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This short and to the point spoiler was sent in by davidshi123 who says... "Well, I don't know what quite to say about the ending to this movie.. just bear with me."

Ashley Judd is happily married to her husband. The movie opens with her having sex and getting impregnated.

Later, we find out that Judd is a high profile lawyer that is pretty famous. While strollinging the streets one day, a SWAT team of some sort raids the couple and takes the husband (Kubik) away.

We find out that he is being charged with murder while he served in the army. Apparently, 3 American students were killed while in a cafe in Mexico. A terrorist was suspected and Kubik's battallion was sent to a remote village where they think the terrorist was hiding. Their search is fruitless, but apparently some soldier loses his cool and kills 9 civilians. The Government is accusing Kubik.

Judd has no experience in a military tribunal, only in public courts does she have experience, so she enlists the services of Morgan Freeman.

It is learned that a fellow member of Kubik's platoon is named Hernandez and Kubik claims Hernandez shot the 9 civilians in a fit of rage, and told the rest of the platoon to lie and say Kubik did it. This story is according to Kubik.

Eventually, Freeman tracks down a former member of the platoon, gets him drunk, and has him admit he was bribed into accusing Kubik. The tape is not allowed in court because mysteriously, the man vanishes. Apparently, there is a huge conspiracy because many of Judd's associates are attacked many times during the course of the movie. Judd is attacked by a Mexican man (important later).

Judd later confronts the Mexican man and he tells the real story: Hernandez threw the bomb into the cafe because the head terrorist was really there. They successfully killed the terrorist. The army didn't know 3 American students were there. As a cover up, the Army claimed the head terrorist did it and sent in the platoon to look for the terrorist in that remote village. Judd verifies this because Hernandez had a patch in his eye from when the Mexican dude claimed Hernandez got cut from the debris from the blast. Medical records prove this.

Later, for some reason not known, the case is just thrown out. Apparently, Freemand has dug up some dirt and found out that 2 witnesses were murdered in Texas and Mexico. Kubik happened to be in both towns on the day of the murders. We then learn that Kubik was also involved in this whole conspiracy.

That blew me away because all this time, they were trying to prosecute him....

Kubik finds out that Judd found out about him. He attacks Judd, and Mexican dude comes in at last second to save her.

End of movie.


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