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We open with a girl, dressed in red, stripping at a strip club. The scene fades into Aubrey, who looks like the stripper, reading a story in front of a class about a girl who could turn her life into a movie. Although it wasn't her life that she was making into a movie, it was someone who looks exactly like her.

Aubrey is outside when Jarrod, her love interest brings her a blue rose. She asks him where he got it, he says someone was selling them on the street. The camera pans away to a poster of a missing girl.

Aubrey is playing the piano at her house, the gardener waves at her through the window and she messes up the song. Her piano teacher Douglas tells her she has been distracted lately and the young artist competition is coming up, she needs to concentrate. He sits down and shows her how to play the song and tells her its easy. She tells him she doesn't want to play piano anymore, she wants to concentrate on her writing. He tells her that she won the competition before and she has a gift. She says she doesn't want to play anymore. Douglas is shown speeding away from her house, looking upset.

Aubrey and Jarrod are in biology class dissecting a worm together. He puts his hand on her thigh, and she pushes it away. She asks him if that's all she is to him. He tells her he is falling in love with her, and she tells him he doesn't even know her. The teacher comes up behind them and asks Jarrod to show her the female sex organs on the worm in his microscope. He shows them to her and she tells him those are the male organs. Aubrey tells him he has a lot to learn about the female body. A man comes into the room and the teacher goes over to talk to him. It seems the missing Toland girl has been found. We are shown the Toland family indentifying the body while the coroner report is given in voiceover. It appears her fingers were removed, then days later her hand, before finally her leg was cut off. Then the body was found.

Agents Bascome and Lazarus are talking to the sheriff about the missing girl. They are discussing the patterns of the killer, and trying to figure if it is a serial killer or not. It appears the girl was fed drugs to keep her alive while the torture was going on. Aubrey pulls into her house and the gardener takes off his shirt and stares at her. She stares back, before turning her back to him and giving him the finger. Aubrey goes to her room and works on her story in her room.

Aubrey and her friends are at the local football game, where Jarrod is the quarterback. While in a huddle he looks over to her in the stands and she blows him a kiss, she is holding the blue rose. After the game Aubrey tells her friends she isn't going to have sex with anyone unless she is sure they are the one. Her friends laugh at her. The police have the roads blocked off and announce that curfew for everyone under 21 begins in one hour. Aubrey tells her friends she is going to find Jarrod, and that she'll meet them at the movie theater in 45 minutes. Aubrey thinks she sees Jarrod, but notices the gardener driving past in his truck, she hides behind a tree.

Aubrey's friends are at the movie theater wondering where she is. One friend decides to call her phone, while the other calls Jarrod's. They hear a phone ringing in the distance. They run towards it and see Jarrod showing up. He asks where Aubrey is, and they tell him they don't know. He asks where her car was parked at the football game and they run to find it. Her car is still parked in the same spot, the blue rose is sitting on the dashboard.

We see footage of Aubrey tied up by a man wearing blue gloves. He takes a block of ice out of a cooler. The FBI agents are at Aubrey's parents house asking them information. Her father tells Lazarus that her computer was her life and she was always on it. Lazarus asks if she was troubled, or if she may have ran away. Her father doesn't answer, and Lazarus tells him he wants to take her computer in to make a copy of her hard drive. Bascome is interviewing Aubrey's mother. Aubrey's mother asks Bascome if she has any kids, and that you always worry that your kids won't come home, but they always do.

Aubrey is still tied up while the man in blue has her hand viced between two blocks of ice. He removes the ice and picks up a makeshift knife, made out of blue glass. He cuts her finger off. The FBI agents set up shop in a local church laying out the information that they have. Aubrey is tied up in the room, this time alone. She notices one of the man's knives appears to be within her reach.

A woman is driving down the street talking on her cell phone when an animal runs in front of her car, she swerves and almost drives off the road. As she's backing her car back up to the road she notices a body laying on the side of the road. Aubrey's parent are at home and get a call that Aubrey was found and that she is alive.

In the hospital Aubrey wakes up in the middle of her surgery and they put her back under. One of the doctor's asks for the surgical saw, and starts it up. Aubrey wakes up in a hospital room while a nurse is checking in on her. Aubrey asks where she is, what town is she in. The nurse tells her she will get the doctor. As the nurse leaves Aubrey notices that her hand is missing. She looks down and notices her leg is gone, and she passes out. Her parents come in with a doctor and she wakes up. Her parents tell her they are going to take her home soon. The doctor says Aubrey has been strong and she should be out of here in no time. Aubrey looks at them and asks "who is Aubrey?" It appears her name is Dakota. Aubrey's mother starts crying.

