"In his fourth year at Hogwarts, Harry faces his greatest challenges and dangers yet. When he is selected under mysterious circumstances as a contestant in the Triwizard Tournament, Harry must compete against the best young wizards from schools all over Europe. But as he prepares, signs begin to point to the return of Lord Voldemort. Before long, Harry is playing not just for the Cup, but for his life."

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by CheezHead.

The film opens in a slow pan over a case of skulls. A snake appears through the open mouth of one of the skulls, and slowly makes its way past a large gravestone monument. It is night in the graveyard - no one else is seen. The monument consists of a stone slab with the names of the grave's inhabitants and a large, robed statue of a figure (think the Black Riders from LotR) holding a scythe. A name on the stone slab can barely be made out: Tom Riddle. The camera pans up and passes through the title.

The camera falls on the graveyard and two large, old houses. A light in the smaller cottage goes on. Inside, the groundskeeper lights the stove and sets a pot for tea. He notices a light in the larger house on and shadows on the window. Muttering “bloody kids,” he grabs his keys and a flashlight, and makes his way into the house. The house is decrepit. There are cobwebs and broken-down furniture everywhere. As the groundskeeper makes his way up the creaky steps, he hears voices from a room at the top of the stairs. He turns off his flashlight and stops at the top of the stairs, listening quietly. A hissing voice comes from the chair in the middle of the room. Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew, from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) is seen kneeling in front of the chair, asking Lord Voldemort if the boy [presumably Harry Potter] is needed it all [for whatever plan is being hatched]. Voldemort is not seen directly - only a pale, bony, withered hand is visible. The hissing voice of Voldemort insists things will continue exactly as he planned. Another man, dressed in leather kneels in front of the chair. Voldemort tells this man (whose identity is not yet revealed) to inform the others by sending up another signal (we don't know what this means yet). The camera switches to the hallway, where the snake from the opening sequence slithers past the groundskeeper, into the room, and up Voldemort's chair. Speaking to Voldemort in Parseltongue, the snake informs him of the eavesdropper in the hall. The groundskeeper is discovered. Wormtail opens the door fully. Voldemort tells him to get out of the way, so he can give his guest a proper welcome. Voldemort hisses “Avada Kedavra” as a blinding, green flash blinds the screen. In the cottage, the tea pot hisses.

A hand shakes Harry Potter awake. It is Hermione. She tells Harry and Ron to wake up - breakfast is ready. We are inside the Weasley household, and it is still summer. Harry and Hermione are at the Weasley house because they will be joining the Weasleys on a trip to the Quidditch World Cup. As Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Ginny, and Mr. Weasley make their way outside, they are joined by Amos Diggory and his son, Cedric (a seventh-year student at Hogwarts). The entourage gathers at the top of a hill around an old boot. The boot is a port key - an object that has been charmed to act as a transport. Grabbing a hold of the boot, the group is transported to the remote location of the Quidditch World Cup. After arriving and organizing their things in their tents, the group makes its way to the stadium for the match. After an unpleasant encounter with Draco Malfoy and his father, Lucius, Harry and the Weasleys settle into their seats (at the very top of the stadium) to enjoy the match. First, the Irish team arrives, spewing smoke from their broomsticks and setting off a fireworks display that features an animated firework of a Leprechaun. The Bulgarian team is the next to arrive - they plow through the Leprechaun, destroying it. The crowd begins cheering the name of the Bulgarian seeker - Viktor Krum (Ron's idol). Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, addresses the crowd and begins the match.

The match is not shown. The camera cuts to the interior of the Weasley tent, where the kids are dancing, singing, laughing, and enjoying the night. As he's stoking the fire, Mr. Weasley hears a distant explosion and goes to investigate. One of the twins suggests it's merely the “Irish getting their pride on.” Mr. Weasley returns, hurriedly. It's not the Irish - they must all leave immediately. They exit the tent. People are screaming and running everywhere. Tents are burning, and a band of robed figures are making their way through the crowd, chanting and setting things ablaze. Harry is separated from the group and trampled in the crowd. He passes out on the ground, and the camera fades to black.

