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Meet the Parents


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HybridZZ243 who says... "The movie was often very hilarious. While it seemed the movie tried too hard to be funny, and some jokes fell flat, it is worth seeing and fans of Meet the Parents should love it."

The movie starts out with Ben Stiller's character, Greg, in the hospital. A woman is giving birth, but there are no doctors available to deliver the baby, so Nurse Greg has to do the delivery. The couple is very thankful for the successful delivery of their baby and they tell himthey would like to name their baby after him. Greg tries to persuade them otherwise, but it's too late. The husband looks at the name tag on Greg's scrubs, which reads his real name, Gaylord Focker. Then man is shocked and Greg is embarrassed.

Next, Greg is at his home, trying to reach his parents on the phone, but only gets their answering machine (A very long and funny message). Then his fiancee from the first film, Pam (Teri Polo), comes home. Greg tells her how he is worried and how he feels the weekend might not be such a good idea (having her parents meet Greg's parents, The Fockers). She consoles him, and tells him it will be fine.

The credits roll during a montage of Greg and Pam going to Pam's parents’s house. At the airport the only seats left are in coach, Greg thinks this means a crowded trip in coach, but the woman then says so she'll bump them up to first class. That starts a series of rather fortunate events as Greg and Pam travel to Pam's parents. Greg is surprised at his luck. There is even a funny moment on the plane, as Greg cannot fit his bag into the overhead compartment, then the flight attendant from the end of the first film (The one who Greg had a confrontation with and cursed at) approaches, Greg thinks she will say that his bag will have to be put on another plane or something, but she says that actually she is going to to store his bag in the captain's closet. Greg just can't believe his luck, however it doesn't last for long.

Next we see Pam's ex- CIA agent dad, Jack (Robert DeNiro) who is teaching his baby grandson, Jack jr. Pam's sister Debbie's son. (If you recall, Debbie was the one who Greg accidently nailed in the face with a volleyball in the first film). Jack is showing Jack jr. flash cards with different pictures and actions, trying to teach Jack Jr. hand signals (sort of a baby sign language) for things that he wants (such as pinching as the simple for wanting to be breast-fed). Then Greg and Pam arrive. Greg is about to shake hands with Jack but Jack tells Greg that he's family now, and hugs him. Greg then begins to baby-talk and make funny faces to Jack Jr. , until Jack tells Greg to stop, and to talk to the baby like an adult. Then Pam's mom, Dina (Blythe Danner) comes in and they all go outside, to leave for Florida, where Greg's parents live. There, Greg and Pam find out that they aren't going to be needing their rental car as Jack says that they will all be traveling in his new high-tech RV (It ridiculously huge and high-tech) Greg knocks on the side of the RV and mentions how it's tough, like a tank. Jack tells him it is, and to test it by throwing a rock at the window. Greg hesitates, then throws the brick, the brick bounces off he RV and smashes into the windshield of his rental car. Jack tells Greg not to worry because the rental car insurance should cover the damage. (However during the "fortunate events montage" when Greg rented the car, he said he didn't want insurance because they didn't need it and it was a scam).

And so Greg, Pam, Jack, Dina, Jack jr. (Debbie and her husband are honeymooning) and Mr. Jinx (who can now flush the toilet as well) head off for Florida to meet the Fockers. Inside the RV, Jack shows Greg his latest invention, a strap-on realistic model of a breast which is filled with milk so that Jack jr. won't miss being breast fed by Debbie. Greg is creeped out, as Jack tells Greg to feel the breast to see how real it feels (as Jack is wearing it) Greg reluctantly feels it, as Dina and Pam walk in. Dina says "Jack, I told you no to get the boob out in front of other people!" Jack drives and calls himself the captain, and tells everyone over the intercom the exact time of travel etc., he then names Greg his co-captain. Greg is honored. Then a truck drives up beside them, a pretty young woman is driving, and she honks her horn, smiling at them. Greg tells Jack to honk back. Jack hesitates at first, but honks. Then all of a sudden all the women in the truck lift their tops up and flash them. Then Greg sees the sign on the truck "Honk if you're horny." Hungry Jack jr. sees all the breasts and starts smiling and making the breast-feeding signal with his hands, Dina covers his eyes. Jack turns to Greg and just looks.  Later as they are driving, and everyone else is asleep, Jack talks to Greg, and tells him that when Greg and his parent’s join his circle of trust it forms a chain, and that he can’t have a chink in his chain.

