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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by theholmboy who says..."I thought was as good as Shrek and almost as good as Monsters Inc."

This movie starts out with Skrat, a saber-toothed squirrel-rat that is trying to bury an acorn. He is a running gag throughout the show and has some extremely funny things happen to him. He never succeeds in burying his acorn, but gets himself in lots of trouble in the meantime. While trying to bury the acorn in ice, he causes the earth to crack open, which causes an avalanche and he has to run away from it.

The scene switches to a pack of saber-toothed tigers who are watching some Neanderthal-type humans and are plotting revenge against them, since humans are wearing animal skins. Soto (Goran Visnjic), their leader, assigns Diego (Denis Leary) to make sure to get the human child in their attack on the humans and bring him to Soto. During the attack, the mother (who looks a lot like Pocahontas) grabs the child and runs away. Diego follows her and corners her on a rock face over a river and she plunges in with the child and gets away, temporarily. Diego must find her to get the child.

The scene changes to a bunch of different animals migrating south to avoid the cold. We meet Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo), who was left behind by his family/friends, probably because of his annoying tendencies. He is very funny and made the movie, in my opinion. He tries to find someone to migrate with and in the process, he ruins the lunch of 2 rhinocerous-type creatures. As he is running away from them, he runs into Manfred (Ray Romano), a loner Wooly Mammoth who scares off the rhinos. He asks Sid to leave him alone, but of course Sid stays with him and Manfred allows it. They are traveling together, but not headed south like the other animals. The come to a river and find the baby on the water's edge and the mother still in the river, barely hanging on. They look at the baby and when they turn back, the mother is gone. So while they are deciding to return the child to the humans, Diego comes along. Diego pretends to be nice and tells them that he will return the child. Manfred doesn't trust him and they agree to all return the child, with Diego leading the way to the humans.

That night, while the others are asleep, Diego meets two of the other saber-tooth tigers and tells them that he will lead the whole group to Soto and the others and they can all attack Manfred and have a big feast.

So under that pretense, they go through a series of adventures on their way to returning the child. Sid finds 2 "babe" Sloths in a hot tub. They find a bunch of Dodo birds who have what little food there is left. They go into a cave and find a cool ice slide and there are some funny sight-gags. Skrat gets caught in some ice. At the end of the cave, they find some cave art and Manfred goes into a flashback scene melded with the wall art, where we find out humans killed his mate and child.

Along the way, it shows the humans looking for the child and we see Skrat continue to not bury his acorn. We also see that Diego is not liking his original plan and a friendship with Manfred & Sid is building. When they are almost to the tiger trap, Diego fesses up to his plan to lead them into a trap and they form a new plan. Sid approaches the sentinel tigers and gets them to chase him where he ends up skiing then snowboarding in his getaway.

The tigers catch on and find Manfred and the child, but with Diego's help they defeat the other tigers, kill Soto and get away. They catch up with the humans, and after a tense moment where the humans ready their weapons, they safely return the child with a tearful goodbye.

The movie ends 20,000 years later with Skrat floating in a block of ice in the ocean. It comes to a desert island. He eventually thaws and finds a coconut. While trying to bury it, he causes the earth to crack open again which starts a volcanic eruption.


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