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Ghost Protocol

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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Brian A.


A rooftop door atop the Budapest train station bursts open. Trevor Hanaway (Josh Holloway) darts across the roof, dodging fire by two enemy gunmen. He reaches into his jacket pocket, withdraws an interesting looking device, leaps off the side of the building, and hurls it at the ground below. He spins in mid-air and fires at both gunmen, killing them. The mysterious device instantly inflates, becoming an air bag, which softens Trevor's fall. Now on the ground he carefully sneaks around a corner where he sees a beautiful blonde woman. He smiles, and feels his phone vibrate. He grabs his iPhone which displays a mugshot of the blonde and the word "ASSASSIN" written above it. Trevor reaches for his sidearm but is shot in the chest, multiple times. The woman cradles the dying IMF agent, liberates him of his satchel, and plugs him a few more times, leaving him for dead.


Ethan Hunt bounces a stone against the walls of a depressing prison cell. The prison guards overseeing the wing pay little attention to the flickering plasma screens displaying live video from the security cameras mounted throughout the prison. They flicker again. Outside, in a surveillance van, Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) hacks the prison's video feeds on half a dozen laptops surrounding him. He clicks a few buttons and watches as a single prison cell, marked red, turns green. Inside, a dumbfounded Russian cellmate watches as his cell door swings open. He sleepily exits his cell, observing the empty prison wing. Inside, one of the guards watches the prisoner exit his cell and runs out to meet him, billy club in hand. Benji gleefully, opens another cell - two more prisoners exit that cell, and surround the guard. Benji opens more and more cells, flooding the wing with russian criminals, and overwhelming the guards, and in a moment of levity he pumps Dean Martin's "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" over the prison's PA system. Upon hearing this Ethan gets to his feet, his door buzzes and swings open, and he exits. Underground, IMF agent Jane Carter (Paula Patton) navigates ancient brick corridors, whilst communicating with Benji. Benji opens numerous doors ahead of Ethan, intent upon delivering him to Jane's rendezvous point. Ethan stops, and by way of hand signals and security cameras he forces Benji to open doors in the opposite direction. Ethan expertly avoids the other prisoners, and makes his way to a mostly empty prison cell where he meets Bogdan (Miraj Grbic), cowering behind an upturned mattress. Ethan drags Bogdan along to the rendezvous point, punching out guards along the way. The two finally arrive at an inescapable storage closet; Bogdan sulks nervously, until the ground glows blue and gives away like quicksand, revealing Jane and a peculiar spinning blue device in the room beneath them. They rappel down and escape the prison, lighting a fuse along the way. The explosion buries the tunnel behind them.

Ethan, Jane, and Bogdan arrive at Benji's surveillance van. Ethan's sudden transition from perfect Russian to American English confuses the dazed Bogdan, who is sedated by Jane and passed into an adjacent IMF van. Free of Bogdan, Ethan explains to Benji and Jane that Bogdan was his informant in the prison, and leaving him behind was a death sentence. In the van Ethan asks Jane why they picked him up. She reveals the true purpose of Agent Hanaway's mission:

BUDAPEST - flashback

Hanaway, wearing a ballcap, waits as a train unloads, while Benji provides overwatch from a clock tower at the center of the train station. Hanaway places a peculiar contact lens onto his eye - on the surface the contact has numerous metal bands like a computer chip. Benji completes a file download, and through Hanway's POV we see names digitally attached to every commuter who walks past. Hanaway spots the mark, a man in a suit, carrying a satchel, and he follows him. Hanaway grabs his ring, twists the top off, revealing a needle within, and pricks the man in a doorway. The man sleepily slumps over, and Hanaway grabs the bag. He runs across the rooftop, evading gunfire, and runs into the blonde. The contact lens/camera instantly recognizes the woman, which causes his phone to buzz. He reads the phone's message - ASSASSIN - and is shot. Moments later Jane and Benji arrive, and the visibly shocked Jane kisses Hanaway moments before he passes. Jane tells Ethan that the package that Hanaway lost was a list of nuclear launch codes, and that the Assassin, Sabine Moreau (Lea Seydoux) will sell them to the highest bidder.

