While You
Were Sleeping
A Time
To Kill
Ben Chaplin
Lost Souls


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Opening scene: a dark and dim abandoned house, two boys face each other each with a gun to their heads by their own hands, then a count of three. 1, 2, 3...you hear a gunshot, the screen fades to black.

In the classroom: played by Ryan Gosling (Richard) and Michael Pitt (Justin). Justin is reading a paper on the perfect crime, while students listen. Richard makes fun of him. Next we see Justin and Richard together in that same dark and dim abandon house as in the opening scene of the film. They are friends and hang out there, where they have been planning the perfect crime (by the numbers). Justin is the genius and Richard is more psychotic and controlling. Richard is tired of waiting for the perfect crime, he wants something to happen now.

In the forest: We see Sandra Bullock as detective Cassie Mayweather and Ben Chaplin as her partner.

Chaplin is new on the vice/forensics and is eager to learn from her. They come up on a crime scene and the dead body of woman. She has stab wounds in her chest but Chaplin notes they are post-mortem. They both can tell she was choked to death due to blood in her eyes. They also find vomit and footprints at the scene.

Bullock and Chaplin arrive at the station to go over all the evidence As Chaplin tries to profile the killer, Justin speaks over the scene (narration like) claiming that they will find the killing/killer to be sloppy, unplanned, probably a loner or a drifter. But, Bullock does not see that as Chaplin is looking at the board, she sees a planned murder by someone very bright. They get the shoeprint checked out, and it leads to Richard (as if he wanted to get caught).

Bullock and Chaplin go to see Richard, who is a rich and arrogant kid. He says he has no idea what they are talking about. He did own a pair of shoes like that, but they were stolen. Bullock and Chaplin go back to the drawing board and even though they have nothing on Richard, Bullock suspects something. She reminds him of Carl Hudson. Carl Hudson is a prisoner who is about to be paroled and Bullock has received the letter in the mail to attend his hearing.

Flashback: Bullock is a young cop and she holds the hand of a body that is supposedly dead but the hand of the body moves. This has something to do with Carl Hudson. Was he a killer from the past? Read on.

Flashfoward: She gets the vomit checked out that they picked up earlier, come to find out it has caviar in it, and from a restaurant where Justin eats. Then Bullock realized Richard and Justin go to the same school! They talk with Justin, and he claims not to know Richard and that he doesn’t like him very much.

The boys gather as soon as Bullock and Chaplin leave and know they're being sought after. Bullock is obsessing over this case and she and Chaplin are discussing at her houseboat when one thing leads to another and Bullock seduces him. However, she won’t let him lift up her shirt, she asks for him to still make love to her, but let her keep it on.

Janitor’s House: Richard hangs out at the Janitor’s (of his high school) place, which he buys marijuana from. It is also where he is planting evidence so the boys can pin in on the janitor. . Then, Chaplin takes the case into his own hands and finds the janitor guilty. They go to arrest the janitor, Bullock arrives late, she was uniformed. She knows the janitor didn’t do it. While they are arresting the janitor, Bullock stumbles into a room where she hears noises and a baboon comes out and bites her. There were baboon hairs on the dead body (also planted).

Hospital: Bullock gets treated for bites. Chaplin informs her that the janitor is dead (suicide). But, what really happened was that Richard killed him in a scene earlier.

Police Station: Bullock has Justin in a room and Chaplin has Richard in another room, giving them the “NYPD Blue” scare. Each boy doesn’t know the other is there. But, neither boy will make a confession and when one is just about to, Richard’s lawyer (he’s the rich kid) comes in the room to get him out. Bullock keeps obsessing and Chaplin now realizes why. It was Bullock in the flashback almost dead, not as a cop. She was stabbed 17 times and survived. Which is why she didn’t want Chaplin to see the marks on her chest. She was almost killed by her husband “Carl Hudson” who is now coming up for parole. But, what irks her is that Richard reminds her of Carl. And, she wants to catch him.

She is now on her own trying to figure out how the boys did it, she goes to where the woman was abducted (from her home), finds that the boys turned the clock in the victim’s home to make it look like it was 9:27pm. Then they broke the clock, which stopped the time at that point. But, they actually broke in the victim's house in the daytime because of the muddy tracks in the house Bullock realized the sprinkler system went of in the daytime, that tracked mud into the house. Which is why the boys’s nighttime alibis set them free.. Only, later on at night, they dumped her body and Justin vomited in the forest, but Richard wasn’t there. And, the victim was already dead (choked to death) in Richard’s basement before they dumped. Now Bullock needs to know which one killed her and catch them both. She has a slight sympathy for Justin who she thinks is innocent, just influence by the ruthless Richard.

The boys head to the abandoned house, getting ready to kill themselves, because they know Bullock knows. She is right behind them.

This is the scene we saw in the beginning. The boys are about to commit a double suicide on the count of three, 1, 2, 3....BUT, Justin shoots his gun in the air and then Richard stops. Justin tells Richard to show him his chamber. It is EMPTY, Richard was going to let Justin shoot himself. Now, Justin is mad and is about to shoot Richard. Bullock arrives and has them both at gunpoint. Richard grabs Justin gun and shoots at Bullock hitting and wounding Justin instead. Bullock and Richard are now struggling outside where the house is on a cliff over the ocean. Richard is choking Bullock while the whole deck is about to give way. Bullock make a smooth move, gets out of the choke hold and sends Richard down, flying over the broken railing 100 feet onto the rocks on the water. He is dead. And, Justin is there to save Bullock who is hanging on the deck which is about to break.

Both of them are now safe and Bullock tells Justin, she knows he didn’t kill anyone and she will try to help him. The Police and Chaplin arrive and Justin is being helped (he was shot). Bullock is tending to her neck which has Richard’s HUGE ring mark on it, when he was trying to choke her. It is HERE where Bullock knows that it was Justin who choked the woman because if Richard did it, a RING mark would have been left. Great scene. Justin knows she knows too and says he had no choice. But, the tough Bullock says she can’t help him now. He did something unthinkable and he can’t change that. He is arrested and taken away.

At the end, Bullock faces her fears by heading to the courtroom to testify at the Parole Board (Carl Hudson), in which earlier she was scared to face.

Case Closed.


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