Eventually they make it to Florida, and Jack pulls the RV up to The Focker's home, just in time to see Greg's father, Bernie Focker (Dustin Hoffman) practicing his unusual form of martial arts. Bernie introduces himself to Mr. and Mrs. Byrnes. Jack begins to shake his hand, but Bernie tells him they're family, and he grabs Jack and hugs and kisses him. Then he takes Dina's hand it kisses it. The Focker's tiny dog, Moses also comes to greet the Byrnes's. Then everyone shuffles inside, to take a tour of the Focker's colorful, Bohemian home. Bernie proudly shows the Byrnes his wall of Greg's achievements. (In a funny moment Jack leans in and actually looks at the trophies and ribbons and remarks, "Huh, I didn't know they made a ribbons for tenth place). (We quickly realize Bernie is very proud his son, no matter what. We then see Greg's mother Roz (Barbara Streisand) teaching what at first appears to be a senior citizens aerobic or yoga class, but we soon learn Roz is a sex therapist and she is teaching her elderly classmates different sexual positions that are... "especially easy for those of you with osteoporosis and Gout." Greg walks in, and is extremely nervous, Roz quickly ends the class, and makes it to the living room to make her first impression a good one with her in-laws. Meanwhile, Greg quickly runs to his mother's office where Jack and Dina are going to sleep and he begins to hide the nude statuettes and sex books that adorn the office. They all get acquainted, and the Fockers don't seem too weird...yet.

(NOTE: From here on the sequence of events might be out of order, but that doesn't really affect anything.)

The Byrnes's and the Focker's all sit down for lunch, compliments of Bernie, the cook. Jack is talking to Dina, and telling her about his invention, the strap on breast. She thinks it's ridiculous. This is the start of Jack and Roz's arguments about their different methods or parenting. Over lunch we learn Greg has lied about his mom's occupation, telling the Byrnes's that she's a doctor. We also learn that Bernie was once a lawyer but quit when Greg was born. Then, the Focker's housekeeper, and Greg's former babysitter, Isabel arrives. She is a Latin woman, who proudly announces her boob job. Eventually, Greg pulls Isabel aside and makes sure that their secret is safe, she says she won't tell. Greg is relieved and returns to the lunch table. Roz tells Greg that they are telling their loss of virginity stories, and she was just about to tell everyone about the time he lost his with Isabel when he was 19. Things get worst for Greg, as Roz pulls out the photo album, which includes all of Greg's lost baby teeth, some of his hair from his first hair-cut and the scene turns just plain disturbing when Greg' foreskin from his circumcision appears. I forget which character was holding the skin, and tossed it in shock, but it ends up In Jack's soup.

Later Bernie learns the Byrnes's are planning on sleeping in their RV instead of in the house. Bernie tries to sway their choice. Then the Byrnes take the Fockers to tour their RV. Roz remarks how fancy it is. Then Bernie enters the RV holding Moses. Jack tells him that's not a good idea, as Mr. Jinx is there. Then Moses jumps out of Bernie's arms, and chases Mr. Jinx. Mr. Jinx runs into the bathroom, and jumps on top of the toilet. Moses jumps right into the toilet. Mr. Jinx puts his paw over the flusher, everyone tells him not to. Then he flushes the toilet, Moses twirls around and gets sucked down. Bernie grabs a fire extinguisher and smashes the toilet and gets a blue Moses out.

Later inside, Greg apologies for not telling Pam that he slept with Isabel, she accepts the apology, then tells him she's pregnant. She then says they can't tell anyone because if her dad finds out he'll be uspet that she had pre-marital sex.

Later Bernie suggests they all have a football game. Pam sits out with baby Jack, and they split into teams: Bernie/Dina, and Greg/Roz/Jack. Bernie teaches Dina, and she eventually catches the ball and is ecstatic. Bernie high-fives her, and gives her a playful slap on the behind, Jack is jealous. They play until Jack gets competitive, and Bernie decides to play hard too. He charges into Jack and flips him over his shoulder, Jack lands on his back, Bernie scores a touchdown and cheers. Jack then complains about backpain

Bernie takes Jack to get the RV toilet fixed. Since Roz decided to take Pam and Dina shopping, he had to give in and agree to Greg babysitting Jack Jr. He gives Greg specific instructions not to pick up baby Jack if he is crying and do not give him attention or entertainment. Being Jack jr. is learning to self-soothe. (He also hides a camera in the room to monitor it all).

They take the RV to Isabel's 15 year-old son who's a skilled mechanic and plumber. Jack is shocked when he sees the son, as Isabel's son looks like a younger Latino version of Greg. He takes a picture of the kid with his camera phone, for later. Meanwhile Roz picks out a dress for Pam, and Pam goes to try it on. Meanwhile Roz asks Dina about her sex life with Jack. Dina admits they only have sex on their anniversary, Roz is surprised, then teaches Dina a technique involving massaging the ears - Dina is thrilled.

At home, Greg is having a hard time following Jack's orders and ignoring Jack's crying. Eventually he gives in, and begins entertaining Jack Jr. by wearing a moose hat with antlers and dancing around. He then begins searching through the bag of toys. Mr. Jinx comes by and opens the playpen door, Jack Jr. gets out, and begins flipping through violent tv shows on tv, and leaves it on Scarface. He then opens a bottle of a glue and makes a mess, unbeknownst to Greg who's on the phone with his mom getting advice. She tells Greg that Jack Jr. is probably teething and to give him a little rum to ease the pain. Greg gets out a bottle of bourbon and sets it down. He eventually finds Jack Jr. On the couch watching TV, with the bottle of bourbon glued to his hands. Unfortunately for Greg, everyone returns home at the moment..

