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The movie opens with Alvin (Nick Cannon) cleaning pools. After an opening sequence featuring him doing Michael Jackson like moves to the disbelief of neighbors on the diving board, Alvin makes his way to Paris's (Christina Millian) house. Paris's mother informs Alvin that there is a party going on and maybe he should postpone his cleaning but he insists.

There all the popular kids are having a great time. Alvin sees Paris and is absolutely mesmerized.

While fantasizing about a kiss from Paris he falls into the pool, making a total fool of himself.

Then we find Paris with her two friends watching an interview with Paris's NBA star boyfriend, Ted. When asked if he has a girlfriend he tells them he is single to the outrage of Paris realizing their relationship might be fizzling.

Alvin now comes home where we meet his family. His dad (Steve Harvey) is sort of a sleazebag and only wants Alvin to get some "action".

His sister looks down on him and is the popular sibling, while his mom just hopes the best for him.

It turns out he and his three nerdy friends (including Walter, played by Kenan Thompson) are car wizs and are entering a car they made into some big competition with can get them scholarships. Alvin has saved $1500 cleaning pools for some necessary parts for the car being built. The group is looked down upon by the school's popular group and Walter completely makes a fool of himself when trying to get Paris.

The next scene is Paris saying goodbye to her mother. Her mother is going on a trip with her apparent boyfriend who she is very physical with to Paris's disgust. Her mother warns not to take her very expensive car and Paris agrees. Only to the next scene driving to a party with the two friends. She calls Ted on the cell and realizes he is with another woman. Flustered and angry she accidentally crashes into a tree, wrecking the car.

She goes to a mechanic who tells her it'll take two weeks and $3000. Paris doesn't have the time or money for this and is extremely upset. That's when Alvin sees this and realizes this can be his break. He tells he'll fix Paris's car (using the $1500 he has saved) within one day if she pretends to be his girlfriend for two weeks. She reluctantly agrees.

The next day Paris begins her deal. She gives Alvin her SEAN JOHN sweater (apparently considered something like PRADA or LOUIS VITTON in this school) and is terribly embarrassed as all her friends stare in shock while she parades down the hall with Alvin. Even Alvin's friends cannot believe Paris is even talking to Alvin. They ask to sit with Alvin at the game and to get introduced to Paris, but no such luck.

Paris and Alvin go to the school's basketball game. There Alvin is shunned by the players and is told to sit in the losers section with his friends. Paris realizes for the deal to work she'll need to tweak his look.

They go out the next day and get him a haircut, tweeze out the uni, and get some (ALL MIGHTY!) SEAN JOHNS. He walks into his house to shocked family. He tells them he has a girlfriend so his dad is quick to give him a stash of condoms.

The next day Alvin soon becomes popular. With his new look and hot girlfriend everything seems to go his way. He begins to completely ditch his true friends and gets really caught up in his popularity. Starting to soon ignore Paris, the person who gave all this to him, who really is starting to like him.

The two weeks soon flies by and Paris keeps hinting to Alvin that she wants to stay together. He doesn't get the signals and says they can have a big, elaborate break-up in front of everyone the next day.

At school Paris tries to talk to Alvin and to say that she really does like him but he embarrasses her and publicly breaks up with her. Suddenly both of Paris's best friends want Alvin. Before long, one of Paris's friends asks Alvin on a date and he accepts.

Alvin makes a stop at Paris's house where she is alone, writing a song. She plays the guitar and is more talented than we had believed. She lets Alvin read the song.

At the party Paris's friend takes Alvin into a car, ready to have sex. He is nervous and isn't ready so he just "gets some boob" (as the girl describes it). Paris is beginning to get terribly jealous and angry at how everyone especially Alvin is treating her.

Back at his house, Alvin's parents begin to realize Alvin has spent the money he needed to finish the car (to get the scholarship) on Paris. His mom wants an explanation but Alvin blows her off.

He goes to the beach where a huge party is going on. Paris tries once again to talk to him but fails. A girl takes him away from everyone and Alvin sings her the song Paris wrote. This gets her really excited and she wants to have sex with Alvin.

At this time Ted pulls up in a Hummer limo to apologize to Paris. He talks to some old friends and finds out Paris went out with Alvin. He is shocked and extremely angry. He doesn't even give Paris a chance to explain. A tearful Paris runs to Alvin pleading with him to tell Ted about their deal to he'd stay, but Alvin doesn't budge.

Paris looks on horrified as Ted drives away. She screams at Alvin, so everyone can hear, about their deal and why everything happened the way it happened. Everyone is upset and starts to walk away, shunning Alvin. Even the girl who was going to have sex with him gets up to leave when Alvin starts singing the song he got her there with when Paris tells her that thats even the song SHE had wrote.

Alvin is left with no one, now that his REAL, nerdy friends had left him and his popular friends left him.

He goes to the basketball game where Paris is cheerleading. He sits down where he is told to go sit at the loser section. He is ready to scramble away, when he stops himself. He gives a big, sappy speech about how he wasn't himself and what not and how the guy can hit me if he wants but Alvin isn't budging. The guy is ready to hit Alvin when Walter jumps down and stops him. Paris drops her pom-poms and runs outside after Alvin.

She gets there and Ted is waiting. He tells her he's willing to take her back. She refuses and tells him to leave.

She finds Alvin and they start making out.


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