It is later that night. All the tents are reduced to smoldering ashes. Harry awakens to discover a lone figure, dressed in leather, searching through the rubble. The man points his wand to the sky and shouts out a spell. In a flash of green, a skull appears in the sky with a growl. A serpent slithers out of its open mouth and wiggles across the sky. Harry's scar burns. The man is shown to be the same leather-dressed man from the opening scene. As Harry rises, he spots Harry and begins to advance on him. As Harry runs away, we hear Hermione and Ron calling out for Harry. Seeing other people are coming, the leather man flees. Hermione and Ron catch up with Harry. Several adults appear around the kids. One man, Barty Crouch (head of Magical Law Enforcement), accuses Harry of casting the sign in the sky. Hermione tells Harry this is Voldemort's sign - the Dark Mark. Mr. Weasley tells Harry those robed men were Voldemort's followers - the Death Eaters. Harry denies conjuring the Dark Mark, and tells Barty about the leather man. Barty and the other adults leave to pursue the leather man, who has long since gone.

The image of the Dark Mark in the sky dissolves to a picture of the mark on the front page of the Daily Prophet Hermione is reading on the train to Hogwarts. They discuss the Mark, saying the Ministry of Magic is worried because it happened even when extra tight security was present. The candy cart interrupts the conversation, and Ron and Harry go to buy candy. Ron gives his order, but has to put back half of it because he can't afford it - he turns down Harry's offer to pay for it. As Harry decides what he wants, fellow classmate Cho Chang appears and buys candy. She smiles at Harry, who is flushed and nervous. She leaves, and Harry re-enters the cabin, a smile on his face. Hermione urges Harry to inform his godfather, Sirius Black, about what happened. Harry writes a letter on the train and sends his owl, Hedwig, off to deliver it.

The students arrive at Hogwarts as two other groups are seen arriving - a chariot led by winged horses, and an old ship rising out of the water near Hogwarts. The scene cuts to Dumbledore, addressing the students gathered in the Great Hall. He introduces the two arriving groups, who are students from two other wizarding schools - the ladies of Beauxbatons (headmistress Madame Maxime - a large, female giant) and the men of Durmstrang (headmaster Igor Karkaroff). After grand entrances, all students take their seats. Dumbledore explains they are gathered for a special event. Hogwarts will host the Triwizard Tournament - a legendary competition involving the three schools. He explains one student from each school will be selected to compete in this dangerous and challenging tournament. Each student will have to complete three brutal tasks designed to challenge the young witch or wizard. The winner will not only receive eternal glory, but the trophy - the Triwizard Cup - as well. Barty Crouch enters to explain the rules more clearly, and another figure enters the Great Hall with him. He is Alastor Moody (also known as Mad-Eye Moody). He is an ex-Auror (dark wizard catcher) for the Ministry of Magic, and he is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) teacher. His unique trait is a magical left eye. Free to rotate in any direction, and held into place by a strap on his face, it can see through Moody's head and can zoom like a camera. He is missing his left leg, which has been replaced with a metallic one. He takes a swig from his canteen (causing the students to wonder what's in there - “it's not pumpkin juice,” Harry says). He greets Dumbledore as Barty addresses the students. Barty explains, much to the student's dislike, that the Ministry has decided no student under the age of 17 will be allowed to enter his/her name for selection because the tournament is too dangerous. Dumbledore calms the angered younger students, and tells them the tournament has begun.

