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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by brentage5000.

The movie starts with Elmer Fudd once again hunting Bugs. He tells us to be "vewy, vewy quiet," and we pan over to see Daffy nailing up signs that say "Rabbit Season" over ones that say "Duck Season." He looks at us and says that he firmly believes in self-preservation just as Bugs comes along to straighten one of the signs. Then Elmer pops up, and Bugs and Daffy start debating, ending with Bugs tricking Daffy into saying "Duck Season!" and getting blown away again and again until....


We get out of the sketch and see Daffy sitting in on a board meeting of the top Warner Bros execs. He starts complaining about how he always gets hurt in all these sketches and starts to rant about what a no-talent Bugs is just as guess-who shows up. Bugs walks over and is attended to by two gorgeous female hangers on while Bugs tries to defend Daffy a little. However, one of the exec's assistant, Kate Houghton (Jenna Elfman) says that they don't really need Daffy any more,

at which point someone comes in with Daffys stuff. The Warners tell Daffy that he's fired and they have Kate throw him out.

Elsewhere, we see DJ Drake (Brendan Fraser) jumping off a balcony, landing on a table in the wrong spot and wrecking it, then stepping on one of the unbroken legs and getting hit in the face. Apparently, DJ is an aspiring stuntman, but he's not very good at it. He leaves and heads for his other job, security guard at the Warner Bros. lot. Eventually, he meets Kate coming out of the main building, holding Daffy and being chased by Bugs. She starts bossing DJ around, gets a comeback from DJ, and tells DJ to throw Daffy out (all this is happening while Bugs sneaks Daffy out and puts his own arm in Kate's hand). Daffy gets away, and DJ gives chase, eventually cornering him by the water tower in front of Kate's car...which gets filled with water when the tower falls over, thus getting DJ fired and thrown out too (his boss says that his Dad would be ashamed of him.The only good news: when the tower fell, Bugs found Nemo while fishing in the backseat of Kate's car. Dejected, DJ goes home to his Dad's house (note: he lives next door to granny -- important). As soon as he gets in, Daffy leaps out of his backpack and starts tearing around the place until...the remote rings. DJ goes over to it, presses a button, and a picture of his dad, Damian Drake (a famous actor of old spy movies -- think Sean Connery from his Bond days), zooms up into the wall to reveal a screen showing Drake (Timothy Dalton) fighting off some henchman. He tells his son to go to Las Vegas and find Dusty Tails, and to find the Blue Monkey jewel before it's too late. While Daffy's eyes are lighting up (and while his mouth is spouting off something about Drake being a spy), DJ throws some stuff together and heads for Vegas...until Daffy gets his beak in the car window. he punches the beak out, mutters "Ducks." and is off...unitl he turns up in the back seat. Daffy gets thrown out, but...well, you get the idea. Immediately after they drive off, the garage floor flips over, and we see the real spy car (Some sleek shiny thing, as opposed to the Geo Prism that Daffy thought it was and is now in).

