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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Satchmo, publisher of Dr. Wuss

David Gale (Kevin Spacey) is a former college professor who is on death row for raping and murdering another professor. Kate Winslet is a reporter sent out to get his story. Gale is a big opposer of the death penalty, so its ironic that he's there.

We flash back and see he was recently charged with the rape of a student, but the charges were dropped. His wife leaves him and takes his son, and he spirals into depression and drinking, his only companion a fellow professor, the one who he is charged with killing. They get closer, Gale moves in with her and he finds out she is dying, she has leukemia.

They eventually sleep together, just for good measure.

One night Gale goes on a bender and passes out in his old front yard. When he returns home he finds her dead. She was naked, with her hands cuffed behind her head and a plastic bag taped around her head. There was a tripod there, as if someone had taped it, but no tape was ever found. While investigating the story, someone leaves a tape of the professor's murder in Kate's hotel room. No one can be seen but the naked woman dying on the floor.

Kate Winslet and her cameraman visit the house where the professor was murdered, and Kate decides to try it, she cuffs herself and puts a bag over her head. After a while the cameraman rescues her and they figure out that the professor killed herself. They had taped Kate's little reenactment, and the way the professor had struggled proved it. They know there was some scruffy guy who had kind of had a crush on the professor who had probably helped her, and Kate has to get that tape.

She gets to his little trailer and finds a tape. Apparently the plan had been since she was going to die anyway, she was going to do it this way, to make it look like David did it, to prove that the system is flawed and that innocent people get sentenced to death, and at the last minute they were going to show the tape, but the scruffy guy changed his mind.

Kate tries to get the tape to the prison to get Gale released, but is too late, and he dies.

After the fact the video is aired on national television, proving his innocence all too late. Later on the scruffy guy delivers the fee paid to get the "exclusive interview to Gale's ex-wife and son. Kate Winslet receives a package with a tape that says 'off the record'. The tape is the suicide again, but it reveals that Gale was there. This was the plan all along, to make a martyr of himself to show they execute innocent people.


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