A group of four astronauts, successfully land on Mars. While conducting some experiments, they discover that a large hill has something metal inside it. They try to x-ray the center of the hill and all hell breaks loose. Three of them die in a giant tornado, stemming from the top of the hill while the fourth one, Don Cheadle survives.

Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins head a rescue mission that will arrive on Mars a year and a half later. On the way there, their ship is destroyed by tiny asteroids. They must now spacewalk to the part of the ship that survived.

Tim Robbins miscalculates the speed of which he lands on the ship and slides off, drifting further and further away. To stop his wife, (also a crew member) from risking her life to rescue him, he removes his helmet and dies instantly. (Not a pretty site).

The remaining three astronauts, land on Mars and find Cheadle. He explains to them that the tornado blew off all the dirt from the hill and underneath it is the "face" on Mars. This is the face that can be seen in all the photos of Mars.

The face was sending out an audible tone that Sinise determined was a code for DNA, but was missing one piece... the part of DNA that determines if it is human.

He somehow figures out that it was a test and that when the original crew x-rayed it, it was the wrong code and they were killed. If they were to insert the missing piece of DNA in the code... well they weren't sure what would happen.

They did this and suddenly a big door opened and Sinise, Cheadle and Tim Robbin's wife entered. The other crew member stayed behind to get the ship ready to leave.

Inside was a hologram of the solar system. The planet that should be Mars, looked a lot like earth with water, land and clouds. All of a sudden a comet crashed into Mars, turning it into the Mars we see today.

Then a real Martian appeared and showed them that when the planet was losing all it's life, thousands of little spaceships, flew away to another part of the galaxy. One ship though, turned and landed on Earth. It planted the seed of DNA on Earth, giving us what we have today.

They decided it was time to get back to the ship, so they could leave the planet. Gary Sinise said he didn't want to go back with them, he wanted to go with the Martian to the place where all the other Martians went.

The 3 remaining astronauts took off and Sinise was launched from the "face" to another galaxy.

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Decides to go with the Martian, back to another galaxy.
Dies during a spacewalk in an attempt to rescue the original Mission To Mars crew.