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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by EboMike. Something tells me he didn't like the movie to well. He calls it an... "Average movie... I've expected a lot more."

We start off in 1999 in Kosovo where all hell is breaking loose and evil Serbian soldiers waste civilians like flies. Benicio del Toro is a very skilled soldier/government operative who sneaks into an enemy building and slices and dices the evil Serbian leaders with his trusty knife.

We cut to snowy British Columbia, Tommy Lee Jones has grown an obnoxious full beard and is taking care of the wild life;

we see him tender a dog injured by a trap using some Rambo-style healing techniques and then kick the butt of whoever set that trap.

Cut to a forest in Oregon, it's 2002 now. Two hunters with high-tech scope rifles wandering through the forest, hunting deer. We then see Benicio del Toro, hunting the two guys. Basically, he's first playing with them (talking to them, taunting them, with them having no clue where he is), then slowly kills them using Rambo-style booby traps. Oh, I mentioned Rambo again? Guess that's because this is a blatant "First blood" rip-off.

Shady yet goofy government officials urge Tommy Lee Jones to come to Oregon to help them catch Benicio del Toro who obviously went nuts. Reluctantly, he accepts, then jumps into the Oregon forest with a catchy one-liner ("if I'm not back in two days, that means I'm dead"), and proceeds to capture Benicio. The two first duke it out and seem to be of equal skill, but then the other officials, among them Random Female Supporting Character, aka Connie Nielsen
who secretly followed Tommy, spoil all the fun by tranquilizing Benicio.

While he is in custody, the government guys are not giving out much information to the police and produce a letter from somewhere up high that enables them to take Benicio with them. As we find out now (actually, as we found out in the trailer), Benicio is a formidably trained assassin and killing machine, but over the years he lost a few screws and now kinda enjoys killing everyone, no matter whether his superiors consider 'em "good" or "bad". Benicio also knows Tommy - while Tommy has never been in the military, unlike Benicio, he was employed by the Army to train people how to kill, and he's trained Benicio quite well. Tommy is almost like a father to Benicio. Tommy however left this life behind and went to BC to help animals. All the letters to Tommy where Benicio mourned the loss of his sanity went unanswered.

So government boys load Benicio into a white Army transporter and drive him away. On the road, they more or less explain to Benicio that they are going to kill him now. Benicio expresses discontent with this plan and kills the boys, including the driver, who - now lacking most of his brains - crashes the transporter. Benicio escapes.

He now pays a visit to his ex-girl-friend who never really understood what exactly he was doing. Benicio gives her tons of money and urges her to leave the house as she is in danger. Tommy Lee Jones, who was on his way back to BC, believing his mission was done, somehow hears about Benicio's escape and heads back. In no time, he finds out about the girl-friend and goes there, together with Connie Nielsen. They do find Benicio there, but he escapes by jumping out of a window and then driving away with Connie's car.

A few minutes and many car-wrecks later, Benicio escapes on foot, with Benicio, Connie Nielsen and the police guys we saw at the police station on his tail. One by one, Benicio kills off the police characters. Basically, now we see Tommy running after Benicio for the next fifteen minutes. The chase includes a bike, the metro express, and a lot of stupidity. In the end, Benicio climbs onto the top of a very high bridge pillar and jumps down into the river. That didn't really seem to hurt him, and neither the snipers in the choppers, nor the 30 policemen on the bridge or the sheriff on the speedboat are able to spot him as he swims with the current.

Tommy now creates a cool knife out of a rock. At the same time, Benicio - hiding somewhere near the river - makes a cozy bonfire and forges a knife out of some stray metal somebody thoughtfully left behind. I don't even remember how Tommy now gets to Benicio, but something tells me it's not really that important. So in the end, Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio have the obligatory fight.

They cut each other up pretty bad, and Benicio slices Tommy so many times that he shouldn't be alive anymore, let alone wield his rock-knife, but for some reason he still does and manages to cut Benicio right in his heart just before Connie Nielsen can spoil the fun again by shooting Benicio.

In the final scene, Tommy is back in his cabin in BC (no signs of injuries whatsoever), burning all the letters Benicio wrote him, and hopefully also any scripts for sequels.


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