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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by INSKIP who says...This movie jumps back and forth in time. If I've misplaced certain sequences, be assured that the ending is not compromised. And if inaccuracies in an Internet movie spoiler upset you, seek professional help.

The movie opens with The Bride (Uma Thurman) on her wedding day, pregnant and lying on the floor of a remote El Paso wedding chapel, having nearly been beaten to death. The other members of the procession have all been assassinated by the agents of DIVAS (the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad), to which the Bride once belonged. Their leader is Bill (David Carradine), who, unseen, is standing over the Bride. He wipes blood from her face as she suffers. She says, "Bill, the baby is yours..." and he shoots her in the head.

The next scene opens four and a half years later with the Bride in a yellow pickup pulling up to a suburban California home. She rings the doorbell and a woman answers. It's the former DIVA agent known as Copperhead (Vivica A. Fox) who has settled into normal family life. The Bride punches her in the face, pulls a knife and the fight is on.

They proceed to demolish the living room of the house during the fight. While facing off in front of the living room window, a school bus pulls up and a young girl exits it and approaches the house. When she enters, both women, bloodied and bruised, hide their knives and face the girl. Copperhead tells her daughter that the dog got loose and tore up the living room, then orders her into her room until she is summoned. She them asks the Bride (once known as Black Mamba) if she wants coffee.

They proceed to the kitchen and trade verbal jabs as Copperhead makes coffee. She says that what happened to the Bride that day in El Paso was wrong, but she has moved on. The Bride makes it clear she's out for blood, and they agree to meet later that night to battle, in order to spare Copperhead's family. As the Bride sips her coffee, Copperhead prepares her daughter a bowl of cereal (it's called "Kaboom!"). She sticks her hand in the cereal box, points it at the Bride and fires--there's a pistol hidden in it. The shot misses, and the Bride drop-kicks her cup of coffee at Copperhead, confusing her long enough for the Bride to unsheathe her knife and fire it hilt-deep into Copperhead's chest, killing her.

The daughter wanders into the kitchen and looks at her mother. The Bride tells the girl that she's sorry she had to see this, and when she is grown, if she feels the need to seek her out, she'll be waiting. She gets into her pickup and pulls out a notepad, on which is written the names of the people who tried to kill her, and crosses out Copperhead.

The movie jumps back 4 years now. It's 6 months after the attack and the Bride is comatose in an El Paso hospital. DIVAS assassin California Mountain Snake (Daryl Hannah) strides into the hospital and enters the ladies' room. (She has lost an eye and wears an eyepatch; how that happened isn't explained in Vol. 1.) She changes into a nurse's outfit, enters the Bride's room, and prepares to inject a poison into the Bride's IV.

Then her cell phone rings. It's Bill, and he wants an update. Upon hearing that the Bride is in a coma, he orders California Mountain Snake to abort the mission. He explains that they nearly beat her to death and "put a bullet in her brain, bet her heart kept beating." He says it isn't right to kill her in such a helpless position. CMS, who clearly despises the Bride, is not happy, but follows orders and departs.

We now jump ahead about 4 years later and we see a mosquito land on the Bride and bite her. She abruptly awakens and screams. Coming to her senses after being in a coma for four years, the first thing she realizes is that she lost her baby. This upsets her terribly. Trying to get her bearings, she hears people approaching. She feigns unconsciousness as two men enter the room.

It's a male nurse names Buck and a visitor. Buck explains that it will cost the visitor $75 to have sex with the comatose woman. They guy pays him and Buck leaves room, giving him twenty minutes. The visitor climbs atop the Bride tries to kiss her. The camera pans away, the man screams, and it cuts to a scene where the Bride appears to tear the guy's tongue out with her teeth (it may have been his lip; I'm not sure).

