"When Chris, a likable, high-school loser, finally gathers the courage to reveal his love to Jamie -- the girl of his dreams and a super cool cheerleader -- she rejects him, saying she just wants to be friends. So, he moves across the country and transforms himself into a selfish, womanizing and successful music executive. But, 10 years later, circumstances bring him back to his home town and fate reconnects..."

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Wide Eyed15 who says... "This movie is great and has a lot of physical comedy.".

Chris (Ryan Reynolds) is a chubby misfit who is unabashedly in love with his long time best friend Jamie (Amy Smart). They have recently just graduated from high school in their small New Jersey town and Chris has written a long confession of his undying love for her in her yearbook. Chris, Jamie, and two of his semi-geeky friends are having an intimate gathering that night to celebrate their graduation and Chris plans to reveal his feelings to Jamie at this time. It is clear that Chris has been in love with Jamie for a really long time, as his bedroom walls are plastered with photos of the two of them together from the time they were little kids.

Chris rides his bike over to Jamie's house for their graduation celebration, but instead of the intimate gathering they had planned, nearly the entire school seems to have showed up. Chris is extremely disappointed, but he is still determined to tell Jamie how he feels. After finding her dancing in the garage with her football player boyfriend who is a real jerk, Chris asks if they can talk. The two of them go up to Jamie's room and Chris is very nervous. They keep getting interrupted, too. First, by Jamie's intoxicated boyfriend who wants to have sex and then by the socially awkward Dusty (Chris Klein) who has long greasy hair and horrific skin but wrote a song for her called "When Jamie Smiles." Dusty isn't very good at the guitar though, and is so nervous that he keeps messing up and eventually leaves.

Jamie and Chris are finally alone together and he tells her just to read what he wrote for her in her yearbook. Opening up her yearbook, Jamie reads something about her being a stud-muffin and a great football player. Horrified, Chris realizes he accidently switched Jamie and her boyfriend's yearbooks and therefore the tender and revealing message for Jamie is in her boyfriend's yearbook.

Chris immediately flees the room to find Jamie's boyfriend at the top of the stairs reading what he wrote for Jamie to the entire school, who are all laughing hysterically and pointing at him. Chris tries to laugh it off and calls it a joke but no one believes him and Chris runs out of the house, calling them all losers and says that he'll show them and that he's going to be a winner.

Before he can leave, Jamie catches up with him. She tries to make everyone stop laughing at him, but they don't listen to her. Finally, they have a private moment together and she asks if he really meant everything that he wrote for her. He says he does and Jamie says that it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her and that she loves him too. Chris is ecstatic and goes in the for the kiss but Jamie moves her head and kisses him on the cheek before adding, "Like a brother."

Crushed, Chris leaves and the movie moves to ten years later. Chris is now a big shot music executive in L.A., has lost a lot of weight, makes an obscene amount of money, dates gorgeous women, and is MVP in his hockey league. At work, his boss finds out that the gorgeous, ditzy, famous-for-being-famous girl Samantha James (Anna Faris) is recording a CD. Knowing that Chris briefly dated her before, his boss assumes Chris already has his foot in the door and should get Samantha to sign with them. Chris doesn't want to because the one date he had with Samantha was disastrous and she was a psycho, but his boss basically says he's fired if he doesn't sign her.

Chris goes to the studio where Samantha James in recording. She's a horrible singer, blames the sound engineers for how bad she is, and throws tantrums every five minutes. Chris doesn't want to be there, but Samantha says she misses him and asks him to go to Paris with her for some business she has to do to promote her CD. Realizing this could be the only way to convince her to sign with the label he represents, Chris agrees.

On Samantha's private jet, Chris has to put up with her constant yammering and horrific singing. The plane is forced to land when Samantha heats up food covered in foil in the microwave and when Chris asks where they are, the firefighter tells him that they are in New Jersey. Because they are only a little ways away from his hometown, Chris decides he and Samantha will crash at his old house where his mom and younger brother still live.

It's been such a long time since Chris has been home that when his mother sees him and Samantha she screams. Chris' eighteen-year-old brother is equally excited, but mostly because he is infatuated with Samantha and has her posters all over his walls. Samantha and Chris are hungry and it's kind of late, so they head to the local bar to pick up some food.

Samantha is disgusted with the place because they have plastic menus but Chris likes it and runs into his old friend Darla and the high school boyfriend she has now married and has a child with. Bored, Samantha goes to the bathroom, leaving Chris to talk with his old friends.

