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There's Something About Roxy (Sequel)


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by horrorfreak89 who says... "This was a very funny movie. Its good to see that the Olsen twins are in teen movies now"

The movie starts out at the Ryan house. Its 7 AM and there is a very busy day planned for the two teenage girls. We first see Jane (Ashley Olsen) sleeping and her alarm going off. Jane is a very busy smart girl. She has to be at a University to give a speech in front of hundreds of people to get accepted into Oxford University. We next see Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) sleeping and her alarm going off. Roxy is a punk rock chick. She has her own rock band.

We cut to Jane getting ready and using the shower. Back to Roxy, she gets out of her bed and goes on her computer. Her friend instant messages her and says that there is a Simple Plan music video shoot in the city. Roxy turns around and notices that her pet snake is missing. Cut back to Jane in the shower. We see the pet snake entering the shower and Jane screams and freaks out. Roxy comes in and gets her snake and puts it back in the cage.

The two girls go downstairs to greet their dad. He is a doctor. The two girls say goodbye to their dad and get in Roxy's car. Its an old purple VW bug. They pull out of the driveway and drive off. Across the street we see police officer Max (Eugene Levy) he is after Rox since Roxy is a party girl and she always cuts school. Roxy says that she has to make a quick stop to her band manager's house. His name is Justin (Jack Osbourne). He gives her a few copies of her bands CD's and he tells her to give them to Simple Plan's agents when she goes to the video shoot. She thanks him and gets back in the car with Jane. They drive off. We see Max pull up to Justin's house. He sees a bunch of kids swimming in Justin's pool. So Max yells at them and tells them to go to school. He talks to Justin about Roxy. Justin says that she is on her way to a Simple Plan video shoot.

The girls finally arrive at the train station. On the train, we see Jane sit down next to a man named Hudson (we see him various times through out the movie so he is important) Jane starts to blow up this pink neck rest which is annoying to Hudson. Roxy comes running through the train aisle and sits next to Hudson on his left side.

They come to a stop and the ticket man comes to collect their tickets. Roxy says that she lost hers. So she gets thrown off the train. The ticket guy gets back on the train and sees Jane sitting there. He thinks that Roxy snuck back on (since they look the same) and he throws Jane off. As Jane walks off the train she runs into Jim the bike messenger (Riley Smith). Jane's dress is stuck on his bike so he rips it off. This rips half of Jane's dress off, but Jim says its cool looking.

Now they are stuck on the outskirts of the city. A train doesn't leave for another few hours. Roxy stands there while Jane talks to the ticket counter guy. We see a Chinese man slip a computer chip into Roxy's bag. A limo driver, Bennie (Andy Richter) walks up to Roxy and offers her a ride. She says no at first but then tells Jane that she got a ride. (the limo driver offered them a ride because he wants the chip from the bag). The two get in the limo and drive off. Roxy starts to play with the power windows in the car and this basically pisses Bennie off. After a while of driving they are in the heart of New York city. The limo comes to a stop and this confuses the girls because they don't know where they are. Bennie locks the doors and the girls try and scream for help but nothing works. They climb out the top of the limo and run off. As they are running, Jane's heal to her shoe breaks.

The two walk down the street and they see a poor man. He is holding a purple Slurpy. Roxy goes to give him a dollar but Jane grabs her hand and tells her not to. The poor man gets mad and pours his purple Slurpy on Jane's nice clothes. The two walk into a dollar store and Jane asks where the bathroom is. The clerk says that the bathroom is only for people who buy things, so Roxy buys a tootsie roll. Jane goes into the bathroom only to find out that it is very dirty. Cut back to Roxy and she starts eating a lot of the chips and candy that are on the shelf. Jane comes out of the bathroom with toilet paper hanging off her dress. She says that she will pay for Roxy's candy. She looks in her bag and she can't find her plan book. She says that her plan book is very important because it has the speech in it that she will say at the university and money. The two run out of the store.

