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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by movielover who calls this movie... "Hillarious flick, great date movie."

The movie starts off with Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson). She works at a Cosmo-esque magazine called Composure, which we learn is the fastest-growing women's magazine in the country. Andie is the resident How To girl, but is distressed, wanting to write about things that matter, like politics and religion.

Meanwhile, we meet Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey), a womanizing ad executive. He meets up with Spears (Michael Michele) and Green (Shalom Harlow), colleagues of his. They are about to nail a diamond account, which
Ben desperately wants, but so far belongs to Spears and Green. Spears tells him that they are about to have a meeting at Composure, which will be running ads for the diamond account.

We go back to Andie. She notices her friend Michelle (Kathryn Hahn) isn't at work. She goes to her apartment, realizing she must've been dumped. Andie comforts her, and Michelle is a complete wreck, although she had only been dating the guy a week. She says that she did things like literally cry during sex, tell the guy she loved him after 3 days, and call him in the middle of the night telling him what she had to eat that day.

Andie and Michelle attend a meeting at Composure, with all the other writers. Their boss is Lana (Bebe Neuwirth), a brazen, kooky woman. Andie brings up writing a piece about politics for the next issue, but Lana tells her that they are a fashion/gossip magazine, so she is unable to do that. Andie comes up with an idea, using Michelle as her inspiration. She will write an article on what "not to do" in a relationship, learning from the mistakes women make that drive men away. Lana dubs the article "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days".

After the meeting, Spears and Green meet up with Lana, and are introduced to Andie. Later that night, Andie is at a bar with Michelle and Jeannie, another friend, looking for a guinea pig. At the same time, Ben is having a meeting with Spears and Green, and their boss Philip Warren (Robert Klein). Ben tells them he really wants the diamond account, and Spears tells him that wouldn't work, since essentialy he knows nothing about women. Just then, Spears spots Andie in the bar. Already having knowledge about Andie's assignment, she makes Ben a bet. "Make a girl fall in love with YOU in 10 days", and selects Andie. If Andie admits to loving Ben to Warren, Ben gets the diamond account. Ben agrees, and asks Andie to dinner, and she agrees, her not knowing about his bet, him not knowing about her assignment.

Andie and Ben have dinner, and then go back to his place. He puts on some sexy music, but then decides if he's going to make a girl love him, he shouldn't rush things. Ben and Andie passionately make out, but then both decide to take it slow. Andie leaves his apartment. He mutters to himself "You are already falling in love with me", while she says "I'm going to make you wish you were dead".

The next day, Ben discovers Andie "accidentally" left her purse in his apartment. While sitting in his office with co-workers Tony (Adam Goldberg) and Thayer (Thomas Lennon), examining the purse, Tony accidentaly knocks over the purse, revealing Knicks tickets. Andie is at her office, and receives flowers. While Michelle observes it's because he likes her already, she says it's because he found the Knicks tickets. Ben and Andie agree to go to the game together.

Andie's first experiment is to ask Ben to go get her a soda with one minute left in the game. He comes back, and she asks him to get her another one, since she wanted diet. He comes back, just barely making it and seeing the last second or two of the game.

At work the next day, Ben is at a meeting with all of his co-workers, when he receives a call from Andie. She talks baby talk and he says he's in an important meeting and says maybe they could get together for a movie. Later that night, we see Andie has selected a chick-flick marathon. An overweight man in the theater gets mad at Andie and Ben for talking during Sleepless In Seattle, and picks a fight with Ben outside, eventually knocking him out for a few seconds.

The next day, Ben observes to Tony and Thayer that women love a man who can cook. He invites Andie over for dinner that night, where they will eat a nice dinner and watch the Knicks game on TV. Ben prepares a fancy meal of cherry-coated roast lamb. Andie starts looking upset, and tells Ben that the meal looks beautiful, but she doesn't eat meat.

We then see that they're eating at some sort of New Age veggie restaurant. Andie throws a tantrum in the restaurant, crying and saying Ben thinks she's fat and that she can't eat in front of him. Every woman in the restaurant looks at him in disgust. Andie pretends to go to the bathroom, but ducks into the kitchen instead, where we see that she knows the cooks, who have supplied her with a burrito and the Knicks game.