It is the first day of DADA. Mad-Eye enters the classroom and introduces himself. He is a little unhinged - speaking quickly and forcefully, his magical eye roaming everywhere. He asks the students how many unforgivable curses there are (three - they are so named because the use of any one of them on a human will earn the user a one-way ticket to Azkaban prison). The Ministry has decided the students are too young to learn these curses, but Mad-Eye loudly disagrees. Ron provides the first curse - the Imperius Curse. Mad-Eye grabs a spider-like creature from a jar for the demonstration. The Imperius Curse allows the Mad-Eye to fully control the creature, making it jump from student to student, slam into a wall, and begin to drown itself. He tells the class many of the Death Eaters claimed to only do Voldemort's bidding because they were under the Imperius Curse. He rhetorically asks how to sort out the liars. Mad-Eye calls on Neville Longbottom (who has an aptitude for Herbology, according to Professor Sprout) to provide the second curse - the Cruciatus Curse (the torture curse). Testing it on the creature, the creature writhes in pain and shrieks out loud. Neville appears greatly troubled as Mad-Eye continues torturing the creature. Quickly, Hermione cries for Mad-Eye to stop for Neville's sake. Moody snaps out of it, stops the curse, and asks Hermione for the final curse. She refuses, too upset to speak of it. Moody points his wand at the creature and cries “Avada Kedavra” (the killing curse). A flash of green light explodes from his wand, and the creature falls over, dead. The class is silent. Moody tells them only one person is known to have survived the killing curse - and he is sitting in that room (it's Harry, by the way). Moody takes another swig from his pocket flask.

After DADA, Harry, Hermione, and Ron check on a visibly shaken Neville. Moody appears, concerned, and takes Neville to his office to have some tea and to show him something. Later that night, students enter their names in the Goblet of Fire. Cedric Diggory enters his name, at the urging of his friends. George and Fred (too young to enter the tournament) try to fool the protective Age Line surrounding the Goblet by taking an aging potion - their plan backfires, and the Goblet shoots fire at them, soaring them across the room. Ron mentions he wishes he and Harry could win eternal glory. Harry sighs he'd prefer Ron over himself. Viktor Krum enters with much pomp and circumstance and enters his name. Later, the students are all gathered at the ceremony to select the Three Champions. Krum is the Durmstrang Champion, Fleur Delacour is the Beauxbatons Champion, and Cedric is chosen as the Hogwarts Champion. As the crowd celebrates the selections, the Goblet glows and spits out a fourth name. A perplexed Dumbledore reads the name - Harry Potter. Harry nervously hides himself from the growing murmur, but Hermione pushes him forward as Dumbledore grows angrier. As Harry nervously makes his way past the professors to the rest of the Champions, the students cry out the underage Potter cheated. In the backroom, Harry and the rest of the Champions wait as the headmasters, Snape, McGonagall, Moody, and Barty enter, arguing about Harry. Dumbledore demands Harry admit he somehow cheated and put his name in the Goblet. Harry denies it, and Moody defends him saying it would take magic too powerful for a fourth-year to hoodwink the Goblet of Fire. The headmasters look to Barty to decide Harry's fate. Barty states the Goblet is a binding magical contract, and Harry has no choice but to fight as the Fourth Champion.

Back in Dumbledore's office, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Moody, and Snape discuss Harry. McGonagall insists they ignore Barty and the rules and remove Harry from the competition. Dumbledore insists they have no choice and asks Snape his opinion. Snape agrees it is dangerous, but they should allow the events to unfold in order to see where they lead. Dumbledore agrees with Snape as he puts his wand to his forehead and extracts a long, silver strand from his temple. Letting the strand fall into a basin he is standing at, Dumbledore asks Moody to keep a close (but distant) eye on Harry.

The four Champions are being photographed for an interview with the Daily Prophet by columnist Rita Skeeter. When no one volunteers to go first, she drags Harry off to a broom cupboard (snarking that Harry should feel right at home in it) to interview him. Using a Quick-Notes Quill (which writes on its own while Rita speaks), Rita “interviews” Harry. Mistaking his age repeatedly as 12, winking knowingly as he denies putting his name in the Goblet, and asking what his parents would think of his attention-seeking and suicidal behavior if they were alive. After the interview, Harry and Ron have a fight as they go to bed. Ron insists Harry put his name in the Goblet somehow because he wants all the glory. Harry says Ron's being stupid, and Ron tells him to “piss off.” The two refuse to speak to each other after that night.

