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NOTE: Hadn't heard form this submitter for awhile but welcome back EEM

The film starts similarly to the first, with a killer cleaning up during the opening credits. We see hands going through a young American’s belongings (keeping the cash, burning the rest).

After the credits, we follow up from the first movie. Paxton (Jay Hernandez) is woken up on the train by police officers, who see his injuries. We next see him recovering in the hospital. He tells the officers about the factory he saw, where people can pay to torture and kill others. He goes over a lot of the basics from the first movie, including how members have a bloodhound tattoo. Then the officials start to interrogate him about a man at the Vienna station with a similar tattoo that was killed (the revenge kill from Hostel). Paxton starts to get nervous, especially since they saw him on the security camera. The lead officer reveals his own bloodhound tattoo and cuts Paxton wide open, pulling out his guts. Paxton screams and wakes up. It turns out the scene was simply a dream.

Paxton wakes up next to his girlfriend. He goes to the bathroom to take his medication. She drills him about when he’ll tell Josh’s mother what happened to him (she thinks Josh is still in Europe). He refuses. He knows the “hunting club” is well connected and would go after him. They have an argument about how paranoid Paxton has been acting, and it ends with Paxton leaving the room.

Paxton’s girlfriend wakes up the next morning and starts searching for him. To her horror, she finds him sitting at the breakfast table…headless. The next scene is of a man riding his motorcycle to meet a group of distinguished men with bloodhounds. The biker shows one the contents of a box (presumed to be Paxton’s head). The older gentleman (named Sasha) is satisfied. We learn that he’s the head of this organization.

The next scene is of an outdoor art class attended by Lorna (Heather Matarazzo), Whitney (Bijou Phillips), and Beth (Lauren German). Whitney and Beth talk about a few things, mostly how Lorna can be annoying and their upcoming trip to Prague. One of the models, named Axelle (Vera Jordanova) is very friendly, especially with Beth. We next see Beth reassuring her father that their trip to Prague is perfectly safe. She then lets Whitney know the bad news: Lorna is coming along. Beth felt bad about her being homesick, so she let her tag along. During the train ride, Lorna stays in their car while Whitney and Beth get a drink. The two bump into a creepy older guy, who later eyes Lorna.

While talking, Whitney and Beth are bought drinks by none other than Axelle (she’s been following them). Meanwhile, Lorna is slowly being approached by the creepy old guy (she doesn’t notice, since she’s writing in her journal and listening to music). Whitney hits on a guy and asks where they can score some drugs. The man takes them back to his car. It’s a bit of a mess and he’s slow to come up with anything for them. They start acting very shady which makes the girls paranoid. They end up having a shouting match, and the girls leave. The girls go back to their car, where Lorna is crying since someone stole her ipod. Whitney goes out to check but quickly ducks back in when she sees the shady characters from before. Eventually Axelle knocks, holds up the ipod, and asks if anyone might have lost it. She claims the creepy old guy tried to steal her purse and it fell out of his pocket. She acts a bit frightened, so Beth offers her a seat in their car.

During the night, Axelle tells the girls about the hot springs in Slovakia. She manages to sell the idea to each of the girls. They change a train in Prague and end up in none other than the same hostel from the first movie. The same desk clerk works there as well. He gives them their room keys and invites them to the Harvest Festival. We later see the clerk uploading their passports, where men and women can bid online for them. We see a sequence of online bids, where an American (Todd) has won the “rights” to one of the girls. Another man (Stuart) is phoned the good news about his bid. He isn’t quite as pumped as Todd.

Back in Slovakia, the girls are walking down a street but are stopped by the bubblegum gang from the first film. Lorna sweetly offers them a mint, but the boy spits in her face and calls them bitches, before running off. Two of the hunters arrive in Slovakia and are given pagers for when the factory is ready. They’re given tattoos. Stuart tries to refuse, but there’s no backing out. Meanwhile at the festival, Whitney and Lorna talk, and we find out that Beth is loaded with money from an inheritance. The girls all dance, where even Lorna finds a partner (named Roman)—not realizing the festival is right across from a party when the “hunters” are watching.

