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The movie starts out in 1981 as 11 year old Monica Wright moves into a new neighborhood and tries to get in on a pickup game of basketball played by Quincy McCall and his friends. Quincy's dad plays for the LA Clippers and he is determined to be just as good as his dad is. Monica's favorite player is Magic Johnson and her goal is to be the first woman in the NBA. The two of them have an instant connection and they will remain very close for the rest of their lives.

We now cut to a few years later as they are both stars of the Crenshaw High School basketball team. Monica (now played by Sanaa Lathan) is very aggressive on her girls team and is often penalized since that type of behavior is not welcome in girls basketball. Quincy, (now played by Omar Epps) stars on the boys team and is always being scouted by college coaches.

Monica has remained a tomboy all through high school and Quincy has been a real ladies man. At one of their final dances of their senior year, Monica gets talked into by her sister into going on a blind date. Her sister fixes her up to look stunning and Quincy can't take his eyes off her at the dance, ignoring his own date.

After the dance she comes home early and looks out her window and finds Quincy coming home early too. They tell each other they dumped their dates and just wanted to get home. Monica opens a letter telling her she had been accepted to USC to play basketball. Quincy tells her that he's going to announce the next morning that he'll be going their too. They embrace and after 7 years living next door to each other, they finally make love.

Now their both freshmen at USC. Monica's coach is very tough on her and is very demanding during practice. The senior girl that she is battling for a starting spot in the team is one tough cookie and is pretty rude to Monica.

Meanwhile, Quincy is the star of the men's team, even though he is only a freshman.

One day, Quincy finds out that his now retired dad, has been cheating on his mom and has been hit with a paternity suit. This just destroys Quincy and his basketball game is suffering because of it. The girl that starts ahead of Monica, hurts her knee and now Monica is starting for the USC girls team.

Quincy's dad always preached to him the importance of a good education over basketball but since Quincy is so disgusted in him, he quits college and enters the NBA draft. He and Monica have a falling out because she never has time for him. They go there separate ways.

Cut ahead 4 years later and Monica is the star of the Barcelona woman's basketball team. It is still a few years before the WNBA begins and this is the only place she can play pro ball.

Quincy has been struggling in the NBA for 3 or 4 years, never really sticking with any team and is now a backup on the LA Lakers. In making a showboat move, he lands wrong and tears up his knee. Monica, even though she hasn't seen him in about 4 years, flies to the hospital to be with him. He introduces her to his fiancee, a stewardess played by Tyra Banks. Poor Monica is shocked, wishes them well and goes home to her old house. She gets a job with her dad's bank and it looks like will be perfectly happy working behind a desk at a bank.

Her mother has a heartwarming scene with her, telling her to pursue her dreams and that Quincy could do much better than the girl he's about to marry. (I don't know how much better, it is Tyra Banks after all!)

Monica confronts him one night and tells him they should have a one on one game and if she wins, she gets his heart, and if he wins, he can marry Tyra.

He thinks she's nuts but they play anyway. In a closely contested battle, Quincy wins on a powerful slam dunk, emphasizing his point. A dejected Monica starts walking away. Quincy shouts out, "Hey, what about double or nothing!"

It is now that they both realize that he really does love Monica, not the stewardess.

The next scene we see her being announced at the LA Forum as the starting Point guard for Los Angeles' new WNBA team. She is now Monica Wright-McCall as the two of them are now married. Magic Johnson is on the sidelines watching. So is Quincy with he and Monica's baby girl.

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Sanaa Lathan
Plays in Europe but comes back to the states to marry her longtime boyfriend
Quits USC after his freshman year to go pro.
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