Harry receives a response owl from Sirius. They have to talk, and Harry is to meet Sirius alone in the Gryffindor common room at 1am that night. Harry does so, and is greeted by Sirius, whose face is poking out of the flames in the fireplace. Sirius asks Harry if he put his name into the Goblet, but believes Harry when he denies it. He warns Harry it is no coincidence this has happened. Hogwarts is not safe - the Durmstrang headmaster, Igor Karkaroff, is a convicted Death Eater and Barty Crouch is so cold-hearted that he sent his own son to Azkaban for being a Death Eater. Harry must be careful.

Outside after lessons one day, Harry is sitting by the lake as Neville collects plant life. Harry is flipping through a book of aquatic plants Moody gave Neville the day of their first DADA lesson. Hermione, Ginny, and Ron appear. Ron, still refusing to speak with Harry, sends a message to Harry (through Hermione) that he was told Hagrid's looking for Harry. Harry tells Hermione to give a message to Ron, but Hermione shouts she's “not an owl” and storms off with Ginny. Harry and Ron glare at each other before Ron leaves.

That night, Harry takes his father's invisibility cloak to see Hagrid, who takes Harry through the forest. Harry notices Hagrid has combed his hair and is wearing a flower. Hagrid tells Harry to throw on the cloak as Madame Maxine appears. Her and Hagrid exchange lovingly conversation as Harry watches in disgust. Hagrid shows Maxine (and secretly, Harry) why they're out in the middle of the forest - four dragons have been brought in from Romania by Ron's brother Charlie. They are the First Task of the tournament. Maxine goes in for a closer look, and Harry and Hagrid discuss the dragons. Harry is terrified. Hagrid asks if Ron mentioned seeing them (since he came out to see his brother when he brought them in). Harry dejectedly says Ron never mentioned it.

The next day, Harry makes his way towards Cedric in the courtyard, having to first make his way past scores of students sporting “Potter stinks!” buttons and verbally taunting him. Harry pulls Cedric aside and, out of the goodness of his heart, informs Cedric of the first task as Moody watches on from the shadows. Cedric is thankful, and assures Harry he tried to get people to stop wearing the buttons. Heading back inside, Harry meets up with Ron and calls him a git (for not telling him about the dragons). He tells him to stay away from him, which doesn't seem to bother Ron. The two part ways again, and Harry runs into Draco. After responding to Malfoy's taunts by calling both Draco and his father mean and cruel, he turns his back on Malfoy to leave. Moody appears as Draco pulls out his wand and turns Malfoy into a ferret. Levitating the Draco-ferret above the ground and shoving him down another student's pants, Moody's actions cause quite a stir. McGonagall shows up and returns Draco to his human form and berates Moody for using transfiguration on a student. Moody makes a face at McGonagall when she turns her back, and takes Harry to his office to discuss Harry's strategy for the first task. Moody introduces Harry to one of the enemy-seeking toys in his office. A trunk on the floor next to the desk jumps and a noise is heard inside. Moody tells Harry he won't tell him what's in the case, because Harry wouldn't believe him if he did. They discuss which of Harry's strengths they can use in the First Task. Harry says he has no strengths but flying, but he's not allowed a broom. Moody reminds him he's allowed a wand.

