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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Snowriderz64 who says... "This movie is very disturbing and has a total suprise ending. It has been nominated for many awards and is one of the best movies I have ever seen"

The film starts off at a wedding ceremony between Behrani's (Ben Kingsley) daughter and another man. Next we see Kathy (Jennifer Connelly) sleeping and getting a call from her mother saying that she will be visiting Kathy soon with some friends. Kathy gets a knock on the door. Lester, a police officer (Ron Eldard) and court officials say that since Kathy hasn't paid her bills she must be evicted from her house. Kathy has nowhere to go and she has little money.

We see Behrani pick up an add from the newspaper saying that a house is for sale. He and his wife and teenage son all want the house. Behrani buys it. Kathy is now staying at a motel and has hardly any money to pay for it. She gets kicked out from the motel. Kathy goes to get a lawer who looks into the case and finds out information. She is on Kathy's side and figures out that the goverment has made a mistake with the house and it turns out that Kathy doesn't owe any money to the goverment for the house. This means Kathy should get her house back. It is too late because Behrani and his family now own it.

The next day Kathy goes back to the lawer and the lawer says that there is bad news; the lawer can't get the house back. Kathy is full with rage and curses at the lawer and drives to Behrani's house. She sees people working on the house and Kathy goes up and asks what they are doing. Kathy steps on a piece of wood with a nail and cuts her foot bleeding a lot. The workers take Kathy into the house and Behrani's wife, Nadi takes care of her.

The next day Kathy and Lester meet up and have lunch. Lester says that he has a family, two children and a wife. He explains that things aren't working out well and he is going to leave his wife. Lester drives Kathy back to a different motel and they have sex. Later that day Kathy pays a visit to Behrani's house and tells him that she wants the house back and that its a stolen house because Kathy doesn't owe the goverment money. Behrani gets very angry and tells Kathy to leave. He grabs her arm and throws her into her car. Kathy goes back to the motel and tells Lester about it. Lester goes to Behrani's house and is furious. He said that this has gone too far and he will have the family deported back to their country if they don't give Kathy back the house.

Lester and Kathy take off and Lester says that since he left his wife he is homeless. Lester says that he owns a cabin a few miles away in the woods. Lester and Kathy will stay there until Kathy gets the house back. The next morning Kathy goes back to Behrani's house and begs for the house.

Behrani does not give in and grabs Kathy by the arm harshfully and throws her into her car and tells her that it is his home and she better leave.

Later that night Kathy goes back to the house with a gun. She pulls up in their driveway and trys to kill herself but before she does Behrani comes out and tells her that he will take care of her. Kathy is a mess at this point. The family takes care of her. Nadi puts kathy in the bath and tells her to wash up. Lester pays a visit to the house with a gun. Kathy in the bathtub gets up and takes some pills from the medicine drawer. Kathy takes the whole bottle and passes out. Nadi walks in the sees this and forces Kathy to vomit it up and Kathy does. Nadi brings Kathy into the bedroom and tells her to rest.

Lester walks in the house and sees Kathy sleeping there in bad shape. He locks the family up in the bathroom and says that he won't let them out until Behrani gives up the house. Behrani agrees and Lester brings Behrani and the son to the real estate building.

Just before they walk inside Behrani pins down Lester and the boy takes the gun and trys to shoot Lester but before the son pulls the trigger, a police officer shoots the kid (big shock to the whole audience). The kid dies in the hospital.

Lester is put in jail for a little while because he threatend the family that they will get deported.

Behrani finds out that his son dies and goes back to the house. Behrani and his wife sit down and he slips posion into her drink and she dies. Behrani lays her on the bed and puts a plastic bag over his head and kills himself (we see it happen too, it was very disturbing).

Kathy goes to the house and finds the couple dead on their bed. She freaks out and calls the police. The police arrive and ask kathy if it is her house and she replies, "No."

In the end we assume Kathy gets the house back.


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