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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Michael Downey.

The movie opens with the Bride (Uma Therman), aka Black Mamba, driving down a road in a car. She explains to the audience how everyone on her hitlist is dead except Bill, who she is driving to right now. And when she gets there, she will kill him.

Then we do a flashback to the church in El Paso, five years ago. The Bride, her fiance Tom, and three young girl friends of theirs are talking to the reverend and his wife about the wedding. The wife sasses the Bride a bit and she goes out for some air and finds Bill (David Carradine),sitting outside, playing the flute. The Bride is surprised to see him, and somewhat nervous. They chat for a bit and then go back in so Bill can meet Tom.

The Bride lies to Tom and tells him that Bill is his father. Bill wishes them luck in their fufutre and asks if he can sit in and watch the wedding. They say yes. The Bride seems happy about this and Bill seems to approve of her plans.

Then, the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad walk in from outside and start killing everyone in the church.

The Deadly Vipers beat the crap out of the Bride and then Bill shoots her in the head, seconds after she has told him that the child she is pregnent with is his.

Now we flash back to the future, still in Texas. Bill has driven out to speak with his brother, Budd (Michael Madison) aka Sidewinder. They are estranged, it seems, and have not spoken in some time. Budd now lives in a beaten up trailer and is a total mess. Bill warns Budd about the Bride and about how she is coming to kill them all. Budd doesn't seem very concerned and tells Bill that the Bride deserves her revenge and that they all deserve to die. Bill leaves.

That night Budd goes to work. He is the bouncer at a sleezy strip club. The manager chews Budd out for being twenty minutes late and cuts some of Budd's hours. Budd then has to clean up a toilet clog for one of the stripers and then heads home.

At home, Budd goes into his trailer and puts on a records. However, the Bride is hiding under his trailer and sneaks out and gets ready to rush in can kill him. But when she kicks down the door, Budd is waiting for her with a shotgun full of rock salt. He shoots her with it and while she is down stick her with a strong sedative. He then calls up Ellie Driver (Darly Hannah) aka California Mountain Snake and tells her that he has caught the Bride. He also tells her that he has the Bride's priceless Hatori Hanzo sword and will sell it to her for a million dollars tomorrow morning. Ellie agrees, but tells Budd that he must kill the Bride and that she must suffer to her last breath.

The Bride regains conciousness and finds Budd and one of his friends digging up the grave of one Paula Schultz. They also have a new wooden-plank coffin there. Budd goes to put the bound and gagged bride into the coffin but she struggles. Budd threatens to mace her in the face if she struggles but give her a flashlight if she does not. The Bride does not struggle and she is burried alive with the flashlight.

Under the ground, the Bride panics for a bit and then has a flashback to her training at the hands of the vicious Chinese martial arts master, Pei Mei (Gordon Liu, who also played Johhny Mo in the first Kill Bill film.)

In the flashback, Bill and the Bride are in China during the night by a campfire. Bill plays his flute and then tells her a little bit about his old master, Pei Mei. Pei Mei is one of the most deadly, if not THE, most deadly fighters on Earth. Once, Pei Mei was walking down a road and passed by a monk. Pei Mei gave a nod of respect to the monk, which was not returned. Enraged, Pei Mei went to the monk's temple and killed him and every other monk there. Bill also tells the Bride about a fighting move that Pei Mei invented called the 'Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique' in which Pei Mei strikes a man five times in the chest with his fingers and when the person takes five steps, his heart explodes.

The next morning, the Bride is waiting by their jeep. Bill comes down the long walkway of stone steps. He has been in a fight with Pei Mei and has a cut on the side of his head. Bill tells the Bride that Pei Mei will accept her as his student but warns her that he hates white, Americans and women. Of which the Bride is all three. He also warns her that if she sasses, insults or defies Pei Mei, he will probably rip one of her eyes out.

Bill leaves and the Bride walks up the long steps and meets Pei Mei. Pei Mei is not impressed by the Bride and thinks she is weak. He tells her to get a sword and says that if she can even nick him with it, her will bow down and respect her as his superior. The Bride is not able to hit him even once with the sword. He even jumps on the blade and kicks her in the face. Still not impressed, he challenges her to a martial arts fight. Pei Mei beats her sensless and threatens to rip her arm off. He calls her weak and says he will make her strong. Her training will begin the next day.

Pei Mei takes the Bride out to a thick wooden board and punches his hand right through it. He tells the Bride he wants her to do the same. But she cannot. Pei Mei calls her weak again. Over the next year, he trains her. Pei Mei is a harsh and brutal master, and the Bride is pushed to her physical limits.