The Bride climbs out of bed and promptly collapses onto the floor--her legs are paralyzed. Also on the floor is the rapist, dead. She hears the returning Buck, grabs a hunting knife from the rapist's belt, and hides. Buck enters the room and the Bride severs his Achilles' heel with the knife. He collapses in pain and she screams at him, "Where's Bill? Where's Bill?" As it becomes clear that he doesn't know anything about Bill, some memories of her time in the coma become clear. Buck has been selling her body for sex the whole time she has been there.

She manages to drag Buck into the doorway and proceeds to repeatedly bash his head with the door against the door jamb. He passes out and presumably dies. She fishes some car keys out of his pocket, expropriates a wheelchair, and heads to the hospital's parking garage. Buck's keychain reads, "Pussy Wagon." In the garage she spies a garish yellow truck with the same words spray-painted on the tailgate. She climbs into the backseat of the dual-cab truck with difficulty and rests. At this point she tries to will her legs to work. "Wiggle your big toe," she says, along with a closeup of her bare feet. Nothing happens. She recites the line again, and again, nothing happens.

The Bride tells us in voiceover the story of O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu), DIVAS member Cottonmouth, a half-Chinese, half-American born on a U.S. military base in Tokyo. At age nine she witnessed the Japanese Yakuza kill her parents (The story is shown in stylized animation). At age eleven she is in bed with the Yakuza head, an older man who is a pedophile. Straddling him, she stabs him through the torso with a samurai sword, reminding him before he dies who her parents were. She then becomes a successful assassin in Japan, at one point from a rooftop sniping a guffawing American military man in a motorcade on the streets below.

(I should say that as each member of DIVAS is introduced, there is a flashback to the wedding attack, showing each woman gleefully beating the hell out the pregnant Bride.)

Back to the present, where the Bride has regained control of her legs. She exits the garage in the pickup truck and we next see her at an airport counter. "One way to Okinawa," she says.

In Okinawa, the Bride enters a tiny restaurant, little more than a shack, and approaches the owner behind the bar. After some small talk, and some funny conversation between the owner and his subordinate in the kitchen, the Bride states her true purpose. She's looking for Hattori Hanzo. The owner freezes and asks why. The Bride says she needs some steel; she has vermin to kill. She then says that these vermin were former students of the owner. The owner, who is Hattori Hanzo (Sonny Chiba), realizes she is serious and leads her into his attic.

In the attic displayed along the walls are several dozen samurai swords designed by Hanzo. The Bride approaches one reverently and picks it up. Hanzo pulls a baseball out of his apron and says, "It's funny. You like samurai swords, and I like baseball." He throws the baseball at the Bride who deftly slices it in half midair. This convinces Hanzo that the Bride is deadly serious. She asks him to make her a sword. He refuses, saying that he made a promise to God years ago to stop making weapons. She reminds him who his trainer was. He senses her determination and walks over to a dusty window and traces on it the word, "Bill." He tells the Bride it will take a month to make the sword and she is welcome to stay in the attic. He suggests she spend the time training.

One month later, Hanzo presents his sword to the Bride. He claims it is the finest sword he has ever crafted. So much so that, he says, "If you encounter God on your journey, God will be cut." The Bride departs and buys a ticket to Tokyo to confront O-Ren.

O-Ren Ishii (Cottonmouth) has risen to become to the first female leader of the Yakuza. She and several of her lieutenants are at a confirmation gathering. The Bride's voiceover informs us that the lady to O-Ren's left is her lawyer, Sofie Fatale. There are a dozen senior Yakuza members seated around the table, celebrating O-Ren's ascension. Except one, who shouts his disapproval. He is upset about O-Ren's Chinese-American heritage. O-Ren leaps onto the table, runs the length of it and cuts the guys head off with one swipe of her sword. She holds his head up and makes it clear that her heritage is not to be mentioned.

The Bride has arrived in Tokyo and tracked O-Ren to a club where she and her bodyguards are dining. In a flashback, we meet O-Ren's personal bodyguard, 17-year old GoGo Yubari. Drinking with an older man, she's asked if she'd like to screw him. She promptly runs him through with her sword and says, "Now I'm penetrating *you*."

