"he Ice Age is coming to an end, and the animals are delighting in the melting paradise that is their new world. Manny, Sid, and Diego quickly learn that the warming climate has one major drawback: a huge glacial dam is about to break, threatening the entire valley. The only chance of survival lies at the other end of the valley. So the three heroes, along with a mammoth named Ellie and her two "brothers" -- possums Crash and Eddie -- embark on a mission across an increasingly dangerous landscape towards their salvation. "
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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by RobbieT who says..."The film is full of laughs, generated by both adults and kids alike. Truly a family film!"

The movie starts with Scratch (saber toothed squirrel) climbing an inverted ice cliff. As he reaches the top (after a few hilarious moments), he tries to remove the acorn lodged on the surface. He pulls out the acorn and water start gushing out of the cliff. He falls into an ice slide just in front of a large animal sliding down to a pool.

Sid (saber tooth sloth) is being pushed around his ‘Camp Sid’ by his wards as Diego (saber tooth tiger) and Manny (mammoth) rescue him. Humiliated, Sid climbs the top of the cliff to be the first one to jump from there. Manny and Diego follows and rescues Sid on time. Looking beyond the cliff, the trio sees that the cliff has become a giant ice dam, and the dam is slowly melting away.

The trio goes down and adds their voice to Fast Tony (armadillo – Jay Leno) who is selling all kinds of stuff to help prepare for a flood. Nobody believes them until a vulture tells them of a coming flood when the dam breaks into the enclosed valley. A ‘ship’ is located in the other end of the valley, a three day distance, the vulture informs them. Manny herds the animals to go to the ship. As they start, Manny is bothered by something in the ice, he didn’t see the two water predators being released as the ice melted.

During the travel, Manny is concerned about being the last surviving mammoth. Encouragement from Sid and Diego doesn’t help much. After a few false leads, Manny stumbles on Ellie (Queen Latifah), a mammoth raised by a possum family. Ellie and her two possum brothers Eddie and Crash, join Manny so that they will have ‘protection’ so that they can travel by day.

The group first encounters the water predators, as the ice cracks from underneath their feet. Sid discovers Diego’s fear of water and tries his best to teach Diego not to fear the water. ‘Do not let the water treat you as prey, let the water be your prey’, Sid intoned to Diego. Sid also encounters a group of mini sloths, who capture him and make him, king for a night before tossing him over a volcano as a sacrifice. Sid escapes and joins the group, who didn’t believe his adventure. Nice production number, too.

Along the way, Manny tries to convince Ellie of her mammoth ‘heritage’. A poignant scene where Ellie relives her childhood reminds her she was a mammoth raised by a kindly possum family. The two behemoths get along until Manny awkwardly tells Ellie of their ‘responsibility’ being the only mammoths left. Ellie, still miffed, leads the ‘herd’ during a night trek and promptly walks into a delicately balanced rock formation. Only after working together, does the group survive.

In between, the struggles of Scratch continue. Tracking the acorn under the frozen ice, he caught the acorn after warding off a school of prehistoric piranha. However, a vulture grabs the acorn and brings it up his nest. Scratch follows and tangles with the vulture chick (just hatched) for the acorn. His victory is short lived, as the parent vulture returns and he is stomped out of the nest.

The group arrives within eyesight of the ‘ship’ (a large log nestled on top of a cliff) but a geyser field is between them and the ship. Manny goes across the field, Ellie elects to find a way around. Manny gets a near miss with a geyser but was revived by Sid and Diego. The trio reaches the access road but no Ellie was in sight.

Ellie and her brothers travel the long way and was nearing the access ramp until a landslide traps Ellie under tons of rock. Eddie and Crash bring Manny and the group to try and rescue Ellie. A huge splash washes the group off the ramp, as the dam already broke and water was coming in with the force of a tsunami. The possums are stranded in a tree branch; Sid (characteristically) hit his head in an attempt to rescue them. Diego overcomes his fear of water and actually swims to save the little group. Only after they were safe did Sid confess that he knows that tigers don’t swim.

Manny tries to free Ellie using a log as a wedge to open the cave door. The water predators try their best to get Manny but Manny was able to sucker the two into hitting the wedge log at top speed. The cave door opens and falls over the two. The group is now unable to reach the ship as the water has risen too high. They are stranded in a small island waiting for the water to claim them.

Scratch, meanwhile, has returned to the vulture nest as the dam is breaking. The vulture occupants are flying away as the nest is washed in the flood. Scratch is able to leave the nest with his acorn and climb a cliff near the ‘ship’. As he places the acorn on the top, the ground cracks (again) and splits. This time, the opening allows the water to pass through to a lower ground behind the cliff. The flood recedes and Manny (and the group) is saved. Scratch, however, falls to the bottom of the cliff as the water gushes in.

The ship settles on dry land as the group walks toward them. Suddenly, a herd of mammoths come from the crack in the cliff into the valley. Ellie tries to join the herd but Manny convinces her to join his ‘herd’ instead. The herd is now comprised of two mammoths, two possums, a tiger and a sloth, as they walk away to new adventures. Sid also gets a tempting offer from the mini sloths to lead them but Diego (for Sid) refuses, saying that the ‘herd’ is nothing without Sid.

Meanwhile Scratch is in squirrel heaven. As he enters the ‘pearly gates’ acorns are all around! He hugs them until he sees a giant acorn standing in the middle. As he approaches the giant acorn, a huge gust of wind was pushing him from ‘heaven’ until he falls back in….consciousness. Sid has found him half drowned and has done CPR to save him. Scratch goes into his ‘kung fu’ amok stance and start beating Sid until the credits roll.

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Manfred, Diego and Sid are living in a nice valley with other animals (Nobody mentions how Diego eats).

Manny is being ragged how he's the last mammoth. The ice starts melting and a vulture tells them they're all going to drown unless they reach a 'boat' at the end of the valley.

So begins another 'migration' journey with lots of larks along the way in which they meet a female mammoth Ellie (who thinks she is a possum) and her brothers Crash and Eddie (who are possums). The ice wall melts, the valley floods, everyone survives after much adventure.

The valley drains, Manny and Ellie (in love) have a chance to go with a herd of mammoth that appear, but decide to stay with their 'herd' Diego & Sid.

End Bit.

Scrat the Squirrel enters heaven (got squished earlier) it's a land of clouds and acorns, he sees the acorn of his dreams and is just about to touch it, when he is drawn back to the world.
It turns out that Sid has saved him, Scrat then proceeds to kick Sid's ass until the closing credits.

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