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Greg is a male nurse in Chicago he is about to ask Pam to marry him when he learns that her sister is getting married and her fiance asked her father, Jack, for permission. Upon hearing this Greg decides he is going to ask Jack for permission as well.

Two weeks later Greg and Pam are going to her parents house for her sister's wedding. The airport loses
Greg's suitcase.

They arrive at her parent's house. Jack takes a secret phone call in the kitchen and is set to go to the local pharmacy to meet the person he talked to when Pam suggests that Greg could go with him. At the pharmacy, they walk in together and Jack tells him he will meet him out front in 12-15 minutes. Once Jack is sure Greg won't see him he sneaks out to his meeting. Greg is done and leaves the store early and sees a man giving Jack and envelope and a passport. When the meeting is done Greg grabs a modern mother magazine and begins reading so Jack won't know he saw him. When Jack asks what is he doing Greg says he's reading upon breast pumps. He tells him that he grew up on a farm.

At dinner that night, Greg has to say grace. It is obvious he's never done this before. When finished he notices a nice pot on the mantle and asks if Jack has hidden a camera in there and it turns out it is an urn with the ashes of Jack's mother. Things aren't going well at dinner so Greg gets a bottle of champagne out
of the kitchen and when he pops the cork he accidentally knocks over the urn. It shatters and the cat goes and does his business in the ashes, thinking it's kitty litter.

The parents have made up the den for Greg to sleep in. While he's down there he finds out you can hear what goes on in the parents bedroom from a vent. He's listening in when he loses his balance and accidentally finds a secret door in the den. When he goes in it he finds a polygraph machine. Jack comes down and catches him and he puts him in the machine and ask him a series of questions. Later on that night, he finds out that Jack wasn't a florist, he was in the CIA for 34 years.

The next morning he meets her sister, the sister's fiance and the fiance's parents. When asked what he does Greg tells him he's in medicine and Jack tells the in-laws he's a male nurse. They all laugh at him and Pam tells them that he scored high on the tests for becoming a doctor. But Greg decided being a doctor wasn't for him.

Since Greg doesn't have his suitcase he has to borrow clothes from Pam's brother. When he goes to his room to get some clothes he catches Danny, her brother, on the roof smoking. He promises not to tell.

On their way out, Pam tells Greg it's kind of cold out so use Danny's jacket. When they get to the suitor, Danny goes in the jacket to get his pipe for smoking marijuana out. Jack catches him and Danny tells him it's Greg's. Jack talks to Greg about it and warns him that he is going to keep a close eye on him.

They then go to Pam's ex-fiance, Kevin's house. He has a large mansion. He has a thing for carpentry and he made an alter for the wedding. He tells everyone to get their swim trunks on, but Greg doesn't have any so Kevin gives Greg a pair of speedos.

In the pool they play volleyball and Greg stinks. His teammates keep telling him he has to spike the ball and when he finally does he nail's her sister in the face breaking her nose.

That evening when they arrive home a van from the airport comes with Greg's suitcase. It is the wrong one. Greg tells Jack if he could ever get his suitcase open is something in there that he would like to give to Pam but wanted Jack's permission first. When Jack gets a moment he goes in and picks the lock on the suitcase and is surprised when he finds leather gloves and a dildo among other things in this suitcase.

The next morning Jack realizes that Greg flushed the toilet. Because of that their septic tank was backed up and now their backyard is wet from the tank back up and it smells really bad. Kevin arrives with the altar
in the back of a truck. He starts to back up but gets stuck. Everyone screams at him not to move but he does and everyone is splattered by the feces.

Jack calls one of his sources to do a check on Greg Focker, and finds out he never took the doctor's test.

Later Greg is on the phone with the airport about getting the wrong suitcase. The cat, a housecat lacking the survival skills to be outside, keeps bothering him so he puts him outside. When he realizes what he's done he chases him up on to the roof where he sees his cigarettes. He's smoking one when the cat approaches him he throws his cigarette into the gutter, where he catches some leaves on fire. While trying to put it out he knocks the gutter down and it cuts an electrical line, which falls into some trees and Kevin's alter and they burn down.

With Jinxes The Cat missing Jack refuses to go with rehearsal because the cat was supposed to be the ring bearer. Greg agrees to go out and look for the cat. At a shelter he finds one that looks just like Jinxes except he has a gray stripe on his tail. Greg takes this cat and spray paints the tail black and takes him home. He does this as a replacement until he finds the real Jinxes. Everyone thinks he found Jinxes and he is a hero.

That night at dinner when Jack checks his phone messages he's gotten one from the neighbor who says
Jinxes is over at their house. On their way home from the restaurant, Greg races Jack. But Greg misses a
left turn so Jack beats him home. Once they get there the den has been destroyed by the fake Jinxes. He's wrecked all of the plates that were for the wedding and he went to the bathroom on the wedding dress. Jack announces that Greg got a fake Jinxes and also he never took the doctor tests. He kicks him out of the house. On the way out the van from the airport comes back with the right suitcase and everyone learns Greg's real name is Gaylord.

Pam calls Greg's parents and they fax over the results of the test. Greg did take them and he did score high. When Pam shows this to her dad he realizes he was wrong. He calls his sources again to find out when flight Greg is on and when it leaves.

On the plane Greg is attempting to get his suitcase in the overhead compartment when a stewardess tells him he'll have to have the bag checked and placed below. He doesn't want to do this since they lost it and he yells at her. She has him kicked off the plane. When he's being talked to by the police Jack enters and gives Greg a test. Jack agrees to change and he decides Greg is a good guy so he asks him to be his son-in-law

That night Greg proposes to Pam and she agrees.

The movie ends with Jack watching a surveillance tape of Greg in the den. He's teasing Jack and spills the
beans that the pipe belonged to Danny. Jack then says, this guy in going to be my son-in-law?


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By the end of the film, Deniro will finally accept Stiller as his future son-in-law.
Greg Focker
(Ben Stiller),
Jack Byrnes
(Robert De Niro),
Dina Byrnes
(Blythe Danner)
Pam Byrnes
(Teri Polo)
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