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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Katken who says... "This film makes a lot more sense if you have recently seen Matrix Reloaded and have been able to watch the footage from the “Enter the Matrix” videogame."

The film opens onboard the ship called Hammer with Morpheus and Trinity desperately trying to figure out a way to save Neo who is comatose on an adjoining table by Bane (who is actually Smith). Another crew member notices that Neo’s brain waves are off and that it appears that he is in the Matrix. She also points out to Trinity that Bane will under go questioning, when he becomes conscious, about his involvement with the EMP incident and the death of the rest of the crew on his ship and about the apparent self-inflicted cuts on his arms. Morpheus tries running a search for Neo in the Matrix but it is to no avail. The Hammer crew are also on the search for the Logos, the ship that Niobe, Ghost, and Sparks are command of that crashed. Right then Seraph, the Oracle’s protector, contacts Morpheus and requests their presence. Trinity and Morpheus jack into the Matrix. On meeting the Oracle, they immediately notice she is in different form. She tells them that the change is due to the choice she made about helping Neo, and that she knew of the consequences. (From the game: the Merovingian warned the Oracle that if she helped Neo he would harm her, when she did, two other programs came to the Merovingian with her source codes because the Merovingian promised to help their daughter if they gave the Oracle’s codes to him. The Merovingian tried to delete her program then since he had her codes.) However, the Oracle explained to Morpheus and Trinity that she was able to attain a new shell and continue on with her part in the saga. She also explains Neo’s situation: Neo is trapped between two worlds: the Matrix and the Real World. She also explains that he is able to use his powers in the real world because they have also transcended between the two worlds. However, she warns that he is in a current limbo with his mind separated from his body in a place that he will not be able to get out of without their help. She tells them that a program named the trainman is the only one who can get to Neo but that he works for the Merovingian. So Trinity, Morpheus, and Seraph leave to find the trainman.

During this time we cut to Neo who’s lying in a pure white train station. He wakes to a little girl standing over him named Sati. The girl introduces Neo to her parents. They explain that they are awaiting the overdue train on which they'll be transported by the Trainman to different destinations, with Sati going to the Oracle as a companion. The girl’s father says that they are all three programs and that they love their daughter but since she serves no purpose within the Matrix she has been marked for destruction. (They are the programs that sold the Oracle’s source codes to the Merovingian)

With the help of Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity search for the trainman but he leads them on a chase and eventually escapes so their only other choice is to visit the Merovingian. When the train, at last, arrives at the station, Neo tries to get on but the Trainman blocks him. Neo threatens him so the trainman punches him straight into the wall and says that down here he is god. After Neo recovers from the blow and the train leaves without him, he tries a run for it but finds that the tracks are in an endless loop.

Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity pay the Merovingian a visit at his club. They have fight sequence before meeting him that consists of running on walls and ceilings, bullet time and the usual special effects from the previous films. The trio makes their way through the club with guns in hand until they are spotted by the Merovingian. He tells them to drop their weapons and he will negotiate with them, they comply. His offer is he will give them back Neo if they give him the Oracle’s eyes. Trinity rejects his offer and another fight ensues that ends with her gun against his head and everybody else aiming at each other. Her counter-offer is that he gives her Neo or everybody dies, he complies with it. His consort Persephone is at his side, but she says and does nothing but observe the gun-play.

Back in the train station, Neo is having visions of the machines but he cannot make them out, when the train suddenly pulls up. Trinity gets out, they embrace, kiss, and get on. Sentient again, Neo visits the Oracle, still trying to learn what his role is and how he can bring peace to the real world and save humanity. Sati is with her and they are baking cookies. The Oracle is her usual self, talking in riddles and concepts. She says that Smith has grown stronger than ever, a complete runaway from the intentions of the Architect. He has become a virus and a threat to the machine world and to the Matrix itself. She tells Neo that Smith must be stopped. During this she also repeats the same information about why he can use his powers outside of the matrix and why her appearance has changed.

After his visit with the oracle, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus jack out. Neo says he would like to have some time for himself to make sense of his visions. The crew member we saw in the beginning returns and says that Bane has woken up. Bane is questioned about his involvement with the death of the rest of the crew. Bane is remarkably like Smith in his answers and pleads amnesia towards the whole thing. Soon after the Logos is found and they land the Hammer by it, Niobe, Ghost and Sparks are fine but they ship needs to be powered up. When they first hook up the Logos they notice that the Matrix feed is off, Sparks asks if something is wrong with his line but the Hammer crew say no that something is very wrong with the Matrix. While charging the Logos they plan their course of action. It is decided that they only way back to Zion is a risky run through a mechanincal line. Niobe says she can make it and will take the Logos. However, right then Neo comes in and says he knows what he must do: he must journey to the Machine City in order to go before the fearful face of Deus Ex Machina, the thought center of the machines. This journey requires a ship though and the Captain of the Hammer declines Neo’s request. Against the advice of the Council, Niobe declares her belief in Neo and his quest for peace, backing it up by giving him her ship while she takes command of the Hammer for a rescue attempt in Zion.

Amidst all this, Zion’s destruction is on the brinks. The machines are boring through the concrete dome of the stronghold that will bring on a Sentinel invasion that threatens total annihilation despite the Zion military's all out defense. The infantry are being rounded up into machines that look remarkably like the ones used in “Alien 2” except with a lot more firepower. A very prolonged battle then takes place, with massive casualties and destruction of sentinels. Link’s wife, Zee, plays a more prominent role here in the battle and so does the kid from Reloaded that expressed his devotion to Neo.

