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The movie starts off with a man named Snakehead (Julian Sands) who wants the Medallion from the keeper. A little boy named Jai is the keeper of this powerful medallion which can give and take life. Snakehead tries to steal the medallion but fails because Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan) and Watson (Lee Evans) and some police come to bust him but Snakehead gets away with Jai.

The next day Eddie and Watson are in a police building talking to a General about a mission to get Jai back from Snakehead. The General sends one more person on the mission, Nicole (Claire Forlani). The next morning they find out that Snakehead is at a boating place with tons of big metal containers. They split up to find the boy. There are some fighting scenes here with Eddie and some of Snakehead's workers. (Awesome fighting) Eddie finds Jai inside a container and goes inside the container and locks it. The container ends up falling into the water with water rushing in very fast. Eddies finds a blow up house inside and puts the kid inside as the water rushes in faster and faster. Jai puts the medallion inside Eddie's pocket (important later).

Later that day they find the container at the bottom of the ocean. Nicole and Watson gather around and they find Eddie dead but Jai is fine

They bring Eddie to the hospital to do an autopsy. Just before they do that Watson walks in to say goodbye to Eddie's dead body. As Watson is saying goodbye, Eddies walks in from the other room naked. Although Eddie's dead body is still on the autopsy table. Watson is in shock, Eddie is also in shock. Eddie keeps saying that he is alive for some reason. Eddie has super strength because he can move faster and not get stabbed or shot or hurt. They finally figure out that the medallion is the reason why Eddie is alive because the medallion was given to Eddie from the boy.

We cut to Jai in the hospital. A nurse comes in to check up on Jai and Eddie notices that the nurse is wearing boots, and he says that nurses shouldn't be wearing boots. There is another awesome fight scene here with Eddie and Snakehead's workers. Nicole takes Jai back to her apartment to hang out. Nicole is still very sad about Eddies death but then Jai says that Eddie is still alive and we see Eddie standing outside of Nicoles window. She is in shock. Once again Snakehead's workers come and they take Jai.

The next scene is at Snakehead's hideout. He is talking to the boy. Snakehead wants the boy to give him the medallion so Snakehead can have powers. *NOTE YOU CAN ONLY GET POWERS FROM THE MEDALLION IF YOU DIE FIRST* Snakehead drinks some poison and the boy is forced to bring him back and now Snakehead has powers just like Eddie.

Eddie, Nicole and Watson go to Watson's house to get a few items and are attacked by Snakehead's men. Watson's wife thinks Watson is a librarian not a cop. As they are being attacked Watson's wife goes into the closet and takes out a bunch of guns and shields. Little do we know that Watson's wife is also a cop. They fight Snakehead's workers.

Eddie, Nicole and Watson set out to look for the boy and to defeat Snakehead.

They find the underground lair where Snakehead has the boy.

Nicole goes off to rescue Jai as Eddie goes to fight Snakehead. As Nicole is looking for Jai she comes across the nurse with the boots and she fights her, beating her up pretty badly. Nicole wins and finds Jai but just as she does that Snakehead appears behind her and throws her off a cliff inside the lair and she dies.

Eddie is forced to fight Snakehead and after a great battle defeats him.

Jai and Eddie use the medallion to bring back Nicole. The movie ends with them all happy. During all this Watson is lost inside of the lair looking for anyone (very funny scene)

During the credits various outtakes are shown which are pretty funny


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