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The movie starts on the head of The Sphinx, where David Rice (Hayden Christensen) is telling us about his day so far. He tells us that he woke up in New York, met a girl in Brussels, did some sightseeing in the Maldives, went surfing in Fiji, climbed a mountain in the Rockies, and hasn’t even had lunch yet.

From there we jump back to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where fifteen-year-old Davey (Max Thieriot) is talking to his friend and crush Millie (AnnaSophia Robb). He asks her about some lists in her locker and she says they’re all of places she wants to go someday. Later, we see Davey trying to give Millie a snowglobe of Paris he found when the moment is interrupted by local bully Mark Kobold (Jesse James). Mark throws the globe hard and it lands on the icy river. Davey trudges across the ice to get it and raises his hand triumphantly when he gets it. Before he can start back, though, the ice cracks and he plunges through. Millie tries to get to him, but Mark is holding her back (insert your own motivation for that). Davey is drowning quickly and

Davey is in the library with about twenty gallons of displaced river water. He looks around, unsure of what just happened, but eventually gets up and walks out, trying to avoid a scene. He heads home to his single-parent house (Mother Mary (Diane Lane) left him on the Empire State Building when he was five) where his dad Will (Michael Rooker) is busy being drunk. He sees Davey dripping all over the carpet and holding the snowglobe and asks what happened, and Davey mumbles something about bullies and runs for his room, where he pulls the chain on the door. Will runs after him shouting about standing up for himself, and Davey is rocking on his bedDavey is back in the library. He blinks fearfully and realizes that he just teleported. He walks around the library and eventually comes to the steel shutter designed to keep people out. He looks at it and suddenly is on the other side, where a slow smile rises. He makes one quick stop at Millie’s house to drop off the snowglobe and pretty soon is on a bus headed for New York. After finding a crap hotel room to crash in, he starts trying to figure out how this thing works, eventually getting the hang of it. After a couple weeks of practice, he wanders into a bank and asks the guard if he can use the bathroom. The guard rolls his eyes but walks him downstairs past the vault and tells him to make it quick (no pun intended, I swear). That night, Davey throws some tools and a big bag together and jumps back into that bathroom, and from there to the vault. One day later, we see the boy lying back in his room and smiling, surrounded by piles upon miles of ill-gotten money….while over at the bank, we see a man known only as Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) investigating the crime. He asks the manager for all tapes and account holders who had money in the vault and is told that no doors were opened. Roland just looks at the man and we know that he is not a bit surprised. Eight years later, we see a full grown David living it up in a penthouse apartment in New York City. He goes about the morning "routine" in the laziest possible way (you saw the trailer) before jumping behind his refrigerator into HIS vault, grabbing a few hundred pounds (the English money, that is), and jumping over to London. He hits the bar scene and chats up some gorgeous blonde by jump/bumping into her while being observed by a wild-eyed looking kid. Later, the two leave and head to her place, and after a good bump he jumps to a beach where he grabs a surfboard and drifts with some other guys who mention that the storm hit closer to Fiji. Naturally he jumps straight there, surfs for five seconds, wipes out, and before hitting water jumps back to the Sphnix head, surfboard and all.

Half a world away, in Brazil, we see a second jumper trying to avoid some people chasing him with electric ropes. They get him trapped against a tree and he aks why. Roland steps forward and says, "Because only God should have the power to be anywhere," and kills the young Brazilian. Roland then gets a call saying they've got a lead on the bank job and Roland says to call in everyone. Back in new York, David arrives home and jumps into his apartment, but immediately senses something's not right. Roland announces himself and asks how he robbed a bank without opening any doors. David tries to jump out but Roland whips out a rod with ten thousand volts of electricity running through it and starts tying up David, keeping him from jumping. Eventually, David breaks free and gets into his safe. He grabs as much money as he can and jumps back to Ann Arbor -- his old house, specifically. His father wakes up from his state of comatose and sees the floor shaking and rushes up to Davey's room. He opens it and begs David to stay, and that he doesn't know if he's crazy or not. David says, "You're not crazy," and jumps out, landing in front of Millie's house. He talks to her mom and is surprised to find that Millie still lives in town and is working at the local college bar. He goes there and grabs a drink and.....waits for forty-five minutes before deciding to NOT talk to her. As he's leaving, the grown-up Mark (Teddy Dunn) recognizes him, and his drunken insults attract the attention of Millie (Rachel Bilson), who comes over. Mark starts making some drunk comments to Millie and David punches him, leading to the two fighting outside. They go behind a fence and David jumps him into a bank vault and leaves him there. He jumps back and comes out staggering, saying that Mark left and won't be back for a while, probably. They go inside and as the wild-eyed kid from the British pub watches, the two reunite. David tells her that he's into banks now and after much bonding and flirting gets her to come to Rome with him (on a plane, yet). As they head over, we see Roland in a police station talking to Mark, and after a bit of fearful persuasion, Mark proceeds to tells him everything he knows.