The trio heads to an average looking pay phone mounted beneath a freeway overpass. Ethan exits the van and dials the phone. Back at the van Jane asks Benji why Ethan was in prison - to which he replies that Ethan went rogue and killed some men against the IMF's direction. Moreso Ethan and his wife Julia are no longer together, for reasons not explained. Ethan dials a specific code, which causes the pay-phone to open up, revealing a retina scanner hidden within. His identity confirmed, Ethan receives a mission objective - an entity codenamed 'Cobalt' is attempting to obtain nuclear mission codes. Cobalt's location? The Kremlin. Ethan hangs up the phone, and after a moment, it self destructs. He returns to the van, telling Jane and Benji that their mission is in the Kremlin, which surprises the still green Benji.


Ethan dons the disguise of a Russian military general while Benji dresses as his aide. Outside Jane strolls along, dressed as a tourist - handicam in one hand, a balloon in the other. She nonchalantly lets go of the balloon, and using her camera, remote controls it over a chimney. The balloon pops, and a hacking device tumbles into the shaft. Inside, Ethan and Benji make their way to security, while Jane's device wirelessly hacks into the Kremlin's local servers. Ethan and Benji pass their credentials to the desk guard, who scans them, revealing an "unknown" profile on his desk computer. Benji looks at his phone - the hack is 80% complete, and will only need a few more seconds to upload the faked credentials to the server. Ethan asks the guard to scan the ID again, which he does, and this time it works. Ethan and Benji make their way deep into the Kremlin - a single security guard, who watches over a secluded hallway, stands between Ethan and the room which contains information about Cobalt. Using a sophisticated 3D screen, Ethan and Benji slowly creep their way up the hallway, invisible to the guard just a few feet away. Ethan sneaks into the secured room and opens the filing cabinet containing the Cobalt information - but does not find it. It's already been taken. Frustrated, Ethan tells the team to abort, moments before foreign voices echo over their coms. Another team is piggy-backing on their frequency. A man in a fine suit, Cobalt AKA Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist), exits the secured vault carrying a briefcase, and shoots a guard in the process. Moments later Ethan unwittingly crosses path with the man. Alarms sound, and with their mission blown, Ethan and Benji split up and exit the Kremlin. Outside Ethan peels away the prosthetics, throws away his hat and turns his jacket inside-out, revealing a tourist-like outfit. He orders his team to meet at a rally point and catches a glimpse of Cobalt/Hendricks as he flees the Kremlin. An explosion rocks the Kremlin, the ground quakes, and the building falls away in a massive fireball. Ethan is swept up in the chaos and falls unconscious.

Ethan awakens in a hospital, handcuffed to a gurney. A Russian, english-speaking police official speaks to Hunt. This is Anatoly Sidirov (Vladimir Mashkov). He shows him Hunt's reversible jacket, specifically the side with Russian patches, and plays an audio recording of English voices planning the bombing, and implies that Hunt is responsible for the terrorist attack at the Kremlin. Ethan watches news coverage of the Kremlin bombing, before being wheeled into a nearby room by a nurse, who drops a paper-clipped stack of papers onto Ethan's gurney. Ethan steals the paperclip and watches as Sidirov and his man argue with the nurse in the hallway. Moments later Sidirov looks back at Ethan's bed and is shocked to see that it is empty. He rushes into the room, and to the open window. Out on the ledge, barefoot and barely clothed, Ethan stands, looking down at the street, five stories down. Sidirov smirks, inviting Ethan to jump. Ethan appears to surrender to Sidirov, but at the last moment he grabs an overhead cable and zip-lines down to the street below, landing awkwardly on a passing delivery van. He hastily apologizes to the driver and disappears around the corner. Sidirov radios his men and tells them to apprehend Hunt. Ethan steals a jacket and a pair of boots and sneaks away. Elsewhere a Polish father gets a call, Leonid Lisenker (Ivan Shvedoff) hastily packs his bags while his family watches.