Also happening right now is Smith, Smith and more Smith and many of him go visit the Oracle. He first finds Sati who the Oracle sent out with Seraph, he infects both of them. He then goes to the oracle and has very erratic behavior because he cannot understand why she would remain there if she really knew everything. She calls him a bastard, and he says it’s her fault and ends by calling her mom. He then infects her, afterwards the other Smiths seem nervous to be around this one because he is much more powerful. The Bane/Smith is now being prepped with a relaxant by the crewmember to help him recover his memory, he says he really doesn’t want to remember anything and stabs her with a knife, killing her.

Back on the Hammer, Trinity tells Neo that she is leaving with him for the Machine City, they both know that this might be their last journey. They board the Logos while the rest of the crew and Morpheus set out towards Zion with Niobe piloting. When Neo and Trinity try to start the Logos it fails, she goes down to see the problem. As she does she is attacked by Bane who has stowed away on the Logos. They briefly fight and she tries to get away by climbing up the ladder back towards Neo but he slams her against the wall. Neo comes with EMP in hand but Bane has the same knife against her throat, he orders Neo to put the weapon down, Trinity pleads with him to fire but he puts it down. During this time Bane also gives hints that he is really Smith and after a while Neo figures it out but can’t believe that it’s possible. Bane then throws Trinity down the ladder and locks the hatch and both Neo and him dive towards the EMP gun, they fight over it. They fight in the real world so Neo does not have his powers and they both sustain real damage. Neo is winning until Bane picks up a sparking cable and shoves it into Neo’s face. The wire has badly burned Neo’s face and permanently blinded him. Neo staggers up amidst the pain and tries to find Bane who is mocking him. Bane picks up a pipe and swings it at Neo, but he ducks. Neo says he sees him and has attained some type of sight for machines making them glow like fire. Neo then quickly kills Bane and collapses. Trinity then breaks in to find Neo in his badly injured state, but Neo says he is fine, and jokes that she will have to fly the ship now.

While getting to the mechanical line that leads back to Zion, the Hammer uncovers a whole nest of sentinels that take up the pursuit. Niobe successfully pilots her way through it while sustaining significant damage. Another problem quickly emerges though, the Gate they need to exit is closed and Zion is under extreme attack from the sentinels with almost all available forces being depleted. With the help of Zee, the kid blasts the hatch that allows the Hammer to get through and they set off their EMP which destroys all of the invading sentinels.

Neo and Trinity are at the Machine City. Using the same special sight Neo navigates where they need to go. The machines soon send out sentinels to stop them but Neo raises his hand and like before they drop down. However, the escalating number of machines soon begins to overpower Neo and he tells Trinity to pilot towards the sky. She does and the machines in pursuit are electrocuted from the numerous bolts of lightening streaming down. Above the scorched sky they witness a blue atmosphere and a sunny sky. She pilots back down, and Neo tells her she must crash it into a particular building she does so. He awakes from the temporary blackout from the crash and calls out for Trinity, she answers. She tells him how much she loves him but that she will not be able to continue with him. He doesn’t understand because he can not see the numerous metal spikes sticking out of her. He reaches down and feels them. She tells him that she regretted that she said she was sorry the first time she died, when she should have said how much she loves him. She asks him to kiss her one last time, he does, and she dies in his arms.

The scene ends with Neo crying and cuts back to Zion. The EMP gave Zion a sort term victory, however, it also took out all the machines they used to combat the sentinels; they have now been left defenseless. The council asks what else can be done but their only hope now is Neo. The sentinels have already started to pour in again and the only thing left for Zion is to fight to the death.

Neo gets up and leaves the ship; his special sight allows him to see where he is going. The head machine, a ball with large spikes protruding from it, appears and threatens him but Neo says he is only there to make a deal. He tells the machine that Smith is too much of a threat and that only he can stop him. The machine temporarily disagrees but concedes that Neo is right, and so he asks what Neo wants in return, and Neo replies “peace.” Right then all of the machines in Zion stop and lay down their arms. The head machine jacks Neo into the Matrix where he awaits Smith.

The final showdown between Neo and Smith is set in the rain with the Matrix’s sky as scorched as the real worlds. There are thousands of Smiths watching on the street and in the buildings. The Smith that was the Oracle is the one to confront Neo, he asks him if he likes what he has done with the place. Neo tells Smith that it ends tonight, Smith agrees, and they take off into a flying battle on the street, in a building, and in the sky with several cosmic clashes that send shockwaves throughout the city. However, Smith is winning. After Smith slams Neo into the ground he asks him why he even continues, and Neo says because he chooses to. They fight again when Neo realizes that he will never beat Smith in this way. Smith feels victorious and comments on how he knew that he would win, because of the knowledge he gained by taking over the Oracle. Neo gives in and lets Smith infect him, Smith does. However, since Smith’s new clone is jacked into the Matrix through the head machine, it now has the power to destroy his program, which it does but in the process kills Neo. Smith watches as all of his clones are destroyed and eventually his own program as well. All of Smith’s victims return to their previous form except of course for Neo because he died in the process. Neo’s body is unjacked from the matrix and dragged off by the machines, the machines in Zion retreat and the people declare victory. Morpheus and Niobe thank Neo for saving them all.

The movie concludes with Sati, the little girl, lying on the street. Suddenly a black cat walks by and then walks by again, the Matrix has been changed. She gets up meets with Seraph who takes her to the Oracle who is sitting on a park bench. The architect walks up to them and remarks on the Oracle’s continued presence and asks if she knew it would turn out this way. She says something to the equivalent that she knows enough. The architect asks her how long she thinks the peace will last but she says that she does not know. He also assures her that all who want out of the matrix will be freed and she seems pleased with the arrangement. The architect leaves, and the Oracle remarks on what a beautiful sunset it was and asks Sati if she created it for Neo. Sati says she did indeed create for Neo and asks when she will ever see him again. The Oracle responds “one day” and the movie ends.


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