It is the day of the first task. The Champions gather in a tent as Dumbledore addresses the crowd. Hermione, scared for Harry, comes in the tent and gives him a hug - just as Rita Skeeter enters and snaps a picture of the two locked in an embrace. She snaps another picture of Krum as Dumbledore enters with the other headmasters and Barty. He reveals the first task to be dragons (which everyone knows by now), and Barty has each student select a specific dragon out of a bag. Harry selects the Hungarian Horn-Tail - the most fierce and most dangerous of all four dragons. The task is simple - each dragon is protecting a golden egg. The egg contains a clue for the Second Task. Each Champion must collect the egg. Cedric is the first to face the dragon. As he heads out into the arena, the scene dissolves into Harry sitting in the tent alone as he awaits his turn. The other three students have faced their dragons. It is Harry's turn. He enters the field (a circular area of jagged rocks surrounded by the crowd in stadium seating). Harry sees the golden egg, but no dragon. He proceeds toward the egg, but the dragon appears and tries to smash him with its tail and burn him with its fire. Harry runs away behind a nearby rock, using his wand to call out for his broomstick - the Firebolt. Soon, the Firebolt arrives. Harry jumps on and flies away from the stadium. The dragon breaks loose and gives chase. After a chase scene, Harry and the dragon crash into a bridge on the school grounds. Both fall into the canyon. As silence falls, the crowd worries for Harry. Soon, Harry emerges over the crowd, alone. He flies toward the golden egg and collects it.

The Gryffindors celebrate Harry's victory in their common room, urging him to open the golden egg. Harry does so. Inside is an egg-shaped orb glowing and bubbling. A terrible, loud, and piercing scream echoes from the open egg. Everyone covers their ears, and Harry quickly closes the egg again. Ron appears, wondering what that sound was. After an awkward moment, Harry and Ron make up for their fight. Ron realizes Harry would have been mad to purposely go through the dangers of the tournament, and Harry forgives Ron for not telling him about the dragons. Ron, however, insists he did tell Harry. He says it was his idea for Hermione to tell Harry that Hagrid was looking for him. Remember, he said he was told Hagrid was looking for him. Really, no one told him - he thought of it himself. Harry looks dumbfounded at Ron, who can't believe Harry didn't figure that out for himself. Hermione sighs and mutters “boys” as the scene ends.

At breakfast, Hermione is agonizing over Rita's article involving her hug with Harry (which Rita calls the evidence of their young love). Ron receives an embarrassing, old and lacy dress from his mom. Laughing, Hermione tells him it's a dress robe. Ron asks why he needs them. Cut to the next scene, as McGonagall addresses the Gryffindors. She informs them of the tradition of the Yule Ball - a dance that accompanies the tournament. Choosing Ron as a volunteer (much to the delight of Harry, George, and Fred), she begins dancing lessons. The revelation they must ask girls to the dance sparks nervousness in Ron and Harry. Not knowing how to talk to girls (“Why do they have to travel in groups? How are you supposed to get one alone to ask her?”), they fail in all attempts to find a date (Harry is turned down by his crush, Cho, who is already going with someone; Ron musters up the courage to ask Fleur, but instead gets too nervous and shouts the invitation at her before running away in shame). During Potions class, the boys wallow in their failure. Ron absently suggests going with Hermione as a last resort. Hermione gets upset and storms out after she tells them she's already been asked to go to the ball. We don't know who has asked her, however. Later that night, as a last resort, Harry asks the Pavarti twins to accompany him and Ron to the ball.

It is the night of the Yule Ball. Everyone is gathered in the Great Hall, which has been grandly redecorated. Ron mutters regret that Hermione was probably lying about being asked to the ball and is probably alone in her room, crying. McGonagall informs Harry that he will be opening the dance, since it is customary for the Champions to dance first. As Harry nervously waits for the ball to begin, he spots Cho coming in with her date, Cedric. He watches her, longingly, before noticing Hermione coming down the stairs to meet her date, Krum. As the Champions make their way through the crowd to the center of the room, Ron can't believe it's Hermione he's seeing with Viktor. The music begins, and Harry awkwardly fumbles through the opening dance before the professors and other students join in. As the evening wears on, Ron, Harry, and the Pavarti twins are the only ones sitting on the sidelines as everyone else enjoys the music. Ron mopes about Hermione being asked by Viktor, berating her for fraternizing with the enemy and warning her that Krum has more than dancing on his mind that night. Harry's and Ron's dates get fed up with being ignored, and leave the two sitting alone. After the dance, Hermione and Ron argue as Ron tells her she's too young to go to the ball with Krum. Hermione, on the verge of tears, screams that next time Ron should get up the courage to ask her before someone else does - and not as a last resort. Ron fidgets and shrugs her off, saying she's missing the point entirely. Ron and Harry disappear up the stairs, leaving Hermione in tears as she shouts that Ron has “ruined everything.”