O-Ren and her guards are dining and drinking upstairs at the club, while a band plays for the crowd on the ground floor. The Bride hides in a stall in the womens' room and Sofie (O-Ren's lawyer) enters. Sofie's phone rings and the ring tone triggers a flashback for the Bride: Laying on the chapel floor dying, Sofie's phone had rung with the same tone. The Bride remembers looking up at Sofie chatting merrily as she was dying.

Next we hear the Bride yell, "O-Ren Ishii!" O-Ren and her party come out to the second for balcony and see the Bride with her sword at Sofie's back. Sofie looks like she's taken a couple of hits to the face as well. Some dialogue here, then the Bride abruptly hacks off Sophie's left arm. She drops to the floor and writhes in pain as a geyser of blood pumps out of her shoulder (I'll mention here that in the next fight--the real center of the movie--a lot of people get amputated, followed by, well, geysers of blood. It isn't comical, but it's not really gruesome, either.)

O-Ren sends her men down to face the Bride, who dispatches them one by one.

Then, only GoGo is left. She pulls out a mace and chain--a chained steel ball that she whips with abandon. This confuses the Bride, who takes a couple of beanings with it. GoGo activates the ball with steel spikes and manages wrap it around the Bride's neck and bury it into a wooden column, trapping her. GoGo approaches, tightening the steel noose, but the Bride manages to grab a shattered table leg, nails exposed, and bury it in GoGo's skull. Her eyes fill with blood and she dies. The Bride retrieves her sword (whipped away by GoGo) and looks toward O-Ren.

Suddenly, the sound of a swarm of approaching cars and motorcycles. The Yakuza have appeared to back up their leader. O-Ren retreats into her room as several dozen sword fighters pour into the club. This is the big fight scene in the movie, the Bride versus thirty or forty fighters.

She slices them, dices them, you name it. Yakuza men have their arms, their heads, their legs lopped off. And the blood flows. Boy, does it flow. A pristine indoor pool turns from azure blue to blood red due to the bodies dumped into it. The movie turns to black and white for much of it. At one point, the owner of club shuts off the lights, so we see the Bride slicing her attackers in silhouette. After the battle, the Bride yells to the vanquished that those who are alive are free to go, but they must leave their severed limbs behind, as they now belong to her. She also yells to Sofie, still writhing with only one arm, to remain.

The Bride pursues O-Ren into an exquisite, snow-covered Japanese garden behind the club. The Bride is exhausted, but eager to finish her mission. They engage each other and O-Ren clearly has the upper hand (she hasn't spent the last half-hour wiping out fifty people).

O-Ren chides the Bride, "Silly white girl using a samurai sword." O-Ren wonders where the Bride got the Sword.

"From Hattori Hanzo," says the Bride.

"You lie!" screams O-Ren.

More battle. At one point, the Bride is on her knees, almost defeated. O-Ren tells her to get up and face defeat. The Bride rises (maybe channeling whatever awakened her legs back in El Paso?) and resumes the fight. Fighting, clashing, and one swing of the Bride's blade brings what looks like O-Ren's head onto the snowy ground. But the camera cuts to O-Ren who says, "That is a blade of Hattori Hanzo." The camera pulls back and you can see O-Ren's brain. The Bride has scalped her.

We next see the Sofie's car, driven by the Bride, pull over on top of a hill. The Bride gets out and opens the trunk where Sofie is held. More flash-back flash-forwarding here, but here's how it ends. The Bride opens the trunk and tells Sofie that she will ask some questions. When Sofie doesn't answer, the Bride says she will "cut something off."

The Bride takes Sofie and tosses her down the hill. Sofie rolls downward and lands in the parking lot of a Tokyo hospital. Two workers rush out and yell for doctors. The Bride speeds away.

In the next scene, Sofie is in a wheelchair and we see a closeup of her distressed face. She is crying and apologizing--to Bill, whose hand is seen caressing her face. She has evidently given some sensitive information to the Bride. Bill soothes her and asks her a question.

"Sofie, does she know that her daughter is alive?"


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