In Rome, Mille and David check into a swanky hotel and Millie says that things are going too well. Davey doesn't tell her everything, but she cautions him not to lie to her. He agrees, and a little while later the two are making out, falling off a bed in the most realistic sex scene ever (pants hanging, clumsiness, one sock still on, laughter...) and touring Rome with big smiles as the British kid watches them from atop the Leaning Tower and mutters, "Rookie." They head over to the coliseum but are told that it's closed. Davey walks away and quickly jumps behind the gate, unlocking it and telling a suspicious-but-willing Millie he found it that way. They go inside and look around, and Millie says she wishes they could go into the pit where the fighting happened. David smiles and says, "Nothing's off-limits." He does his trick a couple more times and eventually there's only one door separating them. David makes to go up and around and through and gets in the pit when he sees the British kid from before....pissing...on the stadium wall. The kid reveals himself as a jumper named Griffin (Jamie Bell) just as two of Roland's co-workers, who Griffin calls Paladins, reveal themselves. They battle each other and eventually Griffin gets the win while David gets creamed. David tries to ask Griffin some questions but Griffin jumps out, and David follows through the jump scar to Griffin's hideout. Griffin tells him to get out and warns him that they will go after his family and friends, and that gets him moving. David jumps back to where he left Millie and drags the confused girl out of there....and into the arms of the policia, who were told by some lady that there were people in the coliseum. They keep David for a few hours until the magistrate can come, but get nothing from him since there's nothing to get. The guy asking questions leaves and the magistrate -- David's mom! -- comes in. She says he doesn't have much time, leaves the handcuff key, tells him to dump the girl, and skedaddles. He reluctantly does, but at the airport to catch a flight home Millie tells David that now he does need to tell her everything. Reluctantly, he shows her the money in the bag and says it's not safe for her, but that he's always been in love with her and never stopped thinking of her, and she turns and makes for the plane.

Back in America, Roland is pulling up outside of Will's house, deciding to try a new tact in light of the disaster in Rome. He goes inside claiming to be from the IRS and asks Will where Davey might be. He stops, however, when seeing a photo of David's mom. He asks where she is, and Will tells him to say hi for him if he finds her. Roland nods and advises Will to call him if he sees Davey, and Will says okay. Roland pauses and faces Will full-on, for the first time since his arrival, and says, "No you won't." Will agrees, and we cut to some time later, where Davey is now arriving outside the house. He goes inside and sees his father lying on the floor, critically injured at best. He kneels by him and screams for help just as he jumps to a hospital, causing eleven kinds of chaos and not caring a bit. Once David is sure his father is stable, he finds Mark and realizes how much Roland was told. He jumps out to Griffin's hideout and finds that one playing video games with the dead paladin from Rome. David suggests they team-up and eventually, once they're in China, Griffin agrees, provided it's one time only. While they drive around, Griffin gives with a little more background, including the story of a guy who once tried to jump a whole building. When David asks what happened to him, Griffin just shrugs and says, "He's dead". We also find out that the reason Griffin lives alone is that paladins killed his parents when he was five and first started jumping. They go to the airport in Detroit to meet Millie's plane only to find it landed an hour ago. Griffin goes back to the hideout to get things ready and David goes to check on Millie. Her apartment is empty, and he jumps to her balcony and lets himself in. She sees him there, and he reveals his ability just as the paladins arrive. He jumps them both to Griffin's hideout just as Griffin comes back from dropping a paladin in the Atlantic Ocean. Griffin freaks out at the news of paladins just as they start busting through the jump scar. A huge fight breaks out and the hideout is pretty much decimated, mostly by the flamethrower Griffin uses against the paladins as Millie goes outside and sees where they are. Roland traps David against the ceiling and says that David is no different from the others. Griffin pops up and says he isn't either and fires a huge jet of flame at Roland, forcing him back through the scar and into Millie's apartment, and Griffin follows, torching everything merrily. Millie comes out and cuts David down, but is still pissed at him. They're joined by Griffin, who now possesses what it is that keeps the scars open for them to jump through. Before they can get out of there, a rope comes through the still-active scar and grabs Millie, pulling her into the paladins waiting arms.

Realizing the opportunity, Griffin runs around and starts throwing some stuff together to send through, amounting to a bomb. David says no way and grabs the detonator, jumping away. Griffin follows, and the two follow each other through their scars, each trying to get the detonator. Eventually they end up in Chechnya, and Griffin seems to get the upper hand just before David grabs him and jumps him onto a sparking electrical post. Griffin compliments him on the trick as David tosses the detonator away and jumps to Millie's apartment. He sees her tied up and heads for her blindly just as the paladins come out and tie him up. He tries to jump out of there with Millie, but Roland says that that won't work. He gives one final grunt of exertion and manages to jump the paladins, himself, Millie, and Millie's living room into the river where it all started. As the paladins drift away, David and Millie make contact and he teleports them (and the living room, and Roland) into the Ann Arbor public library. David quickly jumps Millie back into the stacks and tells her to stay there. David heads for Roland and the two jump to a cave in the Grand Canyon. Beaten and exhausted, Roland asks why, and David says, "Well, I could have just let you drown. Guess I'm different." He smirks at Roland and jumps back to Millie, leaving Roland trapped in the cave....for the moment, at least.

Some time later, we see Davey approaching a house on Lake Michigan. He knocks, and a girl opens it. He asks for Mary, and the girl calls for her mom. Mary comes to the door, and she sends the girl to her room. David comes in, and he and his mom talk. She confirms that she is a paladin and that he first jumped when he was five, at the Empire State Building. He asks why she left him there, and she tells him that given her job there were only two options -- kill him, or leave him. She concludes by saying that she'll give him a head start this time, and he nods his head in grateful understanding. He leaves and heads out to a waiting Millie, who asks how it went. When he says okay, she says, "Good....now can we PLEASE go someplace warm, because I am FREEZING!" He laughs and they walk toward the lake with him asking if she has someplace specific in mind. She shrugs and says, "Surprise me." He kisses her once and they jump out.

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