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The Wedding


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NOTE: Another great spoiler sent in by SatchmoJuJu

The film opens with billionaire Preston Blake climbing Mt. Everest. His team says there is a giant storm coming, but he cares not, for the adventure is worth some frostbite. 3 hours later he is dead, stuck to the top of the mountain.

Suddenly the entire world is in a frenzy, wondering who will get his 40 billion dollars worth of stock in the company. His company, Blake Incorporated, is also trying to find out who it is, since the closest living relative will inherit the stock, and therefore, the money. They find out the person is Longfellow Deeds, Blake's sister's son, who lives in Massachusetts. They go to the small town and find Adam Sandler, who goes by Deeds, and owns his own pizzeria. He is out at the time delivering pizza. The entire town loves him, and almost everyone is at his pizza place, since it's Monday, and that's the day he reads new cards. See, Deeds writes Greeting cards to send to Hallmark, but no one has bought them yet.

Deeds agrees to go to New York and sign his stock over to the company for the 40 billion. While on the landing pad of Blake tower, a paparazzi snaps his photo and parachutes off the building. Deeds goes down to his uncle's apartment, and meets the staff, Emilio the sneaky butler (played with such amazing gusto by John Turturro), and others, making them do weird sounds to the echo.

He then takes off for bed.

The next morning, the TV tabloid show Inside Access is furious, they don't have anything on Deeds, except knowing his dad met his mom when he saved her live, and Deeds wants to meet a girl like that. Babe Bennett, a reporter for the show, needs to hit the story, she's broke and living in her office. So she decides to try and set Deeds up.

That morning Deeds goes to a Blake meeting, trying to be helpful, since he owns half the company. This angers the suits who brought him to New York. Their plan is to buy the stock from him, then own the company. While Deeds is being convinced to leave, a football player comes in saying he wants a pay increase. Deeds punches him for cursing, then says if he doesn't like his contract, he's fired. Deeds then takes off for a New York day on the town.

That night he runs into Babe, who has dyed her hair blonde, and is pretending to be mugged. The mugger is just a coworker. Deeds runs and beats the crap out of the mugger, then comes back for Babe, who says her name is Pam Dawson, and she's a school nurse. Deeds immediately likes her.

They go to a Restaurant, where they get recognized by some rich guys, who invite Deeds over, and then mock his small town ways.

Deeds gets up to leave, and then decides to beat up the rich jerks. On his way out of the bar, he runs in to John McEnroe, who takes him to see the New York nobody sees.

The next morning, Inside Access is running tape of McEnroe and Deeds drunk and throwing eggs at cars, which gets him in trouble with the company. That morning he sits down to breakfast with Emelio and talk about Blake, Emilio says blake was very nice to him, and like a father. That day Deeds goes to his Great-Uncle's funeral, and reads a new card.

That night he goes out with Pam, and ends up rushing to the site of a fire, turns out he's in the fire dept. in his hometown. He saves 6 cats and their owner, and Pam is very impressed. However, the next day on Inside Access, the video has been doctored to look like Deeds killed the kittens. Babe is falling for Deeds, and is angry that the show is showing him in a negative light.

Deeds finds his Great-Uncle's diary, and reads about what a great guy he was, and decides maybe he wants to stay in town and help with the company. This really upsets the suits at Blake, it also upsets Babe's coworker, the one who got beaten up, as he has an eye for Babe and hates Deeds. He makes a deal with Cedar, the main Blake suit, to get Deeds out of town and reveal Babe for what she is.

That day, Deeds surprises Pam by taking her to the hometown she made up that she told him she came from. It's a pretty funny bit. Later on he walks her to her apartment, and Deeds writes her a sweet card which tells her he's in love with her. She breaks down crying kisses him and runs away. She decides to tell him the truth.

The next day, Deeds has the inside of a stadium set up to ask Pam to marry him, and the suits come in and decide to see what Inside Access will show, since they can't have anything bad about him today. They reveal Babe is Pam, and say she was using him for the story. Babe appears and said she wanted to explain, but Deeds walked off. He packed his stuff, signed the stock over to the Blake company and told them to give the 40 billion to the Negro college fund.

After a while of thinking, Babe tries to find Deeds, but to do so she has to fight the large former rodeo-clown woman he works with, and eventually she wins. She finds Deed's house, across a frozen lake, as she walks across she falls in. Deeds comes to rescue her, but is skeptical. Eventually, he rescues her. She says she loves him, and he says he doesn't even know her.

The next day, Cedar has a meeting with the shareholders, where he lays down the plan to basically fire everyone so the shareholders get more money, but Deeds comes in and makes a rousing speech convincing everyone to vote no. Then Cedar says he'll use his sway which is 51% of the company, and right before he bangs the gavel, Babe comes in. She's done some investigating in the diary of Blake, and finds that Blake DOES have an heir, the butler Emilio. He quickly takes over, and Fires cedar, and most other members of the board. Babe takes Deeds aside and tells him everything she knows about herslef, and then they kiss. On their way back to Deed's small town, Emelio decides to give them a billion dollars to take with em.

Back at Deed's Pizza, we find that the card Deeds wrote for Pam/Babe has been bought by Hallmark. He and Babe are married, and live happy in the small town. We then zoom out to find that Deeds has bought a red Corvette for everyone in the entire town.

That's it, the end.


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