A psychiatrist comes in and asks if he can asks Aubrey questions. Dakota tells him that she may look like Aubrey, but she is in fact Dakota. The psychiatrist asks Dakota when she was born, he writes down the date she tells him on his notepad. He has two sections written down, one for Aubrey, one for Dakota. They have the same birth date. The doctor asks Dakota what her social security number is. She asks whey a psychiatrist would want to know that? He tells her because he works for the FBI. She tells him she doesn't know, her mother was a drug addict and she never told her what it was. The doctor asks when the last time she saw her mother was. She tells him her mother died from a drug overdose six months ago. We see Dakota entering a dark, filthy apartment where her mother is sitting in a chair dead. Her mother has an envelope in her hand that has eight dollars in it, and a post mark from the town Dakota is now in.

Aubrey's mother brings some items to Dakota in the hospital, including a picture that Dakota thought she saw before. It is a picture of a little girl who looks just like her. Only in the picture Dakota's mom had, she was wearing a red bathing suit, not a blue one like the photo Aubrey's mom has. The FBI agents and psychiatrist are interviewing Dakota. They tell her they need her help finding the killer, the only thing she remembers is that one night at the strip club there was a weird man at the club. When she took the bus home that night, she saw the same man across the street from her.

The FBI agents and psychiatrist are discussing why Aubrey would be telling such stories. They think she is trying to hide something. The agents decide to try and keep the fact that she was found secret, because they think the killer will come back for her if he knows she is still alive. Dakota is dreaming that she is tied up again. The killer drills into her arm, causing it to bleed. Dakota wakes up in the hospital to see her arm is bleeding in real life. Aubrey's father is watching the news when he sees a report that Aubrey was found and is being treated at a local hospital on the news.

Dakota is given a fake robotic hand and leg in the hospital. The doctor tells her to make sure she plugs them in at night when she goes to bed because the battery will die on them. Aubrey's parents get a police escort back to their house, with Dakota in tow. The parents take Dakota to Aubrey's bedroom. Dakota looks around at Aubrey's various trophies.

Jarrod drives up to the Flemming house in his beat up car. The FBI asks who he is, and let him in. He waits in the living room for Dakota to come down. She doesn't have her fake leg on. He brings her blue roses. They argue the fact that she isn't Aubrey. He kisses her and she bites his lip, "would Aubrey do that?" He says no and kisses her again. They go up to Aubrey's bed room where they have sex. After wards they are lying in bed and he asks if she isn't Aubrey, how did she get cut?

She has a flashback of her working at the strip club. She is grabbing the stripper pole when she starts to bleed for no reason. She leaves the stage and tells the manager of the strip club she has to go home. The manager asks how she is going to get to the emergency room? Dakota tells her she doesn't have money for that, and wraps her hand in a towel. She gets on the bus and a man on the bus tells her to lift her hand above her heart to slow the bleeding. She asks is he wants to know what happened. "People get cut," he tells her and looks away. Dakota is back in bed with Jarrod, she tells him "people get cut." She asks him to help her with something.

Jarrod runs outside and gets in his car but it won't start. He gets out and asks the police guarding the house if any of them have a condom. They all laugh at him. He runs back in the house. The garage door opens and Jarrod comes out in one of the Flemming's cars. The cops stop him and ask where he's going. He tells them to please let him go, they do laughing as he leaves.

Jarrod pulls in front of a house and opens the trunk. Dakota is hiding the back. They are at the Toland's house. Dakota is sitting in the living room with the Tolands, the mother asks why she came here. She is alive but everyone in the house is dead, she tells Dakota and runs off. The father asks Dakota what she wants, she asks to see their daughter's room. She looks around and notices a lot of trophies. She reaches for one, when Aubrey's mother comes up behind her and pulls her out of the house.