Ethan walks along the street and watches as a black van pulls up. He climbs in, and finds the IMF Secretary (Tom Wilkinson) and his Analyst William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) staring back at him. The Secretary tells Ethan that the Russian government has placed the blame of the Kremlin bombing on Ethan and his team, and as a result of their 'actions', the entire IMF has been disavowed. Ethan asks Brandt for a pen, who obliges, and Ethan quickly draws a headshot of the man he saw in the Kremlin, Hendricks, and asks Brandt who he is. Brandt tells him that Hendricks is a Swedish/Russian madman, who believes that a nuclear apocalypse is the next stage in human evolution. Hunt tells them both that he saw Hendricks steal the Russian nuclear launch control device, and that he bombed the Kremlin to cover his tracks. The Secretary tells Ethan that he has orders from Washington to apprehend Hunt, and his team, and return them to Washington where they will be imprisoned for their crimes, however the Secretary is willing to contradict those orders, under the guise that Ethan conveniently escapes their custody, and assaults both he and Brandt in the process - a statement which shocks Brandt. Ethan and his team will still operate as IMF agents, albeit as "Ghost Protocol" agents. He tasks Ethan with finding Hendricks and gives him a flash drive with the mission details. Before Ethan can escape, the van is shredded with gunfire. Both the Secretary and the driver are killed and the van careens off a bridge and into the icy water below. Russian police empty hundreds of rounds into the van, even as it sinks further into the river below. Ethan takes the driver's body, lights a flare, and sends them both floating away in the opposite direction. The police fire at the flare, while Hunt and Brandt escape unscathed.

Hunt and Brandt make their way to a train yard, and search for a particular train car. They find it, press a button, and reveal a secret retinal scanner with which they gain access to it's interior. Jane and Benji are inside, with guns drawn. Both Ethan and Brandt make their way inside where they find banks of computer monitors, gun cabinets, beds, and mission supplies. Ethan places the Secretary's thumb drive onto a touch screen computer, which reveals a recorded video of Hendricks declaring his malevolent intentions - Nuclear War with the west. Ethan tells the three that the Secretary is dead, and the IMF has been disavowed. The Secretary gave them one last mission - to secure the launch codes before Hendricks could receive them. There will be an exchange, in Dubai, between the French assassin Sabine Moreau and Hendrick's number-one man Wistrom (Samuli Edelmann). They will use the supplies they have to infiltrate the meeting and take the codes. He gives all three the chance to leave, if they choose. They all agree to go along with the plan. Back in Moscow, Sidirov learns of Ethan's prison escape, and is handed a file, in which he sees the mugshots of Ethan and Bogdan. He narrows his search for Ethan.


Ethan nimbly navigates the road, nearly running into a pack of camels along the way. They arrive at the meeting place for the exchange - the Burj Dubai. The four travel to their room, and discuss the plan. Using a mask printer, Jane will disguise herself as Sabine and Ethan will disguise himself as Wistrom. Benji will hack into the Burj' computer mainframe and "trick" the elevators into switching floors 118 and 119. Brandt, who refers to himself as a simple analyst, agrees to be Benji's "helper". The exchange is due to happen in less than an hour. Jane dons an employee name tag and steals a male housekeeper's uniform and returns to the room. Upstairs, Benji has run into a snag. The Burj's security setup is much more difficult than he initially imagined. The security room can only be accessed, with the amount of time they have left, from the outside. Ethan reluctantly dons a pair of friction gloves which Benji tells him will allow him to climb the glass exterior of the Burj. The gloves simply work by color. If the glove's lights turn blue, the wearer is "glued" and when they turn red there's no adhesion. The security room is 12 floors above them and a few offices over. Ethan slowly begins his ascent. In the distance, behind him, Ethan spots a massive dust cloud rolling toward the city. Brandt downplays the cloud, insisting that he'll be back inside before the cloud reaches them, and then reminds him that the exchange will happen in less than half an hour. Ethan makes it half way to his destination, and is shocked as his right glove suddenly fails. He peels it off and continues his climb one-handed. He finally reaches the security room, and laser cuts the glass. His left glove briefly fails, but Ethan is able to break through the room's window, and gets inside. He plugs a thumb-drive into a server, giving full and immediate access to Benji. Ethan returns to the team by rappelling down to the room using a firehouse and finally leaping into the office's open window. Meanwhile Brandt watches the surveillance cameras monitoring the lobby. Wistrom is early, and to make matters worse, he's brought along a second man, Leonid Lisenker, who is swiftly identified as a launch code expert, who has been brought along to verify the codes Wistrom would receive from Sabine. This complicates matters as the team's plan was to switch out the real launch codes for fake ones. Ethan tells them to go ahead with the plan, and to simply copy the codes letter for letter. This upsets Brandt, who threatens to toss the mission essentials out the window. Ethan calms him, telling him that Hendricks would find another way to get them even if they aborted the mission. Brandt concedes to Ethan. Sabine arrives and slowly travels up the elevator. To make matters worse, the mask-printer has malfunctioned, leaving the team with no way to disguise themselves. They decide to go ahead with the plan anyway, under the slim chance that Sabine and Wistrom have never met face-to-face.

