Lock, Stock
& 2 Smoking


The movies begins as we see the boyfriend of Minnie Driver at home playing with his radio equipment. His hobby is recording cell phone conversations and making an "urban symphony" with them. We then meet Minnie Driver who is an overworked nurse at a busy London hospital and her friend Mary McCormak who is a struggling American actress trying to make it in London.

Minnie's boyfriend forgets her birthday, they fight, he leaves and Mary takes her out on the town drinking and dancing.

When they get back, the radio equipment is still on and they hear a phone conversation between a young man and his girlfriend.

Turns out that this young man, Danny, is the lookout for a bank heist going down and is talking on his cell phone while killing time. Minnie and Mary think this is odd and they write down the guys phone number.

The next day while both of them are at their workplaces, they hear the news reports of the robbery. They head to the police station and try to tell what they know but it is so busy that the captain won't even listen to her.

Frustrated, they come up with a blackmail plan. Minnie needs some convincing so Mary says they'll use the money to purchase new equipment for the hospital. Their plan is to call the phone number, Danny, and tell him that they know all about it and if he doesn't pay them $300,000 (pounds, dollars... i don't know) they'll turn him in. Mary disguises her voice to sound like a man.

Danny is kind of a dimwit and agrees to the exchange. The money is placed in a garbage can near a park. Unfortunately, a bum starts searching through the garbage before the girls can get to it. Lucky for them however because Danny, not knowing who the voice at the other end of the phone was, returns and with the help of his boss Mason, gun down the bum. They bad guys leave and Minnie cares for the bum's wounds (remember, she's a nurse). The girls discover that there wasn't any money in the bag after all.

They figure out where Danny lives and break into his apartment. While searching around the apartment Mason enters. Minnie is upstairs and Mary, (remember, she's an actress) acts like a hooker waiting for Danny to arrive. Mason pays her and she leaves. Danny comes home and Mason shoots him under orders from the big boss. Mason leaves and Minnie cares for Danny's wounds.

Eventually, the plot leads to where Mason and his henchman are on a train sitting near Minnie (although they don't know it's her) with Mary waiting under a train trestle. The money demand is now one million. Mary calls them and they toss the briefcase of money (so we think) off the moving train where Mary is waiting below for it. She puts it in her car but is pulled away by a farmer wanting her off his land. Mason presses a remote control switch and the briefcase blows up.

The Big boss calls Mason and tells him that he's done some investigative work and one of the two people is a woman wearing a large divers watch. Mason looks over at Minnie and sees her watch and kidnaps her as she's getting off the train.

Mary has made it to the station just in time (stealing the farmers car) and after a little gun play, Mary and Minnie drive off.

They determine that it's now time to get tough and they break into Mason's house and tie him up. They demand he tell them where the safe is. He refuses so Minnie begins to inject him with a drug that will kill him. Mary protests so Minnie shoots and kills her (yeah, like we really believe she's dead).

Mason, now realizing that Minnie is nuts tells her where the safe is. As she takes the money and begins to lock mason in the safe, the henchman arrives and frees the Mason.

Another gunfight begins but this time it's Mary outside with all of Mason's weapons with her. He had a lot of them. The next few minutes are kind of slapstick comedy as eventually the girls get away with the money while the now drugged up Mason is kind of loopy as the cops arrive and the henchman lay in the bushes having been shot by one of the girls.

The next scene is back at the hospital as truckloads of new equipment is being delivered.

The girls are walking away, trying to tell themselves that it's okay that all the money went to the hospital. As they turn the corner Minnie suprises Mary with a new Mercedes and Mary opens her bag showing that she kept "a little" money herself.

The final scene shows the girls driving away.

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