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The movie starts out with a few shots of an urban neighborhood and then cuts to Curtis Plummer (Ice Cube). He opens a box labeled "Get Outta Minden Fund" and takes some money out, gazing longingly at a postcard from Miami, Florida.

The next scene shows him outside of a church, where a sermon is taking place, which cuts back and forth between his travels around the neighborhood, which includes a convenience store and a pee wee football game, as well as a teenage schoolgirl (Keke Palmer) in the church.

Curtis is then approached by a friend of his, Coach Fisher (Matt Craven), who asks him if he wants to coach football, but Curtis declines. The friend then asks if he's too busy with his beer drinking. Curtis ignores the comment, but agrees to go over to his house where his wife will make him dinner later in the week.

The young girl from the church is reading a book in her school cafeteria when a schoolmate (Debby Ryan) approaches her and asks her why she's always reading a book. ("Is this the nerds table or something?") The girl is asked if she double dutches and when she says yes, she gets an invite to take part in it with the other girls. However, they stand her up and she, upset, throws rocks around outside.

Back home, her mother (Tasha Smith) asks how school was and she says it was fine. Her mom then says that she's taking a longer shift at work so she should find something to do after school, like a club.

At school, she looks over a list of clubs and signs up on one clipboard when the girl from the day before tries to explain why she stood her up. The girl from the church is referred to as Jasmine at this point. She says the plans got mixed up and she should come hang out with her friends.

The girl leads Jasmine over, where her friends are outside of the bathroom. She says that there's a problem with the girls' bathroom and that because her last name is Plummer, she figures Jasmine can fix the toilet and hands her a plunger as the other kids cackle around her. Jasmine is horrified and walks away, visibly disappointed.

Jasmine comes home and relates to her mom how school was, begging her to let her stay home herself. Her mother, Claire, takes it upon herself to speak with Jasmine's uncle, Curtis, who hasn't heard from his brother either. She asks Curtis to look after Jasmine after school because she knows he isn't working. Curtis goes to walk away, but Claire reminds him of his mother's past situation. All she asks is that, for five bucks an hour, he picks her up from school and watches over her.

The next day, Curtis waits outside of school for Jasmine. Jasmine sees him, but walks by him. Walking home, he tries to talk to her, but they don't see eye to eye on her studying habits. Out of nowhere, Jasmine takes off running through the woods, leaving her uncle to chase her.

Upon her return, Claire speaks to Jasmine and gets mad that Curtis didn't give her dinner. During their conversation, it is revealed that Jasmine's father bailed, but gave her a watch before he left. She wears it 24 hours, hoping he returns.

The next day, they walk the railroad tracks again, and Curtis tries to get through to her. Jasmine asks why he carries around a football all day. She tells him that he smells because he doesn't wash his clothes and that she's embarrassed to be seen with him. She tries to walk away, but Curtis says he is stuck with her because her father didn't want to be. Upset, Jasmine runs away from him.

Once again, Curtis waits for Jasmine outside of school. However, a teacher opens the door and asks who he's there for. When he replies Jasmine, he is brought into the class for career day and his niece gets very upset and nervous that he's there. Curtis tells the class that he does a lot of things that are business endeavors. A kid in the class accuses him of being a scam artist and he reacts poorly. The teacher then walks him out of the classroom and Jasmine is clearly upset.

Jasmine meets up with him after school, annoyed at his performance in class. On the way home, Curtis brings her by a park where he and the reverend toss around a football. He asks why he doesn't come by church anymore, but Curtis doesn't respond. On a missed pass, the ball lands at Jasmine's feet and Curtis asks her to throw it back. She does so, throwing a perfect, accurate spiraling pass.

On the way home from the park, he asks her about participating in sports. She says she wants to be a model and he laughs, but then explains she doesn't seem like a typical model with a nose in her book. While they watch the Tyra Banks Show, he continues to press her about football, but she'd rather watch the show. Knowing he won't stop, she agrees to toss around the ball in order to shut him up.

Her first pass goes wide, as she doesn't seem to care much. The second pass narrowly misses, so Curtis begins to show her how to properly throw a ball and run plays. She hits him on the first play, but then disappears inside afterwards.

Outside of school, Curtis waits for her in clean clothes, consisting of a football jersey, with a football for toss. Jasmine agrees to be taught how to be a proper quarterback. First, she learns how to spiral a ball and grip it. Next, she learns the footwork. On the first try, she throws it perfectly.

The next day, they practice on a field with celebrity female targets consisting of Beyonce, Foxxy Brown, and her idol, Tyra Banks. In succession, she hits each one and starts throwing audibles to Curtis behind the posters. For the first time in the movie, Jasmine smiles.