The exchange begins. Wistrom and Lisenker exit the elevator and are greeted by Jane, who identifies herself as Sabine. On the next floor Ethan and Brandt, who identify themselves as Wistrom and Lisenker intercept Sabine. They first ask Sabine to see the codes so that Brandt can verify them. Sabine asks that they first show her the diamonds (her payment). Elsewhere Jane, as Sabine, asks to see the diamonds. The real Sabine concedes to Hunt and Brandt and shows them the stack of papers containing the codes. Brandt, who wears a camera contact lens, takes snapshots of the pages as he examines them. The snapshots are sent wirelessly to a printer concealed in the briefcase in Jane's possession. One-by-one the codes are copied and printed inside Jane's briefcase. Benji arrives, disguised in the male housekeeper's uniform and faking a french accent, carrying a tea platter. He gives the tea to the real Wistrom and Lisenker and secretly dumps the diamonds into a teacup. He walks to the other room, passes the diamonds to the real Sabine who excitedly shakes Ethan's and Brandt's hands. She looks at Brandt's eyes, and sees the metal computer-bands on his contact lens, and immediately orders her thugs to kill them both. On the other floor, Jane's briefcase printer has finished printing, and upon giving Wistrom the case's combination, he opens the briefcase to find the codes. He passes them to Lisenker, who quickly verifies them, and they both leave. Outside, at the elevator, a satisfied Wistrom shoots Lisenker in the chest, and leaves him for dead. Ethan and Brandt clear the room of thugs but tell Jane that Sabine is on the run and that she must be stopped. Ethan goes on to tell Jane not to kill Sabine, as she is an asset.

Ethan and Wistrom reach the lobby simultaneously, and Ethan is shocked to see Sidirov and another cop running-up to arrest him. Ethan punches Sidirov in the face, tosses his man into the air, and sends them both tumbling down the stairs. Ethan chases after Wistrom, looking at his cellphone, which shows a GPS marker embedded in the paper with the launch codes. Ethan chases Wistrom into the blinding dust storm, and loses sight of him. He continues to follow his GPS coordinate. Back at the Burj, Jane corners Sabine, and the two viciously battle one another while Benji and Brandt provide tech support for Ethan. Sabine bursts into the room; Jane has a gun pointed at her back. Jane gives Benji her gun, telling him to watch her, because she's afraid she might kill her. Ethan corners Wistrom in an alleyway, his GPS coordinate has stopped. Suddenly Wistrom's signal rushes toward him, in the form of a BMW SUV. He slams into Ethan. Ethan summersaults up and over the SUV and grabs onto the roof. He manages to hold on for many minutes and even punches Wistrom through the smashed driver's side window. He grabs at his ear, peeling it away from his face, and is tossed from the car before the man in the Wistrom mask drives away. Ethan spots a wealthy Dubaiian who desperately attempts to cover his convertible from the sandstorm. Ethan steals the BMW and heads after the man in the Wistrom mask. Ethan is barely able to see in front of him and hits numerous cars along the way, but manages to catch up with the SUV as it boards an on-ramp. Ethan drives over the barrier and up the other side of the on-ramp. He directs his car toward the SUV, guns the engine and jumps from the car. The two cars collide and the SUV flips through the air, nearly killing Ethan in the process. Ethan limps to the flipped SUV, and finds it empty. He follows his phone and finds the man running toward a busy street. The man grabs hold of a passing pickup truck and manages to evade Ethan. The man peels the entirety of the Wistrom mask away, revealing Hendricks underneath. Hendricks, with the launch codes in his hands, speeds away. Back at the Burj, Brandt exits the room where he finds a dead Lisenker crumpled by the elevator. He radios to Benji, who in a brief moment of panic, is knocked down by Sabine. She wrestles the gun away from him. Jane tackles Sabine and during the struggle Sabine is accidentally knocked through the office window, and plummets to her death.

