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Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) is walking around an airport in Wichita looking around. He stops in a gift store and decides to choose a little figurine of a knight as a gift. He looks out of the window and sees June Haven (Cameron Diaz) clumsily moving around with her broken luggage bag. The two crash into one another and Roy politely brushes off the incident. June is apologetic and goes to change her flight to an earlier one.

June is forced to go through all of her luggage at the check in. She explains that there are numerous car parts since she works in a garage and is currently in the process of restoring a GTO for her sister’s wedding in Boston. The guard lets her through and she heads towards the gate where she bumps into Roy again. He comments on the fact that they are making a habit of bumping into one another. She gets to the check in desk and is told that she will not be able to make the flight since there are no seats. Roy tells her that everything happens for a reason and goes to board the plane. Somewhere in Wichita, Agent John Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) reviews footage of Roy bumping into June and thinks that June is an accomplice. He has her put on the plane.

Roy is surprised to see June on the (barely filled) plane and recognizes that he is on a plane full of operatives. The two make idle chit chat and June opens up about her life to Roy. Roy expresses his regret that he knows there are many things he will never get to do in his life, but leaves an impression on June. The plane hits turbulence and June spills her drink on her shirt. Roy awkwardly escorts her to the bathroom. While she is in the bathroom talking to herself in the mirror about how much of an impression he left on her, Roy fights all of the agents on board. After killing almost everyone, the pilot comes out to apprehend him but Roy shoots him. The Pilot shoots the co-pilot and the plane is left without anyone to fly it.

June comes out of the bathroom to find everyone seated and Roy holding two drinks. He gives her one and she kisses him passionately on the lips. He’s surprised and then she asks why the pilots are gone. Roy tells her that he killed one and the other accidently shot the copilot, but June just laughs because she thinks he’s joking…until he walks into the cockpit and she realizes she is in a plane full of corpses. She follows Roy into the cockpit and he has her strap in. They make an emergency landing in a field and Roy gets June out of the plane along with her luggage before it explodes. He gives her a drug that will put her to sleep and he gives her instructions: If men come and ask about him, she should just run. Especially if they say that are taking her somewhere safe and secure, since that means they will kill her. If asked if they met, deny it. June passes out.

June wakes up in her apartment in her clothes. She thinks that she dreamed the entire encounter until she finds post it notes from Roy. He left her an omelet for breakfast and a post-it note on the door reminding her of what he told her. Her ex-boyfriend, firefighter Rodney stops by to check up on her to make sure she’s alive since the plane crash was in the news. She tells him she’s had a weird night and that she has to go to her sister’s dress fitting in an hour.

At the fighting, her sister (Maggie Grace) asks if they can sell the GTO that belonged to their father. June is offended by this but doesn’t get the chance to follow up due to the arrival of Agent Fitzgerald. He and his men pull her out of the building to escort her somewhere. Fitzgerald asks her numerous questions about Roy before having his right hand man take her in another car to a “secure” location. She gets in the car with them but starts to worry about whether or not she did the wrong thing.

As they are driving, Roy arrives and shoots the two people in the front of the car. The right hand man jumps out of the car and rolls into traffic as the car speeds down the Tobin Bridge. June maneuvers the car as Roy struggles to get inside, jumping on car roofs while shooting in order to keep June safe. He kills most of the guards and then June freaks out and asks him to stop killing people. Once they’ve stopped the car, Roy grabs a machine gun from the trunk and goes to kill the remaining men. June takes this opportunity to run away and get on a bus. Roy jumps on the bus roof and ends up on the same bus. When he waves to June, she jumps off the bus and runs away.

Rodney and June meet up at a coffee shop where June tells him everything that happened. Rodney thinks it’s just stress over her sister getting married and tells her that maybe she’s freaking out because she didn’t accept his proposal when he presented her with the ring. Roy arrives during this exchange and June starts freaking out. Rodney and Roy make small talk over Rodney trying to get his lieutenant’s rank until June says “he’s the guy.” Roy apologizes and tells him to stay in the booth and handcuffs June. He pulls her up and pulls his gun out saying “nobody moves or follows or I kill myself and then her.” Rodney follows them out of the building and Roy shoots him threw the leg, telling him that he’ll be alright and that it’s just a flesh wound. Roy and June drive away. He explains that he did this to make it clear that June is his hostage, hoping to help her eventually get back to her civilian life.

He goes to Logan airport and gets another car and tells June that she has a much better chance of survival with him than without him. He tells her that every minute he wastes protecting her is another minute he doesn’t have to save “him.” He guilts her into continuing on their adventure and the two go to a gas station. They sneak onto a dealership truck to make their way back to Wichita. As they prepare to sleep, Roy explains what happened: In Wichita, Fitzgerald and Roy were assigned to protect a genius named Simon Feck who created a perpetual energy battery called the Zephyr which could power a small city. Roy discovered that Fitzgerald was planning on killing Feck and selling the Zephyr, so Roy hid Simon and stole the Zephyr. In retaliation, Fitzgerald burned Roy and made it look like he’d gone rogue.

The two arrive at the safe house Roy made for Simon (a shipping container) and discover that he’s gone. June plays with Roy’s gun as men belonging to a weapons dealer named Antonio surround her. Roy discovers a message from Simon hidden among random equations written inside the container. Roy pulls June out of the way when he sees the soldiers and throws a grenade into the container so that no one can read the message. As Roy fights the men, he realizes that June isn’t coping well and gives her a knock out drug. As she drifts in and out of consciousness we witness clips of several events from the comatose June’s perspective: their capture, their escape, a helicopter flight and an emergency crash into the ocean.