They run across the street and see a hotel. Since they don't have any money they say that they are Paris and Nikki Hilton. The guy somehow believes them and he lets them into the hotel. They take the elevator and go up a few floors. They come to a stop and see a business women (Senator Anne Lipton) leaving her room. Roxy notices that the door didn't close all the way. So the two girls go into her room and lock the door behind them. Jane says that she will use the shower first then Roxy can use it. Before she goes in the shower, Jane gets a call on her cell. It is from Bennie. He says that he has Jane's plan book. He says if she wants to see it again she must meet him back at the limo. Jane agrees and hangs up the cell. Jane walks back into the bathroom and sees a dog sitting in there. (Its a small cute dog). Jane reaches into her bag and gives Roxy the chip and tells her to hold on to it. Jane goes to take a shower. Roxy starts to pet the dog and she puts down the chip. The dog eats it.

As Roxy starts to panic she hears a knock on the hotel room door. She goes to open it and its Trey Lipton (Jared Padalecki) He asks Roxy what is she doing and she goes to explain but Jane walks out in a white bath robe. Trey looks at them and says "Wow it must be my birthday". Jane starts to explain about the dog eating something important, but Trey gets a call on his cell. It's his mom saying that she is coming back up to the room. The 3 start to panic and Jane picks up the dog and throws it to Roxy and tells her to deal with it. But Roxy throws it at Trey and he throws it at Jane but she ducks and the dog goes out the window. Roxy looks out and sees that the dog landed on the ledge under the window. She goes out the window but the dog runs away. Roxy follows.

The dog goes over to a paint lift. Roxy gets on the paint lift and picks up the dog. Jane comes out the window and she gets on the paint lift. They look up and they notice that the lock to the lift opened up and the paint lift falls but it stops right before smashing into the ground. The stop causes Roxy and Jane to fall off the lift into a garbage dump. They run around the corner and Jane runs into Jim again. She says that now isn't the time to talk and she gives him her number.

Trey's mom walks in the room. She has a cookie for the dog but he says that he dropped the dog off at a kennel to be washed. She thanks him. We cut back to Roxy and Jane who are walking the streets. They stop at a clothing stand and by "I love NY" shirts. Jane says that she will bring the dog to Bennie at the limo. Roxy says that they should just forget about the dog and the plan book and just go to the video shoot. Jane gets mad at Roxy and tells her that the plan book is VERY important. Roxy says that she doesn't care. So Roxy wonders off to the Simple Plan video shoot. Jane walks a few blocks and comes across Bennie. He tells her to get inside the car and they can make the exchange. Jane says that the dog ate the chip and Bennie gets very mad. Bennie grabs Jane by the arm but the dog pees on Bennie. Jane takes the plan book and runs out of the car with the dog to find Roxy. Bennie gets his cell out and calls his mom. She is a Chinese women. He says that a dog ate the chip. The mother says that he must get the dog.

We see Roxy arrive at the Simple Plan video shoot. She walks into the audience and sees Trey. They start to talk but since there are so many people they get split up. We see Simple plan come on stage. They start to sing and the audience forms a mosh pit. Roxy gets out the copies of her CDs and looks for the agents. We see Max walk into the mosh pit. He sees Roxy walking over to the agents so he follows her. Roxy finds the agents and she gets on stage. But Max jumps in and grabs Roxy. She tells Max that his zipper is untied and he falls for the trick and Roxy runs away. He finds out that it was a trick but he can't finds Roxy anywhere. Security comes over to him and asks why he is on stage. He tells them that their zippers are untied and he runs away.

Roxy starts to dance on stage with the back up dancers. We see Jane arrive and she calls for Roxy. She spots her on the stage dancing so she climbs up on the stage. The two girls look over and see Max. Max spots them and gets back on the stage. The two girls jump off the stage onto the mosh pit.