Back at the lot, things aren't going well for Kate. The execs don't like this "no-Daffy" thing and tell her to get him back by Monday or she's fired. Later, at lunch with Bugs, Bugs keeps trying to defend daffy while she is confident that they don't need him (while they talk, we see Porky being flustered over being fired because of his stutter). She goes over to DJ's house and goes looking for him (Daffy), but Bugs is ahead of her, and after a "Psycho"spoof (brought to you by Hersheys' chocolate), they find the other car and take that to Vegas. Bugs tries to call Daffy and tell him to come back, but Daffy won't listen and claims to be headed for the blue monkey, causing Bugs to ask "Blue monkey?" Somehow, this question is heard by an Acme satellite far above the Earth, and the Chairman of the ACME corporation (Steve Martin) gets it heard by all his VPs. he says that he will have the blue Monkey and then will control the whole world and starts laughing crazily. meanwhile, Bugs and Daffy are busy on Earth annoying their respective human partners -- Daffy by being...well, Daffy, and Bugs by pressing every button in the car, including one that outfits him and Kate in some formal wear (side note: at one point, DJ tells Daffy that he was a stuntman for Brendan Fraser on the Mummy, but he got fired by Brendan because Brendan wanted to do his own stunts). Eventually, though, Daffy and DJ get to Yosemite Sam's casino, the Wooden Nickel, and DJ gets to talk to Dusty Tails (only after dressing up like Sam onstage so he could dance with her though). Dusty (Heather Locklear) says that she and Drake are old friends, and she's a part-time assassin. She gives DJ some card that she was holding onto just before Sam and two buddies of his (they're all working for the chairman) burst in with a cannon. A merry chase ensues, and DJ manages to kick some serious butt before losing the card and watching it fall into a Blackjack deck being dealt out by Foghorn leghorn. he and Sam play, and DJ keeps getting Aces (and eventually the card, a Queen of Diamonds) while Sam just gets hit. DJ and Daffy run for it, hop in their car...and then just run, because the geo fell apart. Meanwhile, kate and Bugs have finally gotten into town, and they run into Daffy...or at least, they hit him like a windshield and a bug. DJ shoves Kate over, starts driving, and after a chase, manages to find a wall, which they then avoid by...flying? Yup, the car starts flying and says it will reach Mother in ten minutes...until DJ cuts the transmission, making them fall to the ground, until the car runs out of gas three feet from the ground, letting it stay there until Kate pointout the illogic of this. Later, the quartet are gathered around a fire with Daffy again complaining about his position in life to Bugs, and DJ and Kate talking about his father. next morning, we see Wile E. Coyote chasing Road Runner until a cactus phone rings. he answers it and listens to what the Chairman (who just finished yelling at Sam) has to say.

back with our heroes, their wandering in the desert the way the car was headed...well, three of them are. Daffy has instead chosen to cling to Kate's shoe and bewail his certain doom...until the four see a very convincing looking Wal-mart. Bugs and Daffy head for it, and the following exchange takes place between DJ and Kate:

DJ: Was this your idea?
Kate: Yeah, well...uh...the audience expects it.

Anyway, they come out of Wal-Mart later and continue their journey just as Wile E. finishes setting up a missile launcher. He aims it at the four, who at this point are arguing over whether or not DJ goes on alone while the others go back to LA, fires...and of course...gets hit by the missile, which then explodes. As for the others, they continue on together and come to...a rock wall. DJ steps forward, and disappears. While everyone else looks around, DJ's head pokes out of thin air and tells them to come in. They do, and suddenly an alarm goes off and their attacked by a big alien, who is then captured in a giant claw and placed in a jar next to some others, one of which contains Marvin the Martian. An army surrounds them and turns Daffy into a pile of Goo before the one known as "Mother" (Joan Cusack) can stop them. She calls off the guards and takes DJ around, explaining they're in area 52,which Area 51 is a cover for. She also gives DJ some rocket pants that theoretically let him fly up, and a phone-cum-grappling-hook-cum-GPA-device-cum-laser-gun-cum-Game-Boy. She also says something about the card ("The picture is the window to the key" or something like that -- I don't know, she hated talking that way too) and that the Lourve in France should be the next stop, since the face on the Queen is the Mona Lisa. While she's talking Marvin gets a call from the chairman, and he breaks out himself and all the other aliens and monsters that are being held captive. They find the room DJ and the others are in and start going crazy, but DJ and the others just barely make it out of there, and head for France.

