Sweet Home Alabama

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The movie begins as Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is planning her wedding to Emmett (Luke Wilson). She realizes one minor detail is missing on her guest list, her dog Bruiser's biological mother. She hires a private investigator to search for her in time to invite her to the wedding. It turns out that she is in a V.E.R.S.A.C.E headquarters (or a makeup - animal testing facility).

Now that she is working for a very prestigious law firm, she presents her case to take on this company. After being mocked and laughed at as her law firm represents this company, she decides she cannot work for a law firm like this.

After realizing she's been fired, she calls one of her intern connections from Harvard, her old friend U.S. Rep. Victoria Rudd (Sally Field). She gets the job to assist Rep. Rudd to draft new laws to present to the committees.

She has several struggles however with some of the other co-workers and her blonde manners. She does not seem to fit in once again and tries to convince people that animal testing is cruelty.

Frustrated by being set back by the congressional progress, she meets a very helpful doorman who knows some inside tips. Realizing that she needs to do things the Elle Woods way, she begins her campaigning to some of the Senators in the committee. The harshest one being also a Delta Nu ends up her biggest supporter, also, the most conservative, also head of the NRA congressman backs her up when they realize in a freak accident that their dogs are gay and in love with each other.

Her bill is in and she moves for the bill to be passed to the house of Representatives when all of a sudden, the bill's supporter Rep. Rudd decides she does not want to back up this proposition any longer, and the bill is dropped.

What she didn't tell Elle is that her biggest financial supporter has stock in this company and if she continues with this bill, they will stop all financial reinforcements.

Discouraged by the politics of it all, Elle decides to go back home. Her co-workers however, do not give up on her. They quit their jobs and make it a personal campaign to get her bill passed . They are amazed at her accomplishments so far seeing as they have never come that far. They can still pull the bill out by presenting it to the floor and getting 218 signatures to her bill.

She calls in all her Delta Nu's and they set up a call out system. They create a million dog march in protest of no such law that protects animals, and also some pretty wild ideas to getting these signatures. On the last day, they get pretty desperate with still one hundred signatures left.

She finally confronts Rep. Rudd before her interview with the news and she confesses to her plot against Elle.

Elle tells her to do the right thing and will not blackmail her congresswoman. Just as all hope was gone, one of the congresswoman's assistants has overheard their conversation and stolen the tape from the news with her confession. Seeing as only speeches are given on the last day, she tells Elle that she will be addressing the committee that night. Instead of her planned Bruiser's Bill speech, she decides to give them a guilt trip speech.

Everything from the corrupted system to animals can't speak for themselves.

The bill barely passes to the last vote coming from Rep. Rudd and all the animals are set free.

Elle has her wedding and Bruiser is reunited with his mother.

Emmett asks Elle where she wants to live and as they drive by the White House Elle looks into the camera and winks.

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