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In Man On The Moon, Jim Carrey plays the late comic actor who changed the way comedians interact with their audience. It starts early in his life as he is just beginning to work the clubs with his unique act. After he gains a little noteriety, he makes his way to an improv club, where a talent manager (Danny Devito) in the audience spots Andy's potential. Devito meets with him after the show, and a friendship and business relationship is formed.

Soon Andy has a spot on Saturday Night Live, in which he does very well. Shortly thereafter, he is offered a spot on Taxi, provided he plays the "foreign man" character that the studio execs love. At first he resists this offer, but after a talk with Devito, he is convinced to take on the part. His career gains momentum and audiences love him, but he feels he needs to add a little shock to his act to stay ahead of the audience. He crowns himself the "inter-gender" champion and holds public events where he wrestles women, taking on the persona of a woman hater. This move in his career proves to be a bad decision, and his fans lose interest and many people hate him. When asked if they want him to return to SNL, the audience unanimously say no.

It is now that Kaufman discovers he has lung cancer. For the rest of the movie his health steadily decreases, and at one of his last shows, he tries to change his reputation by having a totally positive show at Carnegie Hall. This proves a major success. Not long after this show he dies, and his close friends and fans attend his funeral in one of the last scenes. The final scene in the movie shows a man in the costume of one of Andy's characters performing at a bar, revealing that his legacy of messing with the audience lived on after his death.

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