But she eventually gets better.

Now we go back to the present. The Bride manages to untie herself and then uses Pei Mei's training to punch a hole through the top of her coffin and dig herself out.

Ellie arrive at Budd's trailer and goes inside with a suitcase full of his money. The chat for a while and Budd asks Ellie if she is happy that the Bride is dead or if she is upset because her greatest rival is gone. Ellie says a bit of both. Budd opens up his suitcase and starts to take the money out, but there is a Black Mamba snake in it and it bites him three times in the face.

As he lies dying on the floor, Ellie calmly reads off information about the Black Mamba snake and the effects of its poision. Budd dies, and Ellie takes the Hanzo sword and starts to pack the money back up. She calls Bill on he cellphone and tells him how the Bride put the Black Mamba snake in Budd's trailer and how Ellie then killed the Bride. Ellie tells Bill that if he ever wants to put flowers on the grave of Beatrix Kiddo (the Bride's real name), (Bill calls her "kiddo" earlier but the audience believes it is a term of endearment and not her name) then he should go to the grave of Paula Schultz. She hangs up and opens the door to leave, but Beatrix is waiting for her.

They have a brawl in Budd's trailer for a while, and then Ellie runs to get Beatrix's Hanzo sword and Breatrix finds Budd's own Hanzo sword, which was a gift to him from Bill. They face off against each other in the hall.

Beatrix asks Ellie why Pei Mei ripped out Ellie's left eye (Ellie turns out also to be a student of Pei Mei). Ellie explains that she called Pei Mei a stupid, miserable old man. So he ripped her right eye out. Ellie also tells Beatrix that she soon after killed Pei Mei. Beatrix is furious and Ellie laughs, saying that she killed Beatrix's master and now she will kill Beatrix. They fight with swords for a while and then Beatrix rips out Ellie's other eye, leaving her blind. Ellie screams in agony and Beatrix just leaves. We are left to assume that the Black Mamba snake, still in the trailer, will kill the helpless Ellie.

Now we see Beatrix from the beginning of the movie, in her car driving. She is going to see an old and powerful Mexican pimp who runs the local town with his ganger, who are the sons of his whores.

This pimp was a friend of Bill's mother and knows where Bill is living. They have a drink and chat, and the pimp finally tells Beatrix where Bill is. He does so because Bill would want her to come.

So Beatrix finally goes to kill bill. She sneaks into his high-class apartment by the beach with a gun and runs to the back yard to kill him with a gun, only to find him playing with their daughter BB. Beatrix is so overjoyed that her daughter is alive that she forgets about killing Bill. They all talk while Bill makes BB a sandwitch and Beatrix and BB watch an old Japanese kung-fu movie in BB's room. When BB falls asleep, Beatrix leaves her and goes out to talk with Bill.

Bill surprises Beatrix and shoots her with a dart full of a truth formula so she won't hide anything from him. He asks her why she ran away from him.

We have another flashback. Beatrix explains how Bill had sent her on a mission to LA to kill Lisa Wong, a local criminal and rival to Bill. The night before leaving, Beatrix had gotten sick and thrown up. She suspected that she might be pregent. So in the hotel room, she is taking a pregnency test and it comes up positive. Just then, there is a knock at the door. Beatrix looks through the eyehole and sees a Korean women in a hotel staff uniform named Karen who has some flowers for her on behalf of the hotel. Beatrix drops the pregnency test and bends down to pick it up. This saves her life, as Karen turns out to be one of Lisa Wong's assassins and blows a whole through the door with a shotgun and storms in. Beatrix dives behind the bed and gets a pistol and they hold one another at gunpoint. In a funny scence, Beatrix gets Karen to find the pregnency test that proves Beatrix is pregnent and tells Karen that she is no longer interested in killing Lisa Wong because she does not want to put her child in danger. So Karen leaves.

Back to Bill's place. Bill is still upset that Beatrix ran away with his child. Beatrix counters, saying that she did not want her baby growing up in Bill's criminal world. They still have something to settle and there is a brief scuffle and Beatrix uses the Five Finger Exploding heart move on Bill. She was the only other person Pei Mei ever taught it to. Bill accepts that what he did was wrong and calmly takes five steps and dies.

Beatrix takes BB from Bill's house and they leave to start a happy, simple life. A scene in the hotel shows Beatrix is crying in the bathroom and hugging a teddy bear in relief that all is over.

During the ending credits, the name of each actor that played one of the Deadly Viper assassins comes up and a line goes through it. Except Daryl Hannah's, through which goes a question mark.


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