It is later that night. Harry is already asleep, tossing and turning as we enter his nightmare. He is dreaming of Voldemort, Wormtail, and the leather man meeting in a room in an abandoned house. This dream is the exact same scene that opened the movie. The nightmare ends as the groundskeeper is discovered. As the flash of green light fills the screen, Harry awakens in a cold sweat.

It is two days before the Second Task, and Hermione begs Harry to figure out the clue in the golden egg (he hasn't figured it out yet). She doesn't want him to get hurt, since he got by the dragon mostly on nerve. As Harry leaves Hermione, Cedric stops Harry and cryptically suggests he take his golden egg to the fifth floor bathroom - “It's a good place for a bath. Just take your egg and mull things over in the hot water.” Harry follows Cedric's advice and runs a bubble bath in the fifth floor bathroom. Sitting in the water, still clueless on how to solve the golden egg, Moaning Myrtle appears in the toilet next to the bath. As she greets Harry and tries to sneak a peek at him through the bubbles, Harry nervously covers himself up with a mound of floating bubbles. Making conversation, Myrtle says she was hanging out in a drain pipe the other day and could swear she noticed a little Polyjuice Potion floating by. Harry assures her he “kicked the habit” of Polyjuice Potion. Myrtle dives into the tub and tells him Cedric put the egg underwater when he was in there. Harry does the same and opens the egg. Instead of the screaming however, he hears a lovely song being sung. After some deducing, he concludes (quicker than Cedric did, according to Myrtle) that the Second Task involves the mer-people who reside in the Black Lake next to Hogwarts. The only trick is that he has to figure out a way to hold his breath for an hour underwater.

It is the night before the Second Task, and Harry, Hermione, and Ron are desperately searching for a solution to the underwater breathing in the library. Moody appears and sends Ron and Hermione to McGonagall's office, and instructs Neville (who was also in the library) to help Harry return his books. Harry describes his plight, and Neville informs him he can use Gillyweed to solve his problem. The next day, as Harry and Neville make their way down the docks to boats that will take them to the Second Task, Neville tells Harry that if he eats the Gillyweed, he will be able to breathe underwater for about an hour. Harry is grateful to Neville, but worries because Ron and Hermione are nowhere to be found.

As the students gather on towers that have been set up in the middle of the Black Lake, Dumbledore reveals the Second Task. Overnight, something has been stolen from each Champion. This treasure has been hidden somewhere along the bottom of the lake. The task is to find that treasure and return with it to the surface within one hour. Harry swallows the Gillyweed as time begins and jumps into the water. After struggling at first, gills form on Harry's neck as his fingers and toes turn to webbed flippers. Harry, now able to breathe and easily move underwater, sets off to find his treasure. The task has begun. Before long, Fleur is captured by a mer-creature and must forfeit the task. She returns to the surface to sit the rest of the task out. Harry proceeds and finds four bodies chained to the bottom of the lake, guarded by mermaids. These are the treasures - Ron, Hermione, Cho, and Gabrielle (Fleur's younger sister) - one for each Champion. Each person is in a trance, so they can survive underwater. Harry is the first to find them. He frees Ron, but is stopped by the mermaids when he goes to free Hermione as well. Soon, Cedric comes and frees Cho, and Krum comes to free Hermione. Cedric is first to complete the task; Krum is second. As five minutes remain, Harry is still at the bottom of the lake, unable to leave Gabrielle behind. When Krum came to free Hermione, the mermaids were scared off by him (he transformed his head into a shark's head in order to breathe), so Harry has been left alone with Gabrielle and Ron. Seeing his opportunity, Harry frees Gabrielle and begins his ascent before being stopped by an angry mob of mer-creatures. Harry lets Ron and Gabrielle float to the surface as the mer-creatures drag him down further and further. The two reach the surface as time expires, but Harry has not surfaced yet. He is sinking down further as his gills and flippers fade away. Drowning, Harry tries one last attempt to free himself. He stuns the mer-creatures and uses his wand to pull him to the surface, launching him out of the water and on to the platform. Fleur thanks both him and Ron for saving her sister with a kiss on each cheek (much to Ron's pleasure). Cedric is announced as the winner of the Second Task, and Harry is announced as winning second place because he showed great courage and loyalty, giving up first place to save as many people as he could. Cedric and Harry are now tied for first place. After the task, Barty takes Harry aside to congratulate him on his performance. Moody interrupts their conversation and asks if Barty is attempting to con Harry into an internship at the Ministry. Barty is unnerved by Moody and the two look each other down. Moody simply licks his lips quickly and smiles at him. Barty looks taken aback and approaches Moody, staring at him before leaving both him and Harry behind. Moody takes another swig of his flask before walking away.