While the three of them are talking, Jamie, who is now a bartender/waitress, sees them. Initially, she doesn't recognize Chris who is wearing a sharp business suit and is much thinner. However, Darla silently mouths to her that it is Chris, and she quickly ducks under the counter before he can see her. It's too late, though, and Chris sees her out of the corner of his eye and walks over to her.

It's clear Jamie is really embarrassed because she has done so little with her life after high school while Chris is obviously so successful. She bartends and waitresses around the bar and occasionally is a substitute teacher, but she admits she still lives with her parents. Chris, who still has leftover feelings for Jamie, offers to take her out the next day. Jamie accepts and says they should go to lunch. This is a mild setback to Chris, who doesn't consider a day-date a real date, but he agrees.

The next day, Chris palms Samantha off on his younger brother and tells her that to connect with her audience she should hang out at the mall. This will buy him some time with Jamie. After renting a Porsche, Chris drives to Jamie's house to pick her up. When she is impressed with the car, he acts like it's nothing and says he only rented it because it was all the dealer had left.

Chris wants to take Jamie to a nice place, but she only wants to go to the diner they often went to when they were kids. While they are there, the grandmotherly waitress recognizes Chris and offers to bring him out his favorite. She comes back with their food and has given Jamie a grilled cheese sandwich and has a stack of pancakes covered with chocolate syrup and sprinkles for Chris. Chris immediately tells her that he can't eat that. Disappointed, the woman says that it's what he used to always eat but Chris points out that that was when he was fat and that he doesn't eat like that anymore. Jamie is embarrassed by Chris' rudeness and tells the woman it will be fine. She offers to trade meals with Chris who declines and simply take a sip of his ice water and says, "Ooh, I'm full."

Throughout the meal, Chris name drops and brags the entire time, "offhandedly' mentioning all the famous artists he knows. Just when he finally gets around to asking Jamie about her life, his phone rings and he has to excuse himself. It's his younger brother who doesn't really know what to do with Samantha while they are at the mall but Chris doesn't have time for it and hangs up just as Samantha accidentally gets tazed with a Tazer gun and falls over the railing of the second floor of the mall.

Chris and Jamie leave and he drives her home. He walks her to the door and tries to move in for the kiss, but she keeps moving her head and trying to hug him. The result is an extremely awkward hug that looks like some sort of odd mating ritual between two animals. Extremely embarrassed, Chris leaves.

When he gets home, he discovers Samantha has gotten a concussion and is so loopy from the medication that she's just sitting on the floor eating blue toothpaste. Ignoring her, Chris picks up the phone and calls Jamie to try to get a second chance with her. He offers to take her ice skating and she agrees, surprised because he used to be awful at skating and hated it. Chris sees this as another great opportunity because he is such a good skater now even mentions several times that he is MVP in his hockey league.

Unfortunately, Chris' mom threw away his old skates because he was never home. He will have to rent skates. When Chris and Jamie get to the pond, Chris ends up with these antique, rusty skates that hardly work. As a result, he keeps falling and tripping on the ice. A bunch of kids make fun of him and he blames it on the skates. Another kid says that to a truly good skater, bad skates wouldn't matter.

Desperate to prove he is good, Chris joins them in a game of hockey. Sadly, the rusty skates are too difficult to use, and Chris manages to mess up every single play. Out of desperation, during the final play he pushes over several kids and moves in for the kill to score a goal. However, the puck hit the edge of the goalie box and ricochets back to hit him in the face.

They have to call an ambulance. The EMT is none other than Dusty, the ugly duckling who tried to serenade Jamie on the night of their graduation. He's also very good-looking now, something that does not escape the notice of Jamie or the stretcher bound Chris. As Chris watched Dusty putting the moves on Jamie, he wiggles helpless on his sled-like stretcher that was used to get him off the ice. He can't say anything because his bloody mouth is filled with cloth, but he struggles to get Jamie's attention. Unfortunately, his wiggling causes the stretcher to slide down the snowy hill and flip over onto the icy pond. Now even more scraped up, Chris is transported to the hospital in an ambulance. Jamie and Dusty both ride with him and Jamie ends up giving her phone number to Dusty right in front of Chris, who not only can't talk because of the cloth in his mouth but because of the oxygen mask over his face.