Dakota is back in Aubrey's room and opens Aubrey's computer. The password screen comes up and she types in Dakota. She reads Aubrey's story from the beginning, which is titled "Dakota." It talks about a girl who always knew she had a twin and wanted to find her. Aubrey's mother comes in the room and Dakota tells her she must be Aubrey's twin, they must have gotten mixed up a the hospital. Aubrey's mother takes her to the living room and show her the ultrasound video, there is only one baby in the womb. Aubrey's mother tells Dakota that she fell when she was pregnant and that she was put on bed rest. She used to put her hands on her stomach and feel the baby kick. She tells Dakota that she will figure out this problem, because she is a kicker. She says she went through a lot during the pregnancy but it was all worth it. When the baby was born she had a hard labor, and didn't even remember giving birth. Aubrey's dad is standing behind them in the shadows listening to the story.

Dakota is dreaming again about the past. She is in a small apartment when she wakes up covered in blood. She pulls the sheets up to see her hand is missing and her leg is badly cut. She gets up and tries to get a ride, but nobody will stop. Dakota wakes up and gets on the computer again. She goes to ask.com and looks up "unexplained bleeding" and finds results about stigmata. She pulls up a video of Art Bell telling a tale of twin brothers, one who was shot in the neck. His brother was also found dead the same time, with the same wound. Authorities said the other brother did it to himself upon finding out about his twin's death. However, both brothers died at the same time, miles away, and the wound was exact, no way the other would know how to do it exactly to him self. Dakota looks around the room again, looking at Aubrey's trophies. She reaches for one when she has a vision of herself in the woods, a man hits her in the face with a shovel, there is an owl in a tree, and blue flowers falling off a tree into a stream. Dakota's nose begins to bleed.

Dakota confronts Aubrey's father, telling him his real daughter died in the hospital, but he couldn't let his wife know the truth. So he paid the drug addict down the hall who had twins for one of her daughters. Dakota wants him to tell the truth, so they can find the real Aubrey. He says he can't. She calls him a coward and leaves to find the truth herself.

She goes to the cemetery to the Roland girl's grave. She notices blue roses on her grave, and a blue ribbon. The ribbon is from the young artist's competition, and on the back is written "blue is for winners, Douglas." Aubrey's father comes up behind her, she tells him she knows who killed her, Douglas the piano teacher.

Aubrey's father and Dakota drive to Douglas' house. She tells him they don't have time to wait for the cops, Aubrey is almost dead, she can feel herself not being able to breath. Aubrey's father gets out of the car and goes to the house. Dakota has another vision, this time of Aubrey being buried alive. She gets out of the car and goes to the house. She finds a door on the back and goes down the stairs. She sees the blue glass knives around. A hand with a blue glove bursts though a door and tries to grab her, she grabs one of the knives and cuts the hand off.

She hears the man running away, and enters the door he was coming out of. There are fake legs hanging from the ceiling. As she makes her way in the room she sees a body covered with a sheet. She pulls it off to see Aubrey's father. He wakes up and says "Aubrey?" She tells him yes and he dies. The man in blue is standing behind her and knocks her out.

She wakes up to the sound of the man in blue playing piano with his one hand. She is tied up in the basement. She notices a knife within reach. The man in blue comes down stairs, this time he is not dressed in blue. He asks why she came back? He killed her already, now he had to do it again. Dakota has cut her ropes and stabs him in the stomach and then in the neck.

Dakota makes her way through the woods with a shovel when she hears the owl from his vision. She notices dug up ground and begins to dig it back up. She finds the stained glass coffin Aubrey is in. She uses her fake hand to punch the glass out. Aubrey is alive and looks up at her. Dakota lays beside her. The camera pans away to the stream, with blue flowers floating down it.

Note: There is a strong theme of blue and red in this movie that is hard to describe fully in the spoilers. Aubrey almost always has blue on, or around her. Dakota is usually wearing red.

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Audrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) has a twin sister named Dakota Moss (Lindsay Lohan) that was separated at birth. Susan Flemings real baby died at birth and a junkie woman down the hall had twins, so behind Mrs. Flemings back Daniel Fleming pays the junkie to keep one of the twins. The real Aubrey was kidnapped by a serial killer (who turns out to be her piano instructor Douglas) and while he's torturing her, in another town Dakota is having the same exact things happen to her unexplainably (turns out to be they're stigmatic twins). So Dakota comes to her town to find out what is going on and is found severely injured on the side of the road so they believe its Aubrey. Dakota spends the whole movie trying to prove that she isn't Aubrey. She eventually finds out what is going on and Mr. Fleming helps her get to the killer. Douglas kills Mr. Fleming then Dakota kills Douglas and in the nick of time finds Aubrey who was buried underground and digs her out from a shallow grave.

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