Back at Curtis's house, they sit around and goof off. Jasmine is surprised when she finds that he's been reading one of her books. She tells him that she's read it twice and that he can have it, then looks through his yearbooks. She notices that he was a football player and Curtis points out pictures of her father in there too, which upsets her. Curtis takes away the book and then brings her home.

After watching a school football practice, he approaches his niece with the idea of trying out for the team. After a lot of persuasion, which entails a bribe of her uncle asking her teacher out on a date, she agrees. He tells her she's not a girl; she's a football player.

Curtis approaches the coach of the team whom he was speaking to earlier in the movie as Jasmine stands by his side. The boys trying out make fun of her and she recognizes one as a friend of her cruel classmate. Curtis tells the coach he might have a solution to his talent problem on his team. When he says that it's a boy's league and20they already have a quarterback, Curtis tries to fight for her. The coach accuses him of trying to live vicariously through his niece and Jasmine tries to walk away, but her uncle won't let her. Instead, he shows off her passing skills down field. This catches the attention of the coaches and they agree to try her out against their current quarterback. Her accuracy impresses them in the tryout. The coach finally agrees to let her play.

Claire, on the other hand, isn't nearly as thrilled by her choice of after school activity, but she lets her try it anyway.

On a practice day, Coach Fisher brings her into the storage room that will act as her locker room and when he goes to bring her a jersey, she requests number eleven. Jasmine struggles to get dressed, but after a lot of effort, she manages to get it together and Curtis is amused.

The coach asks when Curtis is going to join them on the field and he, in turn, asks when Jasmine is going to get some time to practice. Some of his friends from the park also down on their luck, want to know the same. One asks, "Are you afraid that she'll make them look like pansies?" Then they screw up a play badly and the other replies, "Oops, too late."

Finally, they let her practice and the assistant coach seems excited, while the other QB does not, nor does the other players. Intentionally, they set her up to be sacked and she gets upset, but presses on. Once again, she gets sacked, but number 88 helps her up and informs her they're doing it on purpose. The next time, she throws one right at the player's crotch as he tries to sack her.

The next day, Curtis goes down to her school and asks her teacher, Ms. Macer, to come watch her play with the team. After she says she likes football, he says that he'll pick her up at noon. She asks him if he's asking her out, and he dodges the question, but she agrees anyway.

After a practice with Curtis, she advises him on how to dress for his date with her teacher. She tells him not to try to hard and to compliment her.

Back in the locker room, the assistant coach asks her to take off the watch so that he can tape her wrists. She tells him to tape over it.

Meanwhile, as Claire, Curtis, and her teacher watch, the coach refuses to play Jasmine. Jasmine is upset and Curtis assures her she'll just have to wait until they're forced to.

Now 0-3 on the season, Jasmine is forced to sit out another game as her uncle and mother watch, along with his friends. This time, Curtis calls Coach Jerry Fisher, the head coach of the Browns, the team she plays for. In order to get him to stop yelling, Fisher puts Jasmine in the game, which amuses the opposing team.

Teased by her own teammate, she stands up to him and runs the first play. Jasmine throws a bullet to another teammate for a touchdown, causing her team to cheer. For the rest of the game, she is QB and the team is nice to her. They even tell her that if she'd played the whole game, instead of the last nine minutes, she'd actually have given them a shot ay winning.

In the meantime, Curtis works hard to promote his niece's game as he continues to train her and build her agility and endurance. 

In her first start, the Browns are trailing by three with eighteen seconds left in the game. Jasmine throws a perfect pass that results in a game-winning touchdown. In her private locker room, Jasmine celebrates.

Jasmine begins to practice with the team full time and in a funny moment, hits the Gatorade cups in front of the mean schoolgirl from before. At the games, she begins to draw a crowd because of her accomplishments.

In her next start, an opposing player hits her and knocks her down, but her team helps pick her up.  On the next play, she completes a pass. Even the former QB is nice to her. They win their second game in a row, now 2-4 on the season.

At a team dinner, the mean girls from earlier show up and ask the guys what Jasmine is doing there. They say she's part of the team and make jokes about the girls in defense of their teammate. Still cruel to her, they leave and the boys try to make her feel better.

Curtis brings Ms. Macer to the curb in which he had his accident that wrecked his knee and dreams of professional football. He explains that after he got hurt, he had to work in a factory and fell on some hard times when it closed.

The news stations around the state begin to pick up Jasmine's story, as well.