Ben invites Andie over a few nights later, and we see that she has moved in her bedspread, some stuffed animals, tampons and such, a love fern (a baby that will grow, just like their relationship) and has even bought a dog for them (that always manages to pee on everything) into Ben's apartment, freaking him out.

Andie says that she used Photo Shop at work to show what Andie and Ben's kids would look like. Ben's mother later calls, asking for Andie. Andie and Ben's mom talk on the phone like old pals, and Ben is stumped. Andie tells him that she got accquainted with his mother over the phone while looking for baby pictures of Ben. Andie and Ben start making out, and she gets very hyper, wanting to have sex. She even goes so far as to nickname his privates "Princess Sophia".

The next night, Ben is having a "guy's night" with Tony and Thayer and some other friends, playing poker, eating pizza and smoking cigars. Andie's latest plan is to disrupt the night. She lets herself in, puzzling everyone as to how she got a key. She makes the boys put out their cigars, eat cucumber sandwiches instead of pizza, and other embarassments. She also starts yelling at Ben for letting their love fern "die", and then "accidentaly" lets the dog (Crawl) onto the pool table, who then proceeds to pee everywhere.

Ben and Andie have a fight, and he wants to know what happened to the "fun, sexy" Andie he met on the first date, not this crazy person she's been acting like lately. She says that they're over. Later, we see Andie in the hallway, all smiles that they're finally over with. Tony suggests to Ben to undergo couple's therapy, and he stops Andie before she leaves. She agrees to go to therapy, saying she knows a great therapist.

We then see Andie and Ben entering the apartment of Michelle, the "therapist". Michelle tricks Andie into agreeing to go to see Ben's family in Staten Island for the weekend. Andie then engages in a nice game of "Bulls*it" with Ben's family, where you try to see if other players are lying about what cards they have just put down. For the first time, Andie realizes that this is what she really wants, and that she really does like Ben.

Andie and Ben go out for a nice walk together, and he even teaches her to ride his motorcycle. While standing on the sidewalk eating ice cream, a truck runs by and splashes water all over them. They go back to Ben's house so Andie can dry off in the shower. They end up kissing and undressing, and both get in the shower together, where it's implied they have sex for the first time.

Ben drives Andie back to her apartment, where he asks if she will go to the diamond account gala with him (10 days after the original bet). She says yes, and they arrive at the party. Warren approaches Andie, and asks her if she loves Ben. She says no, she couldn't, she's only known him for 10 days. Meanwhile, Lana is introduced to Ben, who says he's looking for the "most beautiful girl in the place". He points to Andie, and Lana says that Andie is her "How To" girl and unknowingly tells Ben about the whole article she was writing on him. For some reason, Warren tells Spears and Green that Andie said she did love him. In turn, Spears and Green lie and tell Thayer and Tony that Andie doesn't love Ben, and was playing along on the bet the whole time. Thayer and Tony ask Andie if she can just pretend she doesn't know "about the bet", which leaves her floored.

Andie and Ben now know about each other, and engage in a lyric-changed duet of "You're So Vain". Andie storms out of the party. Ben tells her congratulations, you've accomplished, what you set out to do in the first place, lose me in 10 days. He walks away, and Andie replies that you can't lose what you never had.

Andie hangs out at Michelle's apartment, where the guy who dumped Michelle after a week shows up. He says he misses her so much and wants her back. Andie smiles, happy for her. At work the next day, Andie quits her job, since Lana tells her she wrote a great article, but she still can't write about politics and religion. Tony shows Ben the article, where Andie writes that she made the biggest mistake of all - lose the only guy she ever fell for.

Ben rushes out to find Andie so he can make up with her. He goes to her office, where Michelle (who he recognizes as the "therapist" who charged him $300 an hour) tells him that Andie has an interview in Washington. Ben rides on his motorcycle, eventually finding Andie in a cab on a bridge, and asks the cab driver to pull over. Ben makes Andie tell her that everything in the article was true, and she says every word.

He then asks, "Then where are you going?". She says she's going to Washington, because it's the only place she'll be able to write about whatever she wants. Ben tells her that she can in New York too, since she's a great writer. They kiss, and Andie smiles, as the credits begin to roll.


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