A big argument ensues between Jack and the Focker’s. Greg takes Dina, Pam, and Jack into a room. He tries to explain himself, then goes to console his parents.

(This next scene does not happen directly next, but I can’t remember where it happens, but that doesn’t matter.):

Roz persuades Jack to let her give him a Hawaiian massage to loosen his tense back muscles. She hops on top of him, and has him roar like a tiger, Greg walks in, and it looks like she’s thrusting on top of him. Greg tells her to stop and pulls aside. She says she was just giving a massage. Greg says “Mom, you were riding him like Seabiscuit!”  Then, unexpectedly, Roz asks Greg when Pam is due, Greg is shocked, and asks how she knows Pam is pregnant. She says because Pam didn’t drink any wine, sat out of the football game, and her breasts were larger. He makes her promise to not tell anyone (She eventually tells Bernie).

Meanwhile Jack slips away to his RV. He goes to the bedroom, where he opens a secret room underneath the bed. He hops into a chair, and turns on a computer,. He downloads the picture of Isabel’s son, and picks a hair from Greg’s co-captain hat, he calls a contact on the phone, and says he wants a DNA test done, to see if Greg is the father of Isabel’s son.

Later that night everyone attends the Focker’s wedding party. Dina gets Jack alone and is eager to try the ear massage technique that Roz taught her but Jack says he has to leave. Jack then gets Greg into the bathroom, and injects him with “truth serum” which will affect him for the rest of the night, but Greg will not remember it afterwards. Then Greg goes up on stage to make a speech. He blurbs out that he thinks Dina is attractive, and that he is the father of Isabel’s son.

The next morning Greg can’t remember anything. Pam tells him what he blurted out, and she says that if he is the father of Isabel’s son, that they will some how make it all work. 

Then Jack tells Dina and Pam they are leaving, because he’s so furious at Greg. Pam and Dina refuse. Bernie is lying on the driveway in front of the RV, so they can’t leave. Jack gets out and there is some more arguing. The secret is accidently revealed that Pam is pregnant. Jack is furthermore upset when he learns everyone including Dina knew all weekend, and no one told him. He says he can’t trust anyone, furious, he gets into the RV and drives away.

Bernie and Greg speed faster then Jack and eventually a cop pulls them over. Greg tries to run away but the cop shoots him with a taser gun,. Meanwhile Jack is talking to Jack Jr. About how he can't trust anyone in the family. Just then he gets a call from his contact, informing him Greg is not the father of Isabel’s son. He feels bad, and realizes what a jerk he’s been not only to Greg but his whole family. Jack turns the RV around. Jack stops the RV, when he sees the cop arresting Greg and Bernie. Jack begins to yell at the cop. He flips out his CIA credentials, but the cop tasers him as well. Next we see Jack and Greg in jail. Bernie arrives, saying he talked one of the judges into freeing them. Jack doesn’t believe him, until the judge comes by and asks Bernie why there are still in the jail cell, because they’re free to go. Jack can’t believe it. He asks what Bernie said to free them. The judge (an older man) let them go because his wife, Roz, helped out his and his wife’s sex life so much. Jack is about to leave the cell when Greg pulls him and Bernie back into the cell, saying they aren’t ready to go. Greg says they aren’t leaving until they settle their differences. Greg stands up to Jack, and says that he’s starting his own circle of trust. They all make up. Greg says he thinks his and Pam’s wedding should be that weekend instead of next month.

We then are at Pam and Greg’s wedding outside in the beautiful Florida weather. Greg waits at the altar as Jack is ready to walk Pam down the aisle. Then we see the rabbi approach, and it’s Owen Wilson, returning as Pam’s ex, Kevin, from Meet the Parents. Apparently Jack had him sworn in, and he’s going to perform the ceremony. Greg is nervous and asks him if it’s weird doing this because Pam’s his ex. He says that he and Pam are in the past although Greg catches Kevin staring at Pam the entire time he’s performing the ceremony.

They are married. Jack approaches Roz and he tells her he is sorry for being a jerk and thanks her for giving him all the advice for his marriage. Everyone is dancing, Pam, Greg, Roz, and Bernie, and Isabel. We then see Jack leading Dina back to the trailer apparently to try some of Roz’s tips and rekindle their love life. He hangs his captains hat on the door knob, and shuts the door behind them. Bernie begins break dancing and they all happily dance and celebrate the marriage of Gaylord and Pamela Martha Focker.

During the credits, just like the end of the first film, Jack begins to watch the footage recorded from when he planted the camera to monitor Greg’s babysitting. He also sees Roz feeding Jack Jr. Lots of candy, and spoiling him.

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