In France, the foursome are in the Lourve. They find the Mona Lisa and DJ figures out that the back of the card peels up to become some kind of window. They look at the Mona Lisa through it and see a map of Africa. Kate tries to take a picture of it, but Daffy keeps getting in the way. She gets the picture, though, and as they're leaving, they bump into Elmer Fudd, who's also working for the Chairman. Bugs and Daffy lead him off and through some paintings (a great moment, especially when they're in that one painting by M.C. Escher, "Melting Clocks") while DJ and Kate run off and watch. While they're watching, though, Kate gets kidnapped by the Chairman's thug, and DJ gives chase to him, ending up at the Eiffel tower with no pants on (the rocket pants didn't quite work). He steals some pants from one of the three bears, and heads to the top of the tower, where a helicopter is waiting for the thug. He takes the camera, throws down Kate and leaps for a ladder, but Kate jumps onto him just as DJ gets to the roof. She falls, and DJ leaps after her, doing a little Superman pose. He catches her, uses the grappling hook, swings by a flowerstand, and lands in a restaurant where Bugs and Daffy are waiting with the card. This turns out to be good, since when the Chairman tries to view it later, Daffy's head is in the way. Flustered, he turns to his last remaining weapon...the Tasmanian Devil (voiced By Brendan Fraser -- cool, eh?)

In Africa, Bugs, Daffy, Kate, and DJ are slowly making their way through the jungle. Suddenly, they hear someone come up behind them and it's Granny, Sylvester and Tweety. Granny offers them a ride, which they gladly take.

hey get to the temple and find a little stone monkey. Daffy picks it up, saying he expected a big rock, and then he gets crushed by a big rock (moral: be careful what you wish for). Kate sees a place for the little monkey on another rock that rotates, and she puts the monkey in, turns the wheel, and reveals the blue monkey. Daffy races for it, but is held back by DJ, who picks it up and is transformed into a monkey (that's why it's so special -- it changes people into monkeys and back again). Daffy changes DJ back, and just as they're leaving, Granny, Sylvester, and Tweety show up. Only it's not them, it's really the Chairman, the thug, and Taz. Only it's not the Chairman, it's Drake. Only it's not Drake, it's Michael Jordan (Remember Space Jam?). Only it's not Michael Jordan, it's the Chairman, who takes them all to ACME HQ, where they learn the Chairman's plan (turn people into monkeys using his satellite, have them build ACME products, change them back, have them buy ACME products that don't work, change them again, etc.). Marvin the Martian gets the diamond and is told to take it to the satellite. He leaves, but is soon followed by Daffy, who is relieved that Bugs isn't around....until Bugs pops his head in from beneath the dash. Back on Earth, DJ and Kate are tied up to a winch and struggling to get loose. One of them pulls a ribbon that makes the ropes fall off. they jump down, but that makes a crate break open containing a very large mechanical guard dog, which is guarding DJ's dad...on some railroad tracks...with a ton of dynamite surrounding him and a train driven by Wile E. bearing down on him. While DJ and Kate fight the dog on Earth, Bugs and "Duck Dodgers" are fighting Marvin. Eventually, DJ gets past the dog and does a diving-rescue of his father while Bugs defeats Marvin and Daffy gets the jewel out, but not before it gets off a single shot...which actually hits the chairman, so no real harm done. The monkey chairman is arrested by Drake just before Bugs and Daffy crash into the ACME office in their rented ship. As everyone walks out of the office, Kate tells Drake that she is a really big fan of...his son, and Bugs tries one last time to convince Daffy to keep working together. Daffy scoffs and says he'll never work with Daffy again. then we hear a voice yell, "Cut!" and we see (to Daffy's surprise) that it's all just a movie set that Daffy had been tricked into filming. We pan left to see Kate and DJ walking, and they pass Brendan Fraser surrounded by hangers on. Brendan mocks DJ a little, and an instant later is on the floor after DJ punches him. Daffy, meanwhile, is now saying that he and bugs should be equal partners, and bugs agrees while getting armloads of carrots loaded into his limo complete with hot tub and security guard. the limo drives off, and Daffy starts walking when suddenly a spotlight falls right next to him. he looks at it, smiles, and walks off, thinking his luck has finally changed...and gets the merry melodies logo dropped on him. We see it from the top and hear the following last bit:

Porky: Ath-th-the-the-thee-thee-thee-a-thee-thee-thee-thee-
Lighting tech: Good night, Porky.
Porky:A-thee-thee-the, aw go home, folks.


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