Must Die


Once Upon
A Time
In China


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Jet Li is a police officer from China and he is on assignment in Paris to assist a French policeman named Richard. He takes Jet's gun saying he won't be needing it here. The case involves a man from China who is running heroin.

Jet Li is staying in Chinatown with a man who makes chips (crackers).

Jet, Richard and a team of officers have the runner under observation at a high-class hotel. When the man is in the lobby, 2 hookers come in and go up to his room. One of the hookers is Bridget Fonda.

All the activities in the room are being videotaped and Jet and Richard are observing everything on video monitors.

Bridget can't go along with he activities and goes into the bathroom. During the sexual encounter the other hooker pulls needle from her hair and stabs the guy. Jet Li runs in to stop her. He uses an acupuncture needle to immobilize the hooker. He uses 2 more needles to calm the stabbed man.

Just then Richard walks into the room. He uses Jet's gun (which he confiscated earlier) to kill the hooker and man. Turns out that the heroin runner's connection is Richard.

Richard wants the murders blamed on Jet Li.

After a tremendous battle in which the hotel is shot up, Jet Li manages to escape with a videotape showing Richard murdering the heroin runner.

Bridget Fonda goes to see Richard and it turns out that she is being forced into prostitution because Richard has her daughter and won't give her back unless Bridget works the streets.

Bridget's spot on the street is right in front of the place that Jet Li is staying.

Jet doesn't recognize her because on the night of the murder she was wearing a wig.

Jet gets in touch with the Chinese embassy and is going to take the videotape to someone he knows there. They meet on one of the boats that tour the Seine.

The tape is actually passed but then the man is murdered and Richards's men get the tape. Once again, Jet makes a miraclous escape.

Back at Li's room, Bridget helps sew up a wound. After the wound is closed, her pimp comes in and Jet and he get into a fight. The fight draws the attraction of one of Richards's men who has been looking for Li. After a brutal battle, Li and Bridget escape.

After they escape, they begin to talk and finally discover that they were both there on the night of the murder.
Bridget explains to Li why she is involved in prostitution and Li agrees to help get her daughter back if Fonda will help get the videotape.

Fonda goes to Richard's office and tells him that she has left Li asleep in a restaurant. He and his men go to look for Li, leaving her alone in his office. She had been handcuffed but gets free and finds the tape.

Li wants to turn the tape in to the embassy again but Fonda says not until they rescue her daughter.

They go to the orphanage to get her daughter but one of Richard's men is waiting in the daughter's bed for them. Another huge fight takes place and Li and Fonda once again escape but this time, Fonda has been shot. Li carries her to an emergency room.

After surgery he tells Fonda that he's given the tape to the embassy and she is upset because she knows now that her daughter will be killed. Li puts her to sleep with an acupuncture needle and goes to the police station to get the daughter.

He manages to fight his way through dozens of policemen to get to Richard. Richard is holding a gun to Fonda's daughter's head. Richard says that he'll shoot her if he tries to move. Li says that by the time you shoot the daughter, I will have already killed you. Richard turns the gun and shoots Li, wounding him. With incredible speed, Li sticks an acupuncture needle in the back of Richard's neck, paralyzing him.

Li asks the daughter to leave the room and tells Richard that he has placed the needle in a spot called "Kiss of the Dragon" and it will prevent blood from flowing down from Richard's brain. The blood will collect in the brain and begin to flow out of his eyes, nose and ears. It will be a very painful death, which is graphically shown to us.

The last scene is Bridget waking up in the hospital with Jet Li by her side. She asks about her daughter and Jet looks over to a chair in the room where the daughter is sitting.


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