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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Killermans who says..."Don't get your hopes up for this movie. It's the worst Jason movie ever!"

The movie begins showing Jason restrained. He's wrapped in chains. A guard comes in and covers Jason with a blanket. Some security officers begin walking over to the room when they are stopped by a woman named Rowan (Lexa Doig). She tells them not to transport Jason to another facility. They don't listen, they go in the room, take off the blanket, and find the guard from the beginning of the film. Then Jason appears and kills everyone. Rowan arrives, grabs a nearby shotgun and lures Jason into a freezing chamber. He is trapped but stabs a hole in the door. The air gets through to Rowan who freezes also.

Many, many years later, a team of students arrive at the same place. They include Janessa, Tsunaron (Chuck Campbell), Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder), Azrael, and some others. They open the door to Jason's chamber and find him frozen. Jason falls over and cuts off Azrael's arm. Kay-Em injects his arm and later another grows back. they also find Rowan and bring her aboard.

The students take Jason and Rowan into the medical chambers and thaw them. Rowan wakes up, but Jason does not, not yet. One girl is examining him.

Another girl, Kinsa, and a guy named Stoney are making out behind the doctor.

Rowan awakes to find a man, the professor. He talks about how they found her frozen. They are now over 400 years in the future. Then he tells her about Jason. They brought him aboard. Then he introduces her to everybody. There are 2 black people, Waylander and Sgt. Brodski, who he introduces her to, and the rest of the team.

After this, Jason awakes and kills the doctor girl examining him. He goes to Stoney and Kinsa's room. He kills Stoney and Kinsa luckily escapes. Rowan asks the professor to check Jason's bodybag. He is not there. They go into the medical chambers.

During this, Azrael and some bald guy are playing some virtual reality game. They are hunting aliens when Jason arrives and kills some. they think he's part of the program. He kills the fake Azrael and bald guy, then out of the program, kills the real Azrael and the bald guy.

The team are talking when jason arrives.

Everyone escapes except for the professor. He talks to Jason about money, but then Jason reaches for a machete. the professor thinks that was what Jason wanted, but then the team hears him scream. They tell the pilot, Fat Lou, about Jason aboard. The pilot drives towards a nearby station, but then gets killed by Jason, causing the ship to crash.

Kay-Em 14, Tsunaron's sex robot, does what her function states with Tsunaron during this. Waylander and the male-scruffy looking krutch pilot the ship. Krutch tells Waylander to go. Janessa , Kinsa, Rowan, and Waylander are on the main part of the ship. Almost all of the other crew has been killed, except for Brodski. Krutch is piloting when all the sudden the professor's head appears. Krutch thinks it is fake but then Jason electocutes him.

Kinsa closes the doors. Janessa, Rowan, and Waylander try to open it but can't. Kinsa tries to drive away in an escape pod, but the ship is still connected and Kinsa crashes, breaching the hull. Rowan, Janessa, and Waylander stand still when Jason suddenly appears. When all seems lost, Tsunaron appears. Then Kay-Em appears. She has been upgraded into a merc robot. She fights Jason.

First she shoots him toward the medical room.

Then she blows off his leg. Brodski appears to be alive during this. Then she blows off Jason's arm, and he still won't give up so she blows off his head. Everyone arrives and sees this. Brodski is taken back to the medical chambers where he is helped. Suddenly the ship shakes. They find that the hull has been breached.

During this, Jason has been regenerating. Some kind of silver fluid has been bonding with Jason's blown-apart body. It suddenly forms back into a body.

The team talk about escape plans. The intercom sounds. Another rescue ship is coming. The hull has about 30 minutes left to last. The rescue ship pilot says that they will arrive in an hour. Giving up hope, they forget the plan. but then Rowan asks about blowing up the corridors leading to the hull. They agree.

They begin setting bombs in the corridor. The ship begins to shake violently. Jason appears. He has bonded with silver, giving him a metal appearance. Everyone is scared and amazed. Kay-Em tries to fight him, but he knocks off her head. but she is still alive. Then Jason beats up Waylander. As the group gets through the doors, Waylander is left behind with Jason. Waylander sets off the bombs, blowing up the corridor.

thinking that Jason is dead, they go on with the plan. Suddenly, Jason's hand breaks through the wall, causing all the air to be sucked out of the room. Janessa is sucked through the wall. Brodski, Tsunaron, Rowan, and Brodski are the only ones alive. Jason breaks through. They close all the doors, but it is not enough to stop Jason.
the rescue team arrives, but Rowan cannot open the door. Brodski goes outside in a space suit and fixes it.

While Brodski is working, Tsunaron and Kay-Em create a holographic program with Jason in it. It is a campsite. Jason sees 2 girls, who try to seduce him with drugs and sex. When Tsunaron thinks it is working, Jason is killing both of the girls. The doors open and Rowan and Tsunaron, with Kay-Em, escape. When Jason tries to go through, Brodski closes the door. The rescue ship leaves. The last we see is of Brodski and jason walking towards each other, then BOOM!

Tsunaron and Rowan stare in amazement. Jason is floating towards their window. When he is almost there, Brodski catches him and tackles him towards Earth. They burn in the atmosphere. then Rowan and Tsunaron stare at Earth, glad that Jason is gone. A shooting star appears in the sky. A couple go to check it out. The last scene is of Jason's burnt mask floating to the bottom of a lake, with the infamous Jason clicking noise in the background.


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