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Our Haunted Planet


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The movie begins as we meet Richard Gere who is a star reporter for the Washington Post. He and his beautiful wife (Debra Messing), are very much in love and have just made an offer on a new house. Everything is just wonderful for this happy couple but on the drive home one night, Messing sees something on the windshield and swerves the car out of control, smacking her head against the side window, knocking her out.

In the hospital we discover she has a brain tumor and they do everything they can to save her. She apologizes to Gere for ruining everything and asks him if he saw what she saw; he never saw it.

Messing eventually dies from the tumor and while Gere is collecting her things, he finds a book of drawings she made of the "monster" she saw. It looked like a giant moth with red eyes.

Two years pass and Gere is still a star reported and is also a frequent guest on national talk shows discussing politics and such.

He has to interview the Governor of Virginia and decides to leave a day earlier since he can't sleep. He leaves at 1:00am, heading from DC to Virginia. At 2:30am his car dies and he walks up to a house to ask for help.

Will Patton answers with a shotgun and tells Gere that he can't believe he came back for a 3rd night in a row to bother him. The town sheriff arrives (Laura Linney). and she convinces Patten to calm down and to let Gere go. She drives Gere to a local hotel where he discovers that he is not in Virginia but actually on the Ohio border, 4 1/2 hours from DC. Linney explains to Gere about all the strange happenings and sightings in the town during the last few months.

The next day Gere apologizes to Patten and they start sharing stories. Seems that Patten had been having dreams with cryptic messages that he couldn't figure out, like "99 dead". Later while the two of them are watching TV they hear of a plane crashing, killing 99 people.

Linney takes Gere to another house to talk to a woman who had the same vision as his wife. Using his reporting skills, Gere is determined to get to the bottom of all this.

Gere is now starting to get phone calls with strange sounds and sometimes a voice named Ingrid Cold gives Gere messages or warnings of an immanent disaster. Gere is beginning to have strange dreams and at one time we see him rolling over in bed and sees Messing laying beside him. (Pretty funny as the entire audience screams when this happens).

Gere goes to Chicago to meet with a former professor who had the same kind of messages that eventually drove him to an insane asylum. He had been getting messages of disaster and always knew when and how many would be killed before it happened.

When Gere explains to Linney about everything he had learned she tells him about a dream she has where she is in water surrounded by christmas presents and is being told "wake up, number 37."

Gere's has decided that his messages are about the local chemical plant and when he learns that the Governor is coming to visit the plant, he is sure that this is when the disaster will happen. He tries what he can to stop the Governor but the Governor thinks he's crazy and is going to report him to his Washington Post editor.

Gere is sitting at a restaurant watching the Governor's speech from the plant and... nothing happens.

The waitress gives him a letter that says that Gere's wife will be calling him at his house in DC tomorrow at noon.

Gere heads home and waits for the call.

At 11:55 Linney calls just to talk for a little. She convinces Gere that there is nothing he can do about anything, people die. His wife won't be calling, she's dead. She asks him to join her the next day at her parents house for Christmas Eve dinner.

He hangs up and the phone starts ringing, it's exactly 12:00. He almost answers it but at the last second, rips the phone out of the wall. It keeps ringing and he leaves.

He begins driving to meet Linney but is stopped in a traffic jam on a bridge over a river where the chemical plant is. Also in the same traffic jam is Linney who has her car full of presents for the Christmas Eve dinner.

When Gere looks over and sees the Chemical plant, the traffic jam and then the bridge, he finally figures it out.

He starts running down the bridge telling people to get out of their cars. The bridge begins falling apart, cables come crashing down, road surfaces begin to crumble and everything is rocking and rolling. Many people get out but many other cars crash into the river, including Linney's.

Gere dives into the water and pulls Linney from the submerged car. When they surface they are surrounded by christmas presents (like in her dream).

Back on shore, a rescuer tells Gere that 36 people died, Linney would have been #37 ("Wake up number 37").

Just before the credits we learn that they never could explain why the bridge collapsed, and the Mothman visions stopped in the town, but continued around the world.


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