Beth is offered a dance by an awkward looking man, but she politely declines. Afterwards he eerily says “I could have helped you”. The desk clerk then gives Beth a drink, but she doesn’t trust him. She dumps the drink out blindly, and spills it all over Stuart. She apologizes and offers to buy him a drink. Lorna tells Beth all about how she’s falling for Roman, but Beth cautions her about being alone with him. Beth and Stuart have a nice conversation, but he gets nervous when Beth sees his pager. Beth later tries to chase down Lorna, who’s taking a boat ride alone with Roman, but it’s too late. Soon after, Roman has Lorna close her eyes only for two men to ambush her. Axelle tells Beth to go with Whitney and her dancing partner (named Miroslav), while she waits for Lorna. The girls go back to the hostel, and Beth talks Whitney out of spending the night with Miroslav.

The next morning Todd and Stuart go for a jog by the river. They talk about what it means to have “balls”. Stuart continues to seem reluctant, as Todd gets more pumped. Meanwhile Axelle, Beth, Whitney and Miroslav are at the springs, talking about how Lorna is missing, but is probably the only one to get any action. We next see Lorna, hanging naked in a candle lit room above a huge empty tub, awaiting her “hunter”. The hunter is a beautiful naked woman, who enters the tub. She wields a scythe very lightly over Lorna’s naked body. She then starts to swing the scythe into her, and literally bathes in her blood. She takes a smaller tool to finish her off, by slicing her throat.

Back at the springs, Beth nods off and wakes up to find everyone gone. She sees two large men stalking her, so she runs off. She goes down a road and sees the awkward looking guy from before (obviously beaten up). She asks for his help, but he refuses and drives off. She goes into the woods but trips on a wire, where the bubblegum gang starts attacking her. Before, they can do any harm; Sasha (standing with Axelle) scares them off with a gunshot. She’s taken to a car and feels she’s being saved. Sasha demands a sacrifice by the gang, to which they comply. He kills the unlucky chosen one.

Axelle tells Beth that Sasha is an importer/exporter, and that they will find her friends. We next find ourselves back at the factory, where Whitney is the next victim. A man prepares her to be “pretty for the client”. He lets down his guard, and Whitney bites off his nose, and attempts her escape, but finds herself locked in. Back at the house, Beth sees Axelle betray her by letting in the two large men from before. After a short struggle, she’s taken in. Todd’s pager goes off.

Todd and Stuart prepare for their kills, complete with executioner outfits. They go to their separate killing chambers. Stuart ends up with Beth and reveals himself. He tries to calm her down. He tells her what’s going on, but that he won’t kill her. He keeps telling himself “I’m not that guy”. Beth (who starts to feel safe) turns to him, only to be slapped and knocked out. Meanwhile Todd gets ready to use a power saw on Whitney, but the cord won’t reach. He continues to scare her, but ends up accidentally scalping her. Todd angrily refuses to finish the job (perhaps a mix of guilt and rage). He takes the elevator down, only to be torn apart by the dogs. It turns out the killing is more than mandatory, so the club offs him. The hunting club offers the rest of Whitey to several men, including an Italian cannibal who is currently eating Miroslav alive.

They also offer her to Stuart who accepts. We start to learn he’s a lot more sadistic than we thought. It turns out Stuart hates his wife and is doing this to take out his rage. Beth tries her best to plea with him. She claims she enjoys the fear to “seduce” Stuart. She ends up attacking and shackling him. Beth then starts torturing him for the code to get out. The security at the place has a showdown with her, with Beth holding Stuart’s genitals hostage. She offers to buy her way out (remember, she’s loaded). She negotiates with Sasha. However, she must agree to kill Stuart (remember: killing is mandatory). After Stuart insults her one last time, she has no problem cutting off his manhood (OUCH!!!). Beth leaves him to bleed to death, while being forced to get her tattoo.

The last scene shows Axelle’s bag being stolen by one of the bubblegum gang as she gives chase—only to trip on the wire Beth fell for. Beth emerges with an ax and chops off her head. The bubblegum gang cheerfully plays soccer with it. Roll credits.

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