June wakes up in a bikini on a beach. Roy has brought her to an island that is off the grid and tells her that no one will be able to find them. She freaks out and decides to leave when she asks how she got into the bikini. She gets a call from her sister but loses the signal instantly. She notices Roy’s phone going off and sees surveillance on a specific house in Massachusetts. When she returns, she gives the phone to Roy and he explains his phone is untraceable. However, Antonio is able to see the call on June’s phone and sends a plane to bomb the island. Roy doesn’t know how they found the island since it was his secret. June tells him and he takes her to a secret helicopter he stashed away. He knocks her out for the flight and she wakes up on a train in Austria.

Roy tells Simon (Paul Dano) that it was clever to use the passport he gave him to go to the Alps. He tells Simon that he has the Zephyr and Simon notices that the battery is slightly warmer than it should be. June goes and orders breakfast and bumps into a man who she thinks is Simon. When he asks if they are waiting to meet up with Roy and denying having seen him, June notices a post-it note from Roy that says he’s with Simon. She runs to the kitchen train cart and the assassin kills the cook. He tries to push June’s head into a fry cooker but she escapes using techniques she learned from Roy. Roy and Simon arrive and Roy fights the Assassin. The Assassin kicks Roy’s ass until June accidentally whips a knife into the Assassin’s chest. He goes to kill June but Roy kicks him through the window. The Assassin hangs onto a bunch of wieners, but is killed by a train coming from the opposite direction.

Fitzgerald arrives at the crime scene at the next station and examines the cart. He sees a message left to taunt him from Roy and is able to see him for a second before he disappears. Roy checks Simon and June into a hotel in Austria and goes to meet with a woman. June notices Roy on the phone with her and follows him.  She overhears Roy talking to the woman about her and that to Roy she is no one. He is talking to Antonio through the woman’s head set and makes a deal to sell the Zephyr for money. Horrified, June runs away and runs into Fitzgerald’s second in command who takes her to the CIA’s mobile command unit. The Director (Viola Davis) explains that Roy has been brainwashing her with lies and is actually a turncoat. Fitzgerald gives June a pen that she must press only when she knows Roy and the Zephyr are in the same location.

At the hotel, June confronts Roy about the meeting. She presses the pen and he tells her that hurt a lot more than he thought it would. He recovers the noticeable warm Zephyr from an ice bowl and escapes through a window as the CIA burst in. He escapes on the rooftops and fires at agents before he is hit and falls into the water. The Director has Simon apprehended and sends June home, telling her that they have to find Roy’s body since the Zephyr was on him when he fell.

June arrives home and slowly realizes that Roy might be alive. She finishes up the GTO and goes out to the address Roy was surveying, thinking it’s a safe house. She instead finds his parents. For years they thought their son, Matthew Knight, was killed in the Desert Storm. Over the years they have become wealthy having won numerous contests (Roy having sent his money to them in a covert manner). June apologizes for intruding on their lives and leaves. She impulsively calls her own phone and leaves a message to whoever is listening that she has the Zephyr and gives them a location to find her. Antonio’s men capture her and fly her to Spain.

Fitzgerald and his right hand man drive Simon to an undisclosed location in Germany but the second in command is alarmed when Fitzgerald makes a wrong turn. Fitzgerald kills him and puts Simon in the trunk. He calls Antonio and tells him that even though he didn’t get the battery, he has the next best thing.

Antonio introduces himself to June and gives her a truth serum which makes her incredibly high. She blabbers about how much she loves Roy and explains that she got caught to find him. Antonio tells her to shut up because Roy is dead. He tells his henchmen to kill June and goes to meet with Fitzgerald.

Roy follows Simon via a trace signal and locates Antonio’s house. He sees June on the balcony being escorted to her execution and decides to intervene as Antonio and Fitzgerald drive away to make the exchange. Roy takes out all of Antonio’s men and rescues June. She comments on how the truth serum makes her horny and then says that Roy doesn’t seem happy to see her. He stops shooting and kisses her passionately before telling her he’s happy. They get on a motorcycle and pursue Antonio and Fitzgerald through the streets of Spain during the running of the bull. Bulls kill Antonio by ramming into his car and the rest of his men are systematically killed by Roy and June.

Roy follows the trace to a bridge and jumps onto the docks below to confront Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald takes the Zephyr and prepares to leave to find a new buyer on a water capable plane. Simon complains about the unstable nature of the battery and says he’ll make another one, so Fitzgerald prepares to shoot him. Roy takes the bullet for Simon and tells Simon it’s all going to be ok.  June arrives as Fitzgerald and his pilot fly away. Fitzgerald takes the battery out and it burns him. Its outer shell melts away and the battery explodes, destroying the plane and killing everyone on board. Roy smiles and collapses as June comes to his side. He calls her beautiful and closes his eyes.

When he wakes up the Director apologizes for what happened. She tells Roy that she sent June home and that the only reason he’s of value is because he has goals. She tells him that he can’t be distracted and tells him that he’s going to be shipped away to a facility to recover. A nurse comes in and gives Roy medicine and it’s revealed to be June. Roy passes out during the escape and wakes up in the GTO. June tells him that they are going to live out one of his dreams that he thought he’d never do: drive straight to Cape Horn. He’s happy for once and the two drive off together.

The film ends with the Knights receiving tickets to Cape Horn, courtesy of June and Roy, allowing them to meet up with their son after all those years.

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Roy has been telling the truth the entire time and he and June escape to South America where he'll be reunited with his parents who thought he died 20 years ago.

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