At the Dubai safehouse the team licks it's wounds. Brandt demands to know why Jane killed Sabine and why Benji's tech has failed so often. Ethan interrupts Brandt's rant, and demands to know who he really is. He saw Brandt take down Sabine's guards very expertly, with skills you don't acquire as an analyst. To prove his point Ethan draws his gun on Brandt, who swiftly disarms Ethan, unloads the clip and empties the chamber in a single, swift move, which surprises them all. Brandt tells Ethan that they all have secrets, and that his will remain a secret. Ethan's phone rings - it's a blocked number. He answers the call, tells the mystery caller that he will meet him shortly, and bids his team adieu. After Ethan leaves, Benji and Jane press Brandt for clues of his true identity. Brandt reveals that he was an Ops agent, assigned to monitor a pair of assets - a husband and wife - in Croatia. One morning the husband awoke early to go for a jog. Brandt, unsure which target to cover, chose to cover the husband, and told two of his men to protect the wife. When Brandt returned, his men were down and the wife was gone. A team of Serbian mercenaries kidnapped her and a week later they found bits and pieces what was left of her. Brandt reveals that Ethan and Julia Hunt were his oblivious assets. When Ethan learned who killed his wife, he went rogue - he found the Serbians and killed them. This act of treason landed him in that Russian prison. After his failed mission, Brandt was reassigned to analytics, and before he knew it, he was on a plane with the Secretary headed to Moscow.

Ethan goes to the location of the mystery caller; it's a boat, and at it's helm is a tall, nordic man, who gives Ethan a black hood. Ethan dons the black hood and soon awakens in a cargo hold with two men: Bogdan and his bespectacled cousin (Ilia Volok). The cousin is an international criminal with access to a lot of sensitive information. Hunt reveals that Hendricks has the nuclear launch device and the codes to operate it, and all he needs now is a satellite, and asks if the cousin knows which satellite would be used. The cousin tells Hunt that Hendricks oversaw the sale of a decommissioned Russian satellite to an Indian telecommunications magnate; this satellite could presumably be used to launch a nuclear missile. Hunt calls Jane, Benji, and Brandt and the four rendezvous at the airstrip. Hunt has amassed an impressive amount of supplies along with the private jet and sports car which will be waiting for them in India. On board, Benji shows Brandt an impressive piece of tech which he will be using on this mission - magnetized chain mail: a metallic floating pair of long johns which floats a few feet above a remote controlled vehicle with a top-mounted oversized magnet. In Dubai, Sidarov gets his broken nose treated by a medic. His phone rings, it's Bogdan's cousin. The cousin implies that he has a long rap-sheet and suggests that if Sidarov were to clear his record, he would tell him where Hunt was going. Sidarov agrees.


Ethan and Jane arrive at the party of Brj Nath (Anil Kapoor), the wealthy Indian Telecommunication CEO. They pull up to the valet in a futuristic, glowing blue BMW. Elsewhere Brandt and Benji prepare to manually hack into the satellite. Brandt wears the magnetic chain mail underneath his clothing and Benji guides him through the plan. The Brj's satellite control console is located within a massive computer server room. Due to the enormous amount of heat produced by the computers, a massive turbine fan in a vertical cooling tunnel exists to keep the computers cold. Brandt will leap into the vertical cooling tunnel and Benji will position the remote control magnet beneath the fan and "catch" Brandt before the fan gets him. At the dinner party Jane catches Brj Nath's eye and flirts with him while Ethan surveys the room and runs point on the mission. Jane is initially hesitant to flirt with Nath, and causes a bit of bodily harm to him, but he is undeterred and soon invites her to see his private art collection in his bedroom. Sidarov arrives, with his men, and searches for Ethan. Back in the cooling tunnel, a reluctant Brandt finally leaps down into the abyss and is caught by Benji's magnet. As Benji rolls the remote control car along, Brandt is dragged with it, until he comes to the panel which controls the satellite. A few miles away, Hendricks and Wistrom have learned of Ethan's plan and intend to cut off their direct access to the satellite by way of a local TV station. They enter the TV station, kill the guards and hack into the satellite. Jane and Brj Nath enter his room and sit on his bed, and upon receiving the order from Ethan she chokes him, painfully, and demands that he tell her his satellite codes. Under duress, he tells her the codes, and Jane knocks him out. Brandt swaps a computer chip in the central computer and Benji activates the code, however Hendricks cut off their access before they could remotely disable the satellite. Brandt unceremoniously makes his way out of the air shaft, and he and Benji head after Hendricks and Wistrom. Ethan and Jane hurriedly make their way to the TV station, slaloming through the busy Mumbai traffic. Hendricks, having disabled all outside communication to Nath's satellite, phones the Russian nuclear submarine which contains the warheads. He gives the commanding officer the codes. A single nuclear missile exits the submarine and soars into the upper atmosphere. Ethan and Jane realize that the missile has been launched and fear that the only way to stop it is to stop the nuke in mid-flight as it rockets over the earth. The missile will reach it's intended target in 3 minutes, and they are currently 3.5 minutes away. Ethan doesn't lose hope.

