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The movie starts with two adventurers, Eric Kirby (Trevor Morgan) and Ben Hildebrand, parasailing near Isla Sorna. As they are in the air, there is trouble when the skipper on the boat is missing and the boat, without anyone to control it, is heading out to sea. Forced to save the two adventurers, Ben unclips the two-person parasail and drifts towards Isla Sorna…

We now meet Alan Grant (Sam Neill), whom is at the home of Ellie Degler (Laura Dern). She is now married to a person working for international relations named Mark and has two kids. While having dinner, they discuss Jurassic Park and Grant’s new theory on raptors. He thinks they were very sophisticated and could communicate with each other. As Grant is leaving the house, Ellie tells him that if he is ever in trouble he can call her.

The scene cuts to a lecture at a university with Grant explaining his raptor intelligence theory. When questions come, a lot of the students bring up the San Diego incident and Jurassic Park. Grant makes it clear that he will never return to the islands, no matter what. But that is soon to change…

Grant is in need of funding for his latest digsite. His assistant Billy Brennan (Alessandro Nivola) has some new equipment and has also found a resonating chamber to a raptor, which is what they use to communicate. Billy blows through the chamber and it makes the noise of a raptor. As this happens, Grant meets Paul Kirby (William H. Macy) who wants him to come along for dinner with his wife. Before Grant can decline, Billy says yes.

At the bar and grill Grant and Billy meet up with Paul and his wife Amanda (Teá Leoni). They explain that they want to go on an aerial tour over Isla Sorna as they are rich adventurers and their anniversary is soon. Grant declines at first, saying that they won’t get low enough to see the dinosaurs. But then Paul explains they can get low and he will offer Grant money… Grant has only one choice and it’s not precisely the right one.

A plane is heading through the sky with Grant, Billy, Amanda, and Paul aboard. The pilots Nash (Bruce Young) and Udesky (Michael Jeter) take them low to Isla Sorna and shut off the radio because it warns them that they are in restricted airspace. Luckily none of the passengers hear this. As they see the dinosaurs, including Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus, Nash says he is about to land the plane. Grant argues with Paul about landing the plane but the steward named Cooper (John Diehl) knocks him out so they can land the plane. As soon as they land the plane Cooper, Nash and Udesky get equipment and head out into the jungle while Grant gains conscious. He walks out of the plane where Amanda is shouting "Eric!" through a bullhorn. Paul explains that Cooper, Udesky and Nash are setting up a perimeter. Suddenly there is a roar and everyone turns to see Nash and Udesky running to the plane. They tell the others to get in and they start the plane. Cooper comes running from the jungle, injured and from behind a Spinosaurus appears. The Spinosaurus kills Cooper on the runaway and the plane starts taking off. However one of the propellers hits the Spinosaurus’ fin and blood splats onto the cockpit window so the pilots can’t see anything.

The plane crash-lands in a tree where the group recovers. Nash asks for the satellite phone (Important) but gets a busy signal. Suddenly the Spinosaurus appears and rips the nosecone off.

The two pilots run for the fuselage, screaming. Udesky makes it, Nash doesn’t. The Spinosaurus kills Nash and knocks the plane out of the tree. The Spinosaurus rolls it across the jungle clearing where it stops at the end. Amanda tries escaping by running out but Grant stops her. They head back into the plane where the Spinosaurus starts crushing it. The group escapes and runs into a field, the Spinosaurus in pursuit. They make it quite far when they run into a T-Rex territory. This part is funny as Grant tells them to stay still and the Rex roars so everyone but Grant runs. Grant finally runs with the Rex following him. The Spinosaurus appears and the two animals face each other off. As the two dinosaurs fight, the group watches. The Spinosaurus finally kills the T-Rex and the group runs off. As they make it to a clearing, Grant pushes Paul against a wall because he wants answers.

Paul explains what happened to Eric and that he has been missing for eight weeks. As they talk, Billy finds a camera and the para-sail. They watch the tape to see Eric and Ben crashing. The group thinks they’re okay until Billy pulls the para-sail out of the tree to reveal Ben’s skeleton. The group learns that they are in a raptor nest and watch the tape show Ben’s death. As the group walks off, Billy packages the para-sail and takes two raptor eggs. He joins the group again and they walk off.

