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Not since the first episode of the TV show had Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul gotten together.

They are clansmen from the Mcleod clan born 70 years apart. In this movie they are facing an enemy KELL played by Bruce Payne. Kell is much more powerful than the MacLeod's. Highlander's gain strength by beheading other highlanders. In this case, Kell has killed over 600 highlanders including his own men in order to gain their strength. He also killed the wife of Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul)

Lambert challenges Adrian Paul to join him in fighting KELL, claiming that individually, they are not strong enough to defeat him. However, if one of thm kill the other, they will gain strength and become powerful enough.

Adrian Paul doesn't want to fight. Lambert insists and gets into an argument that escalates into a full fight. Lambert holds back a little enabling Adrian Paul to behead him and get all of Lambert's strength. Adrian fights Kell, comes close to being defeated but eventually wins.

The last scene shows Adrian Paul looking down on the graveside of Lambert's wife that died hundreds of years earlier. Lamberts grave is now beside hers.

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Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul

Adrian kills Lambert, gaining his strength and defeating their enemy - Kell.