besides, alone and that that wouldn’t help the FBI. Only Liz gives him a glimpse of a more distant future. Cris wants to escape the FBI, and have Liz go into hiding. Liz promises to wait for him to find her. Neither is aware that the Russians know who Cris and Liz are.

Cris almost succeeds in getting away, but at the last minute saves Callie from falling logs. Callie arrests him, and hauls him off with the FBI. The Russians, unable to get their hands on Cris, kidnap Liz instead.

At FBI headquarters in Los Angeles, Callie hooks Cris up to a machine, in front of a TV, and tells him to seek out the future for where the nuclear blast takes place. Instead, Cris gets a vision of Liz being killed by terrorist bombs strapped to her body. He escapes the FBI and runs to the parking garage where he saw it happen.

When he gets there, there is no sign of Liz. Cris’s powers of the future, however, have expanded as far as Liz is concerned. Liz’s death won’t occur for two more hours. Callie finds him there and warns him that the Russians probably have a sniper prepared to kill him. Callie promises to help Cris save Liz, if he’ll help her.

Using Cris as bait, the FBI tries to catch the sniper but the sniper is killed in the attempt. Cris visualizes the future again, this time getting a picture of the Russians’ license plate on their van. Callie uses this to track down the Russians near the port.

The FBI swarms on the port, but Callie makes it clear to her team that Cris calls the shots in terms of when and where to shoot. They work together and chase the Russians, who use a bomb-strapped Liz as a shield, into a tanker. Cris helps them evade bomb traps, and get down to the last terrorist. When Cris distracts the terrorist, Callie shoots him and Cris frees Liz.

Outside, however, the FBI has discovered that the nuclear bomb has been moved. Callie shows Cris where the range of LA where they think the bomb is hidden, but Cris becomes agitated and says he was wrong, he made a mistake. Then he shouts, “It’s happening now,” and grabs Liz to shield her with his body. In LA, the nuclear explosion goes off, obliterating the port and everyone on it.

Cris is in bed again, with Liz sleeping next to him. It’s the exact same shot from when he stared at the ceiling. Everything that happened before was a vision of the future, what will happen if he tries to evade the FBI. He gets out of bed, calls Callie and tells her he will help — if she keeps Liz out of it. Callie agrees.

Cris explains he has an important job to do, and asks Liz if she can wait a week or a month for him to return to her. Liz agrees. Cris meets Callie outside the hotel, thinking to himself that once you see the future, you change it just by knowing what is going to come.

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Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) and Liz (Jessica Biel) fall in love and have sex. Afterward, Liz learns that Cris can see into the future and he is given to the FBI, while she gets captured by the assassins who are out to kill Johnson.

Cris discovers that Liz is now strapped with explosives and is going to be killed. Many explosions and shootouts later, she is saved, and they focus their attention on the nuclear device. But Cris made a mistake in the process, so the device goes off, destroying Los Angeles.

After a big explosion... Cris wakes up in the bed with Liz, just after having sex. He calls the FBI to cooperate and tells her to wait for him. He gets in the car with Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) to help her.