The Bernie Mac Show
Season 1

Mr. 3000

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The movie starts out with Stan Ross (Bernie Mac), a player for the Milwaukee Brewers getting his 3000th hit. The angry pitcher throws the ball into the stands as retaliation for Ross' pretensiousness at the plate. Ross goes into the stands and basically steals the ball from a little kid who had caught it. This sort of sets the tone for the whole movie in that Ross is just a jerk.

After believing that his 3000th hit would get him a sure induction into the Hall of Fame, he promptly quits the team in the middle of the pennant race, showing every bit of disregard for his teammates feelings and the teams chance to make it to the playoffs.

Fast forward to nine years later, where Ross has built an empire on his Mr. 3000 name. He hasn't made it into the Hall of Fame yet due to his attitude to all the sportswriters during his career. He has come to within 4 votes and is very close to making it. He convinces his friend "Boca," a former ballplayer, to tell the Brewers that he should have his number retired. The Brewers agree to do so so they can get rid of Ross for good, because he will no longer have any conneciton with the team.

During the ceremony, the hall of fame commitee finds out that three of Ross' hits were recorded twice due to a rain delay and postponing of a game. They tell Ross, who subsequently freaks out and decides to make a return to the game in order to reclaim his name. The Brewers are in 5th place with no fans at any of the games, and Ross seems to draw a big crowd, so they agree to let him play. ESPN sends a reporter to cover the story named Maureen who happens to be a former fling of Ross.

They rekindle their relationship as Ross makes it closer and closer to 3000 once again. There is a lot of funny parts along the way of course, with the main point that Ross learns the error of his ways and tries to teach the new young gun to be a better team player so that he will not end up like him - all alone. He gets to 2999 as the brewers start playing like a team and are now one game out of third with one to go. Ross comes up in the bottom of the ninth with his last chance to get his 3000th hit before the season ends, with a man on second and a 0-0 game. Showing the change in his personality Ross decides to bunt to get the man home to get the win and third instead of trying for his hit. The man scores, he gets into the Hall of Fame, and lives happily ever after with Maureen.

Of course he has to change everything to Mr. 2999.

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