Later, Chris has to wear a retainer again because of his mouth injury. Still hoping to get a chance with Jamie, he decides to go back to being the nerdy lovable Chris he was in high school. He calls her and asks her to go see The Notebook with him. She is skeptical and can't believe that he would want to see such a girly movie, but agrees to go with him. Trying to look lovable if not dashing, Chris wears his old sweater and nerdy clothes. When Jamie comes to the door, however, she's not alone. Dusty is with her. Dusty says that he loves chick-flicks and has seen The Notebook several times. Dusty then also invites Chris' mom to go with them to see the movie and she agrees. Chris is mortified.

At the movie, Jamie and Dusty sit together holding hands and crying. Chris' mom is also crying and tries to hold Chris' hand. Chris is the only one not weepy eyed and rolls his eyes and murmurs under his breath, "This is soo gay!"

Things are not looking good for Chris. The charming Dusty seems to be winning Jamie's heart and Chris doesn't know what to do. At a little get-together, Dusty serenades Jamie with his song "When Jamie Smiles," showing off his incredible guitar abilities and apparently completely wooing her. Chris leaves a Christmas card for Jamie with "100 Reasons Jamie is the Best"; A list he wrote in high school. But he is so depressed by Dusty that he can't stay any longer and he goes home.

That night, Chris is alone in bed when his mom knocks on his door. He tells her several times to go away, but she keeps knocking. Frustrated, he flings the door open, but it's not his mom after all. It's Jamie and she's holding the list from the Christmas card he gave her.

The two of them sit on Chris' bed and have a really long talk. It gets late and Chris offers to drive her home, but Jamie seductively suggests she just spend the night with him like she used to do. Chris nervously agrees and Jamie changes into one of his dress shirts and hops into bed with him. Chris is holding her and really wants to sleep with her, but realizes that that would not be enough for him. He wants to marry her and just sleeping with her would never be enough for him. So instead of doing anything, he says good night and goes to sleep.

The next day Jamie leaves and is really hurt and confused, even wondering if maybe Chris is gay. She doesn't understand why he didn't want her. Chris is equally confused because he thought he was over Jamie and just wanted to sleep with her and impress her. He didn't realize how much he cared about her still. He is talking with Darla's husband, a dentist, about this while at the hospital when he sees Dusty. Dusty is singing to a nurse a song called "When Janice Smiles." Whenever he wants to bed a girl, he just substitutes the name. Chris is infuriated but there's not a lot he can do. Later he and Chris get into a fight at a church production, embarrassing Jamie. He tries to tell her that Dusty just wants to bed her and she says that's what he said about him.

Jamie is upset, but once her anger cools she, Chris, and Dusty go hang out at the bar together. Dusty thinks Jamie is a sure thing and to anger Chris, tells Jamie he wants to take their relationship to the next level. Jamie says she cares about him, but that she thinks of him as just a friend. Dusty become angry and says that he wrote her a song and she owes him and he starts getting a little crazy.

After he leaves the bar, slapping several girls on the butts on the way out, Jamie and Chris have another talk. She still doesn't understand why he didn't do anything the other night and he says that's how he felt all through high school. They start getting angry with each other and Chris asks her how it feels to be the girl who peaked in high school. Jamie slaps him and Chris says she slaps like a cheerleader so then she punches him in the mouth and has him thrown out of the bar.

It's been a bad trip for Chris. Even after all this, a jealous Samantha hunts him down and destroys Jamie's house decorations and causing a small fire and then leaving town. Chris knows it's time to go back to L.A. and he thinks he'll never have a chance to have Jamie. He flies back to L.A. and goes to his fancy house only to discover Samantha is staying there because she wants to get back together with him. He tells her there's only one girl for him, that he only wants one girl, and that girl is Jamie. He realizes he has to talk to Jamie and flies back to New Jersey.

Chris knocks on Jamie's door back in New Jersey and she answers it, but once she sees that it's him she slams the door in his face. Through the door, Chris tells her how sorry he is and that even if he can't have her as a wife he wants her as a friend because he needs her. She finally opens the door and steps outside where he admits that what he just said is a lie because he could never be satisfied with just her friendship and that he wants to marry her and give her babies and to love her. Jamie smiles and they tenderly kiss.

And then little do this happy couple know that they are being watched by three young children next door. The three kids, two boys and a girl, turn around from the window and face the camera. One of the boys offers the girl a cookie who tells him he's such a good friend and then she offers the cookie to the other little boy whom she has a crush on, showing that the cycle of being "just friends" is never ending.

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