The four arrive at the TV station just as Hendricks and Wistrom exit. Hendricks tells Wistrom to go back inside and disrupt the communication to the satellite while he gets away with the nuclear launch device/briefcase. Hunt pursues Hendricks while Brandt, Jane and Benji go after Wistrom. Wistrom frantically unplugs all the wiring and cuts power to the building by way of the main breakers. Jane pursues Wistrom and the two trade fire; Jane catches a bullet in the stomach. Benji frantically attempts to reconnect the TV station's wiring, in the dark, while Brandt searches for Wistrom and the breakers to return power to the station. Jane safeguards Benji while he works. Ethan chases Hendricks on foot through the streets of Mumbai, and nearly loses track of him until he spots a helicopter taxiing above a 20-story automated parking garage. Hendricks runs toward it, and Ethan goes after him.

The nuclear missile sheds it's boosters and falls toward it's intended target - San Francisco.

Hunt chases Hendricks into the parking garage and manages to tackle him off of the main staircase, and onto an elevator which raises and lowers cars within the parking garage. The two trade viscous hits. Ethan brakes Hendricks' right arm, and Hendricks breaks Ethan's leg. The briefcase falls from the elevator onto a nearby platform, and Ethan jumps for it, but slips off of the platform and falls onto a car parked beneath him. He watches, in horror, as Hendricks holds the briefcase tightly in his arms and steps off of the platform, plummeting 15 stories to the ground below. With only seconds left Ethan jumps into the nearest car, hits the ignition and sends the car rolling off it's platform and down to the ground. The airbags deploy and a heavily injured, but alive Ethan crawls out of the wrecked car, pries the briefcase from the apparently dead Hendricks, opens it and stares at the screen which counts down from 30 seconds. He presses the case's main button, however the clock doesn't stop ticking. Back at the TV station Brandt finds the breakers, but is ambushed by Wistrom, and the two wrestle one another for control of Wistrom's gun. Wistrom puts Brandt in a choke hold, and is about to kill him when Benji appears and shoots him dead. The trio restores power to the station, and the communication to the satellite. Ethan punches the button once more.

Over San Francisco, the nuclear warhead is rendered inert. It ricochets off the TransAmerica pyramid and lands unceremoniously in the San Francisco bay.

Back in the parking garage, a visibly injured Ethan groans as Sidirov and his men arrive. Sidirov stares at Hendrick's dead body and the launch briefcase. Sidirov connects the dots and asks Ethan if they are on the same side; Ethan nods. He asks if Ethan intentionally went to Bogdan's cousin, knowing that he would contact him; Ethan nods again. He asks if Ethan would like to go to the hospital; Ethan nods a third time. The IMF is cleared of the Kremlin bombing.


A few weeks later, Ethan drinks beer at an outdoor bar with Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) moments before Benji, Jane, and Brandt arrive. Luther jokingly complains about being stuck in San Francisco, thanks to them, but he leaves happily. The three sit down, and Ethan withdraws three iPhones from his jacket, and lays them out on the table - their new mission assignments, if they choose to accept them. After a brief conversation Benji and Jane take the phones, thereby accepting their assignments, but Brandt, weighed down by guilt begins to walk away. Ethan stops him and Brandt admits his secret: he was responsible for Julia's death and cannot, under good conscience, work with Ethan. Ethan then points across the way, at a recently docked ferry, and it's commuters who file off one-by-one. A group of nurses is among the riders, and one of the nurses is Julia (Michelle Monaghan). Hunt tells Brandt that Hunt's imprisonment was a means to get to Bogdan, an informant with knowledge of Hendricks, and that Julia's murder, and Ethan's subsequent revenge, was an elaborate cover story. With this guilt-lifting revelation, Brandt accepts the mission and walks off. Ethan watches from afar as Julia and her friends enter a restaurant. Julia is last to enter; she glances in Ethan's direction; the two meet eyes, and lovingly smile at one another. Ethan turns away, pulls a phone out of his pocket and listens to an audio file - a new mission. Ethan turns a corner, walks through a wave of thick smoke, and disappears.

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