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Winona Ryder plays Maya Larkin, a teacher at a church school who was once possessed herself. The team that exorcised her come to the school to ask her help with another exorcism.

She joins them in the exorcism of a serial killer but things don't go so well as the killer falls into a coma and the head priest, John Hurt is hospitalized. Winona leaves the room with papers and books from the killer.

At home she studies the code that the killer has written and comes to the realization that a man named Peter Kelson is to become the antichrist. While she is discovering this, on the TV in the background an author named Peter Kelson is being interviewed about his new book. Winona goes to meet Peter and pretty much explains everything she knows.

He of course doesn't believe her but she won't let up. At a dinner party one night Peter tells his family, including his uncle who also happens to be a priest, about the strange dream he has been having with a book titled XES. They all laugh at him saying it is Sex spelled backwards and they all have those kind of dreams.

Peter's writing partner brings in a psychic who analyzes Peter and tells him that his mother is dead but father is still alive. Peter tells him he's wrong since both his parents are dead. The major revelation is that the greek symbols XES represent 600, 60 and 6 (666)

One of the priests that helped with the earlier exorcism prays for an answer of what to do and approches Peter with a handgun at a party. He points the gun at Peter and says, "God will forgive me, the transfomation is near." Peter's brother saves him. While investigating this priest's house Winona and Peter discover that the antichrist will come to be on his 33rd birthday, one day from now.

Not sure of what to do next, they go to the now recovered John Hurt to get his help and advice. Hurt tells Winona that they were all wrong and that their fight is over; They beat the devil. Winona doesn't believe him and holds a cross or some other object on Hurt's forehead and he begins screaming. He must have been posessed in the earlier exorcism and was telling them this so they wouldn't pursue the fight. They call in another priest and Hurt is exorcised but dies in the process.

The next day, Peter and Winona go to his uncles congregation and it is filled with Peter's family, friends and people that he and Winona have been seeing in dreams.

Turns out that this is not a catholic ceremony but instead a satanic ceremony, kind of a coming out party for the antichrist. His entire family had known about everything Peter's whole life and had been waiting 33 years for this day to come.

It is revealed that his uncle is actually his father and that Peter was born out of an incestuous relationship with Peter's mom and her brother. His uncle killed his mother to help with the antichrist process.

The Uncle grabs Winona and hold a knife to her throat. Peter pulls out a gun to kill him and his uncle says to go ahead, it would be an honorable way for him to die. The uncle lets go of Winona and Peter kills him. As the congregation approaches him, Peter kills a few others including his brother.

He and Winona run out of the church and drive away. They stop just two minutes before the exact moment of his 33rd birthday. He gives Winona the gun and wants her to kill him. She can't and the moment passes. He is relieved that the time happened and he hasn't changed. He orders Winona to put the gun down. She looks at the clock and it suddenly reads 6:66.

She shoots and kills him.

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Winona Ryder explains just about everything she knows to Ben Chaplin about his becoming the antichrist
Ben Chaplin (Peter) kills his uncle who turns out to be his father in front of his uncles entire satanic congregation.