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Kate Hudson plays Isabel Walker, an American who's traveling to France to visit her sister Roxy (Naomi Watts) who is pregnant.

However, Roxy's French painter husband is leaving her just as Isabel arrives. Roxy is devastated but her husband has fallen in love with an obnoxious Russian woman, Magda, and he barely wants to deal with Roxy or their daughter.

Isabel in the meantime, meets Roxy's in-laws, including the very grand mother in law (Leslie Caron) and her brother, a dashing older gentleman who's always on TV commenting on current affairs. The mother in law and other female relatives criticize Roxy for being upset that her husband has left, they think she should be more French and take it all in stride and have better manners and serve sugar in cubes instead of granulated.

Isabel begins an affair with the mother in law's brother, Edgar, who always begins his affairs by giving the girl a Kelly bag (lovely and tres expensive) and ends it by giving the girl a scarf (important later) - in the meantime Isabel had been dating a young man who works for Glenn Close's character, a writer called Olivia Pace, but she is also carrying on the affair with the older man and enjoying all the restaurants he takes her to, and she completely transforms herself into a French sophisticate. Olivia Pace was also an affair of Edgar in her younger days so she knows what's going to happen and she is very kind to Isabel. Isabel wears the kelly bag everywhere, and Roxy's mother in law sees it one day and figures out her brother is sleeping with Isabel. Since there is the divorce of Roxy and her husband going on, the family in concerned this is going to muddle things and try to talk to him, but he carries on the affair.

Meanwhile, there is a painting that Roxy brought to France, it had been in her family for ages but no one appreciated it, and now that her husband wants a divorce, he wants to count it as part of their property and get half of it. Roxy and her fmaily say the painting is theirs but the situation is complicated by the fact that the painting may actually be really famous, by George de la Tour, and worth much more than anyone thought.

Magda's husband (Matthew Modine) begins stalking his wife, he's half mad and tries to get Roxy to sleep with him so they can also "screw" their spouses, but she hits him with her purse. He's a total loony and gets fixated on Roxy and Isabel, because of their connection to the man who's screwing his wife.

Roxy is in despair and tries to kill herself and her parents comes over from America. The husband berates her for not thinking of anyone else or the baby, and Roxy has actually started to fall in love with her attorney, who is very nice. Roxy's family meets the in-laws, and the mother in law takes an opportunity to tell Roxy and Isabel's mother (Stockard Channing) that Isabel is having the affair with the uncle.

Roxy's husband is found dead and Roxy goes into labor from the shock. Magda's husband, the one who killed him, goes to the Eiffel tower, following Isabel and the relatives, he pulls out a gun but finally slides it over to them and he ends up in a French prison.

The older uncle, Edgar, and Olivia Pace meet at the store right as he is buying a scarf. Olivia knows what it means and knows his affair with Isabel is over, and she is also buying something for her, since Isabel was helping Olivia with some papers, so they decide to buy the same scarf so Isabel can return one and get something she really wants. Edgar ends the affair.

The painting is indeed a George de la Tour and sells for over 2 million euro at auction. Roxy makes a new life for her and her baby, with the kind attorney, and starts a foundation named after the painting.


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