Jean Reno is a French nobleman on his way to marry the daughter of an English nobleman. Another Englishman wants to marry the daughter so that he can gain her wealth. He hires a witch to put a potion in the daughters drink that will make her kill Reno.

The drink is to be taken at the pre-wedding party. Reno and his fiance start to drink but first they interlock arms and and drink each others cup.Reno drinks the potion, begins hallcinating and kills his fiance.

He is put in a cell and is awaiting execution when his servant brings a wizard to see him. The wizard makes a potion which Reno and his servant drink. It is supposed to send them to the past, just before the killing occurred but the wizard left something out so it sent them to the future instead.

They wake up in a Chicago museum in a section dedicated to medieval life. The person in charge of the section (Christina Applegate) looks just like Reno's fiance. Turns out she is a descendent of Reno. She has just inherited the estate of Reno and his bride.

Applegate and her husband are in the process of selling off the estate. Her husband only wants the money and is also having an affair with his secratary. Reno's servant sees the husband and his girlfriend at a dance club and tells Applegate. She throws her husband out.

At first, Applegate believes Reno a cousin who drowned at sea an whose estate she inherited. Eventually, she comes to believe that he really is from the 11th century.

Meanwhile, the wizard drinks some of the potion and also comes forward in time.

The servant falls in love with the maid (Tara Reid) next door to Applegate's house and wants to stay in the present.

The wizard makes up a batch of the potion in the kitchen of the Applegate house but they have to get back to the museum before they can drink it.

The husband has called the police and they chase Reno, the wizard and Applegate all the way to the museum. The chase takes place by car, horse and train.

They finally get to the museum; drink the potion and the wizard and Reno return to the appropriate time and prevent Reno's bride from drinking the poisoned mixture.

The knight who hired the witch to make the original potion is offered the drink but backs away and falls out a window to his death.

Reno and his bride live happily ever after.

Applegate's husband mistakenly thinks the potion is a health drink and ends up back in the 11th century and is arrested for being a warlock.

The servant and Tare Reid cash in some gems he had brought with him and they head to vegas.

Applegate travels to England to see the estate she inherited and when she gets there, she meets a handsome young lawyer in charge of the estate and it is obvious that they will become a loving couple.


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