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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by deathboybob who says... Hard to recall in exact order -- but here are the pieces I do.  It is not story driven; it is the scenes of Tokyo and the subtle interactions and small intimacies between the characters that are interesting. 

First shot rear view of Charlotte lying in bed, wearing transparent pink/peach shorts.  Nothing happens.
As we find out, Charlotte is a recent Yale graduate and philosophy major, married to John.  She grew up in New York.  She moved to LA upon marrying John, a fashion photographer.  As the movie starts, she is with John in Tokyo, living in a hotel while he is working.  He has little time to spend with her, and she is unhappy.  There are a number of scenes of her wandering around Tokyo by herself while her husband is working.
While hanging flowers in her room, Charlotte trips and stubs her toe.
Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is a famous American actor who made, among other things, action films.  He is in Tokyo to make another whisky commercial which pays him 2 million dollars.  He has been married 25 years.  His communications with his wife during his trip suggest things are strained.
Neither of them can sleep, and keep running into each other in the hotel, gradually interacting more and more.
Bob rides on the elevator with a large number of Japanese and Charlotte.  She smiles at him.
The whisky company (Suntory) wants Bob to stay another couple of days to appear on a talk show -- The Japanese Johnny Carson (not.)  He is adamant that he does not want to delay returning, but his agent suggests, given the money he is getting, he should.
While filming a commercial, Bob has trouble understanding the director, and his translator is of little help.

  After the director talks for a long time, the translator tells him "move quicker, and with great intensity." 
At the bar that night, Bob is seen by two American males who ask him about his movies.  He lies and says he is visiting friends, then slinks off.
A woman, likely a prostitute, sent by the whisky company, shows up at Bob's room and offers a massage.  He declines, then she asks him repeatedly to "lip (rip)" her hose.  When Bob trys to comply, she drops to the floor and starts crying "prease, help" and makes bicycle movements with her legs.  He trys to help her up, but she pulls him down to the floor.  Low level hilarity ensues. 
Charlotte and her husband run into some young Cameron Diaz type celebrity who he had photographed before.  John temporarily ignores her while he talks to the star.  She is unhappy, and makes a snide comment about her choice of pseudonym and he scolds her for being mean.
At a photo shoot, Bob again has some trouble communicating, but perseveres.  His tux is held tight with binder clips running down the spine.
After a photo shoot, he goes to the hotel bar in his tux and make up.  Charlotte, sitting with her husband and his friends, notices him and sends over saki.  When Bob leaves the bar, we see the clips are still attached to his jacket.
Number of scenes with them spending more and more time together, bonding, but more or less platonic,

going out on the town with Charlie, and friend of John and Charlotte and (1) getting chased from a bar, and doing Karaoke.  Bob falls asleep in the cab back to the hotel; then Bob is carrying a sleeping Charlotte to her room where he tucks her in and leaves.
The next night they meet at a place Charlie chose, which ends up being a strip club.  They leave quickly and do other things.  They meet for lunch end up going to a hospital to have Charlotte's toe looked at.
One of the nights Bob sends her a note after they return to their rooms and they end up  watching movies and talking into the night in Bob's room.  Nothing physical, short of Bob touching her ankle, appears to happen.
When Charlotte is out of Tokyo a few days, Bob decides to extend his stay and do the talk show, presumably to see more of Charlotte.
While Charlotte is out of town, Bob ends up having a one night stand with the lounge singer.  Bob wakes up the next day, horrified at what he has gotten himself into.  There is a knock at the door. Bob jumps up and answers it, it is Charlotte, asking him to lunch.  He tells her he wants to go but he can't go right then.  Bob is busted when the lounge singer starts singing in the background and Charlotte storms off.
Bob finds the restaraunt and has lunch with her anyway.  She is angry and spiteful about his one night stand.
That night there is a fire alarm; standing in the street, Bob sees Charlotte.  He goes to talk to her and they make up.
The next day he is leaving.  He calls her from the lobby, but she isn't there.  He leaves a message asking her to come down to the lobby to bring his jacket that she "stole." 
Moments later, she shows up with the jacket.  They say a few words, but he has to go with his handlers for pictures, and she goes away.
In the car to the airport, he sees her walking from behind.  He tells the driver to stop and runs after her.  They embrace; he whispers something in her ear, then he kisses her hair, then kisses her on the cheek and the lips, then says goodbye.  She cries.  He goes to the airport.


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