Coach Fisher gathers the team and tells them that they have two more games ahead of them and need to win both. After sending them to the end of the field, Fisher's breathing grows labored and he collapses. The assistant coach shows up at Curtis's door and tells him that while Fisher is okay, he can't coach anymore. Jerry asked the A.C to coach the team, but he needs Curtis to help him. Curtis doesn't want to because it reminds him too much of his injury, but the coach informs him that they play their next opponent, who is the best in the league, in three days and leaves.

Looking at the football field, a homeless friend from earlier asks him why he's running. He's too young to be sad over this. Curtis thinks this over as he leaves.

The next day, Curtis shows up and assumes his role as assistant coach and asks for a whistle. He starts to train the team, putting them through various drills. The A.C manages to find him a whistle and they press on through the streets of Minden to cheers and applause.

In the next playoff game, the ground is muddy from rain and hard to play in. But in running a trick play, they manage to win the game and the team celebrates.

Meanwhile, news stations start attending practices and paint the town in a poor light. The reverend gets upset with the way they're described and suggest that they try and improve the town the best they can. The town starts to clean up the garbage in the parks, paint the storefronts, and fix the streets. 

At the practice, Curtis makes kids take his or her turns at showing their touchdown dance to lighten the mood in a pretty funny scene. But when he goes to show his own dance, he merely hands Jasmine, acting as the ref, the ball in a show of sportsmanship and urges his team to do the same. In the next game, they do just that... and after their win, they're officially heading to the Superbowl.

During the post-game celebration on the field, a man calls to Curtis. Turns out, it's Jasmine's father. But Curtis isn't happy to see him, upset with him for showing up only when she was successful and it was convenient for him, five years later. Just as he's telling him off, Jasmine catches sight of her dad and is happy to see him. He tells her that she reminds him of himself out on the field and takes her out to celebrate.

At the restaurant, she tells him how much she likes football. Her dad tells him how he taught Curtis everything he knows. Claire, a waitress at the restaurant, clearly is not happy with his arrival.

Curtis arrives at the church, where they're meeting about the Pop Warner football requirements for the Superbowl. Apparently, they have to pay for it all themselves. So at the church, all of the residents of the town give up money and prized possessions to fundraise. Curtis returns to the church with his "Get Outta Minden Fund" and it puts the total over the top.

At the Superbowl, they have to play the champions for last year. The stands are filled with the opposing team's fans, but Minden's side is empty. The residents are too poor to travel there.

In the locker room, Curtis tells the team that they're going to win because they're from Minden... and nobody has heart like the people from their town. He emphasizes a fight and teamwork before they head for the field.

On the first play, Jasmine throws an interception and struggles throughout the half, unable to focus.

Back in the locker room, Curtis approaches Jasmine and she asks him why her father didn't show. She tries to make excuses, but Curtis tries to give it to her straight, assuring her that all her father does is run from his problems. He says that out of all his mistakes, the worst one was leaving her... and that he'll never make that mistake. He tells her not to worry about what's going on in the stands, but to worry about what's going on, on the field.

After returning to the field, Jasmine regains her confidence and begins to dominate.  They're completing passes and running great plays, including a fake-out (Statue of Liberty) that leads to a touchdown to come within a few points.

On a punt, with eight seconds left, the team blocks the kick close to the end zone. With time left for only one play, Jasmine runs the ball and then throws a pass to the end zone, but it is dropped and Minden loses.

As they go to the bus for the ride home, a pair of Miami Pop Warner officials approaches him about heading up the program in Miami, as Jasmine looks on.

On the ride home, the mean girl turns around and mouths to Jasmine, "I'm sorry."

Jasmine confronts Curtis about the job, but he tells her he's not going to take the job. Even though it's a dream of his, he says he's been there now and it's a great place to visit, but it's not home.

Upon returning to Minden, a large crowd of people greets them, cheering them all on. Jasmine gets off the bus and sees her mom, who tells her that she'd proud of her despite the fact that they lost. The team invigorated the town.

Ms. Macer greets Curtis, Fisher greets his son and tells him how proud he is off him, and Curtis tosses him the game ball.

All of a sudden, Jasmine's dad shows up and apologizes for not being able to make the game, but says he watched the highlights and she looked amazing. Curtis tells him to leave her alone, but his brother says it's not his fight and asks Jasmine to go with him. Instead, she hands over the watch and takes Curtis' hand instead of her dad's. He walks away and Jasmine hugs Curtis, a little overwhelmed by the turn of events.

As the movie concludes, the people of Minden celebrate in the streets.

The credits roll and state that Jasmine Plummer is the first female quarterback to ever play in the Pop Warner Super Bowl.