They get out of the pit and leave the video shoot. Max gets on stage and jumps into the mosh pit as well, but everyone moves out of the way and he lands on the ground. They start to run down the street and they come across a tent. They open the tent and go in. But the tent leads to the sewer system underground so the girls fall in. We cut to Max in his car. He calls his police office saying that he is close to finding Roxy. He starts to sing the song "Bad boys"

We cut to the girls in the sewer. They are all wet and smelly. They start to talk about how they never spend time and that they miss each other a lot. They hug and find a way out of the sewer system. They open the cover and a car drives over them. They scream and then they climb out. They come across a salon called "Mothers house of bling". They walk in and Jane notices that it is 1:13 pm. She says that she has to give her speech in less than an hour. A women comes over and asks them if they need any help. Roxy says that since they smell the need a makeover. So for the next few minutes we see the two girls getting their hair done as well as new clothes. They leave the salon and see Max across the street and they hop into a taxi. Since there is no driver, Jane drives. Just before they take off, we see Hudson jump in the back seat. He recognize them and Jane tells him to hold on tight. Max spots them and sees an old couple in a motor home. He opens their door and starts to drive. The couple start to go on about how cool it is to be in a New York chase. Max tells them to shut up.

After a few minutes of Max chasing the girls, they come across and alley. Jane drives through and Max follows. The motor home is too big to fit into the alley but Max forces the truck. Jane comes to the end of the alley but Max gets stuck. The girls laugh and keep driving. Hudson runs out of the car in fear. Roxy tells Jane that what she did was so grown up. She starts to talk about how she resembles mom (which she reveals is dead). Jane says that she has to be the mother figure because Roxy is always getting detention and that dad has to go down to school everyday and get Roxy out of trouble. The two start to argue and Jane says that they should go their separate ways home. We see Jane walk down one block and Roxy walks down another block.

As the two are walking they each see things that resemble sisterly love. Jane sees across the street two sister on a park bench laughing and drinking soda. Roxy sees a young pair of twins laughing with their dad. Jane starts to cry and she receives a call from Bennie. He says that he kidnapped Jim. He also says that he is a few blocks up ahead so she can meet him there. Jane starts to walk and she sees a truck parked in an alley. She walks over to it and Bennie jumps out and throws her in the truck and drives off. He drives them back to his house. We see Jane locked in a closet and Bennie starts to talk with the dog.

He points and asks the dog questions.

We cut back to Roxy, She is walking the streets lonely. She runs into Trey and they start to talk about how Roxy is feeling upset about the big fight with her sister. Trey says that she should make it up to Jane. This gives Roxy and idea. She looks into her bag and finds Jane's plan book. She says that she will pose as Jane and say Jane's speech at the university. She says she knows exactly what she will do so Jane would get excepted. The two run off to the university.

Cut back to Jane. She starts to open boxes of all of Bennie's stuff in the closet. It is a bunch of DVDs and CDs that haven't been released in stores yet. She busts out of the closet and grabs the dog. She runs outside and hears banging coming from the trunk of the limo. She opens the trunk and sees Jim. She tells Jim that she got in a big fight with her sister and that she must find her. Jane thinks of places of where Roxy can be. So Jim and Jane hop on his bike and start to ride around.

Cut back to Roxy, she gets on stage and gets out the plan book. Roxy drops the book and the speech falls out, but Roxy doesn't notice. She picks up the book and starts to give the speech. She first talks about the word economics and then talks about Life being so complicated. This leads to Roxy saying the lyrics of Avril Lavgine's song "Complicated"

We cut back to Jane on the bike and she passes the university. Jane runs in and sees Roxy on stage. They hug and apologize. Jane looks at the audience and sees Hudson. He is the person who judges the speeches. Hudson asks what is going on and suddenly we see Max bust through the doors and he gets on stage. We also see Bennie bust through the doors and he gets on stage as well. In the audience we see Senator Anne. She sees Jane holding the dog. Bennie says that he is the owner of the dog. Anne tells Max to arrest Bennie and he does. Jane explains that Bennie has all these illegal copies of CDs and DVDs. Max walks over to Roxy who says that she is sorry for being a bad girl and that she has changed. Max decides to stop following her.

Jane starts to talk on the mic about the real speech. Hudson says that she should forget about the speech and just leave. So we see Roxy and Jane walk out of the university. Hudson comes running out and says that he would like to accept Jane to Oxford because after what has happened a few minutes ago on stage, he now understands everything. Jane and Roxy hug.

A few months go by and it is now summer time.

We see Roxy recording a CD with her band. Max opens the doors to the studio. He comes in with his fancy police outfit.

He smiles at Roxy and says that he wants to hear Roxy's CD when its done recording.

...and roll credits


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