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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by horrorfreak89 who says... "This movie was pretty funny, It got a little boring in the end but overall 8/10"

The movie starts out with Nate Johnson (Cedric the Entertainer) and his son, DJ (Bow Wow) picking up the family car for the vacation.

Nate tells his son that he got a new Lincoln Navigator. They go inside to pick up the car and the car is all pimped out. It has chrome wheels, two TVs, and an Xbox video game system. They drive home in the new car. Nate goes inside and calls his mom in Missouri. He says that he will be leaving tomorrow and will arrive in 3 days. (there going to a family reunion in Missouri). As the mom and son are talking, we hear the other son walk in the moms house. His name is Mack (Steve Harvey). He just bought the mom a new big screen TV.

The next morning, Nate and DJ leave to go to his wife's house (they are neighbors, they live in different houses because the parents got into a fight.) They're not divorced, just not happy at the moment). Dorothy (Vanessa Williams) comes out to load the new car with luggage. The older daughter Nikki and the youngest daughter Destiny come out with luggage as well. The family of 5 get into the car and just before they leave, Stan drives up to the house. Stan is Dorothy's study partner because she is a teacher. Stan gives her flowers and asks her out to eat. Nate steps in and tells Stan to back off. They finally hit the road and 5 minutes into the trip there already fighting over music. DJ says that his dad's music sucks and throws his Cds out the window. Nate takes DJ's Cds and throws them out the window. As they're driving, they come across a big truck who is speeding (important later). Nate speeds up and tries to pass it. Finally he does and the family is on their way. There finally out of California and they hit Arizona. It is now night time and the kids are wife are tired.

They pull over to a hotel. Dorothy says that its been 3 months since her and Nate have "Fooled around". Nate says that he will go get the keys to the rooms and they can meet in the hot tub. Nate walks inside. He goes to the front desk and asks for a bottle of wine. They lady thinks he's a pimp (because he is black) so she hesitates to give him the wine. He pulls out a photo of his family and the lady gives him the wine. Nate goes back outside and gives the room key to the kids. Nate goes around back and sees Dorothy in the hot tub. He gets in. She takes off his bathing suit and gets out of the hot tub. She tells Nate that she will be right back. But she hangs the suit up on the railing so Nate is left in the hot tub naked. Dorothy goes to bed. Nate is now alone outside naked. 4 fat ladies pulls up to the hotel and get in the hot tub. They try to get Nate to have sex with them but he runs out of the hot tub and goes to bed.

The next morning the family hits the road. They come across a nun on the side of the road hitchhiking. They pass her. Destiny says that she probably wasn't a serial killer so he could have picked her up. They come across another hitchhiker. Its a beautiful young girl by the name of Chrishelle (Shannon Elizabeth). Nate stops the car. Dorothy says that it isn't a good idea to pick her up but Nate says "What would Jesus do" and they pick her up. DJ says that he is starving and they need to stop somewhere. Nate comes across a small diner. They sit down and order there food. Nate goes to the restroom. When he comes out food is on the table. The food that they got are these HUGE cheeseburgers. Nate says that they should say grace to show respect to their guest Chrishelle. Chrishelle insists that she says grace. She starts off talking about God but then she leads to dark and mysterious witch craft spells. She finishes and the family is now freaked out.

Now back in the car, the family is all squished up in the front seat because they are afraid of Chrishelle. They keep driving. It is now nightime again and the family and Chrishelle are tired. They pull over to a cheap motel. They walk inside and Nates gets the keys to the rooms. Chrishelle and the kids will share one room while Dorothy and Nate get their own room. They all go to sleep. Now its 3:00 AM and Nate is woken up by a baby alligator on top of him. He flips out and wakes up Dorothy. She screams which wakes up Chrishelle and the kids. The family jump up on the bed while Nate tries to kill it. DJ helps out Nate and they take it in the bathroom and put it in the tub. Nate tries to drown it but you can't drown an alligator. Chrishelle walks in and picks up the alligator. She gives it a name and kisses it. Chrishelle goes back to bed. The family sneaks out of the motel and leaves. They leave Chrishelle behind.

The next morning they arrive in Kansas. DJ says that he has to go to the bathroom really bad but Nate doesn't want to stop because they just stopped 10 minutes ago. DJ grabs an old soda cup and pees in it. He puts the cup back in its holder and Nate goes to take a sip. He takes a small sip and throws it out the window. It of course hits a cop on a motorcycle. The cop chases them. Nate pulls over and talks to the cop. The cop searches the car and finds some drugs in the back seat (drugs that fell out of Chrishelle's bag). The cop puts the whole family in jail.

Nikki begs the cop to let them out but the cop tells them to shut up because he has bills to pay. Dorothy tells the cop that she is a teacher and can help the cop out with the bills. She does and the cop lets the family go. Now back on the road the Johnsons finally reach Missouri. Nate says that they are close to where the reunion is which is located in Caruthersville. The car runs out of gas and they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Nate sees a phone sign. He gets out of the car and says he will be back soon. After miles of walking, Nate comes across a big telephone pole in the middle of a corn field. Nate climbs the pole and calls his uncle Earl. Earl says that he owns a Pick-up truck and he will be by as soon as he can.

Nate starts to walk back to the car. We see Earl come up to the broken down car. He starts to look under the hood and remove parts but DJ says that they just ran out of gas. Earl ignores him and keeps screwing around with the car. Earl connects the car to his pick-up. He says that he has enough room for the family to hop in his pick-up. So they all drive to the reunion. The family gets out of the pick-up and says hello to the family members. Mack starts a BBQ and everyone starts eating. After they're done eating Mack announces that there will be events and games. The winner will win a big award and will be declared the family of the year. First event up is the kids race, Then a potato sack race with the fathers, and an obstacle course with the girls. After the events two families are in the lead, The Johnsons and Mack's wife and kids.

Mack's family gets up on stage and starts singing and dancing. Now its the Johnsons turn to sing and dance. They perform for about 5 minutes. The judge comes out and announces the Johnsons as the family of the year. Nate gives the award to his jealous brother because Mack is rip-roaring pissed. Nate says that Mack shouldn't be in competition with his own brother because they are a family and should work together. They all hug.

Well, remember that crazy truck driver from before? He drives through the reunion and stops his truck and gets out. The crazy trucker is........Stan! Dorothy flips out. Stan says that he has feelings for Dorothy. Dorothy says that they are just partners at work and that she is married. Stan gets full of rage and gets ready to beat up Nate. Nate's mother walks in and punches Stan. Then Mack starts to kick him along with Nate.

Nate says that he and his family have had enough fun and that they are tired and they want to go home. The family gets a ride to Earls car shop to pick up their broke down car. Earl shows them the car which looks brand new. The screen fades to black.

We pick up with the Johnsons just pulling up their drive way. The kids get out of the car and run inside. Dorothy and Nate talk. Dorothy says that she and the girls are going to move back in with Nate and DJ. They kiss and run inside.

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