They finally come to an old InGen lab and they enter it. The phones don’t work so the group looks around the hatchery. As Amanda looks in a tank she sees a full-grown raptor. Suddenly it attacks her and Paul pulls her away in time. The group runs out of the hatchery, the raptors pursuing them through the corridors. They come to a kennel where they trap the raptor in a cage. Grant suddenly notices it is calling for help so they run out into an equipment yard, where the rest of the pack attacks them. They run out into a field of duck-billed dinosaurs and Grant gets separated from the rest of the group. As the group runs into the jungle, they start climbing a tree but Udesky is pulled down by the raptors. The group tries saving him but the raptors almost get them. Udesky tries crawling away but the raptors notice and kill them.

Grant is walking through the jungle alone when some raptors finally circle him.

As they close in, a smoke grenade explodes and the raptors run off. Eric appears and takes Grant to an old tanker where Eric has been staying the last three weeks, and they stay there for the night. The next morning the two hear the phone and find the group on the opposite side of a fence. Eric and his parents share an emotional moment when Paul tells Eric that Nash had the phone… the Spinosaurus appears on Grant and Eric’s side of the fence. The two run alongside the fence, with the Spinosaurus following.

The group pursues Grant and Eric so they can help them. The two climb through a hall and the group runs across a field to an old domed building. The Spinosaurus rips the fence open and follows them. The group hides in the building and locks the door so the Spinosaurus can’t break in.

As they learn the dome is over a huge canyon and at the bottom is a barge. Grant learns from Billy that he took the eggs and Billy gives Grant the eggs for save keeping. The group starts heading down the stairs but they fall loose. They head across a catwalk. Grant goes first and is followed by Amanda. As she meets up with him, Grant notices they are in an aviary. Eric hears something and a Pteranodon is on the catwalk. It picks him up and drops him in a nest of baby Pteranodons. Eric fights against them as the group is attacked by the adult Pteranodons. Billy finally gets away and uses a para-sail to go and rescue Eric. Grant tries to stop him but it is too late. Billy jumps from the canyon’s edge and pulls Eric out of the nest. They para-sail through the canyon but Pteranodons attack the para-sail. Eric falls into the river below and survives but Billy is swarmed by Pteranodons. The rest of the group escapes on the barge and leaves the aviary. As the barge heads down the aviary, they see a field full of herbivores (really interesting ones) and Grant reveals he was wrong about the dinosaurs, they aren’t monsters.

Very late at night, the group hears a jingle in the jungle. Paul and Amanda go ashore to find Spinosaurus dung. The group digs through it to find the phone and Amanda switches it off. Suddenly a big green dinosaur called a Ceratosaurus comes and sniffs them as it is a carnivore. It leaves because of the smell of the dung.

As the group washes off Eric notices fish jumping out of the water while Grant calls Ellie for help. Once he gets the call through, Ellie's 3(?)-year-old son Charlie answers and hunts for Mommy. Before she can answer, the Spinosauraus attacks and the phone gets knocked away. She does a *69 deal and as the phone is ringing, Grant gets a hold of the phone again, and tries to answer, but all she hears is a lot of noise of rain, a roaring dinosaur, and the such. Somehow, she figures out where they are since they were using a satellite phone and later sends help to pick them up. Grant says they must be scared of something and as the barge chugs down the river the Spinosaurus appears. The group races to the barge’s cage where they hide. The Spinosaurus rips the cage off of the barge and Paul plunges into the water.

He swims over to the shore where he finds an abandoned crane. He gets to the top and shouts so the Spinosaurus comes over to him. The group escapes from the barge and Grant takes a flaregun. He shoots at the barge where the Spinosaurus is, attacking Paul. The flare hits the tank and it explodes. The fire scares the Spinosaurus off and the crane topples over onto the barge. The group thinks Paul is dead but he finally comes to the shore. They all walk through the jungle as it becomes lighter in the sky. Pteranodons show up and attack the group. Raptors appear and get involved. There is a short fight and the raptors scare away the Pteranodons.

The group moves through the jungle when suddenly the raptors surround them. Grant knows what they want and Amanda pushes forward the two eggs that Billy stole. The raptors take them but are unsure about the group. Then Grant remembers the chamber and blows through it. The raptors communicate and accepts the group as raptors. They leave as they can hear the sound of rotors spinning through the air.

The group comes to the beach where a man is calling for them. They are thinking he'd better stop shouting as he may attract more dino's. Suddenly, up comes the Navy along with helicopters and armor. The call to Ellie worked. The group is rushed into a copter. There they see Billy, whom is badly injured but will be fine.

The copters fly off. Pteranodons follow the copters and Grant explains they are following them to a new nesting ground.


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