It is nighttime at Hogwarts, and Hagrid, Hermione, Ron, and Harry are in the woods, celebrating Harry's performance that day. Along the way, Harry discovers the body of Barty Crouch, lying dead in the woods. Later, inside Hogwarts, Harry is traveling through the halls, heading to Dumbledore's office. He hears noises coming from a closet. Igor and Snape are arguing. Igor's left sleeve is pulled up, revealing a mark on his arm as he argues with Snape: “You know what this means!” The two cut their conversation short when they notice Harry outside the door. Igor leaves in a huff, and Snape talks to Harry. He first begrudgingly complements him on the use of Gillyweed in the Second Task: “Ingenious,” he dryly states. He looks through the closet - which is a cupboard of vials and potions - and pulls out one in particular. He tells Harry it contains Veritaserum, which is a truth serum so powerful that Voldemort himself would tell everything with only three drops. Snape threatens Harry with the serum (which, by the way, is against school policy), accusing Harry and his friends of stealing ingredients from his cupboard. They are the ingredients for Polyjuice Potion, and Snape vows to discover why they are brewing the potion, despite Harry's cries of innocence.

Leaving Snape, Harry visits Dumbledore's office and interrupts Dumbledore, Moody, and Cornelius Fudge arguing over whether or not to cancel the rest of the tournament due to Barty's death. The three men leave the room, leaving Harry alone in Dumbledore's office. After squashing some pieces of candy that had come to life, a door opens up and a large pedestal carrying a large basin slides out of the wall. This basin is the same basin Dumbledore used earlier to store a silver strand pulled from his temple. Curious, Harry leans forward and peers into the basin. Suddenly, he is sucked in. He falls down through the basin and into an image inside. He falls through a room and lands in a chair next to a younger-looking Dumbledore, who completely ignores Harry. A man extends his hand to shake Dumbledore's hand - putting his hand right through Harry's chest! Harry realizes he must have fallen into a memory - Dumbledore's memory. He is in a large room. Witches and wizards (including Moody and Barty Crouch) are packed in stadium seating circling around a large metal cage in the center. This is a courtroom of some kind. Barty is running the meeting and calls everyone to order as Igor Karkaroff is seen rising from the ground into the middle of the cage. The cage is very small. There is room for one person to stand straight up - metal spikes surround Igor on all sides as he stands in the cage, dressed in prison clothes. Barty calls the meeting to order, explaining they are here because Igor, after being convicted for being a Death Eater, has volunteered to trade information for a shorter term in Azkaban. After naming a couple names, Igor names Snape as a Death Eater. Dumbledore gets to his feet and declares that the Ministry already knows Snape was a Death Eater, but prior to Voldemort's downfall, Snape turned spy for the Ministry. Dumbledore insists Snape has turned against Voldemort, but Igor insists he remains loyal. In an attempt to save himself, Igor names one last person. This person was responsible for capturing and using the Cruciatus Curse to torture Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom (Neville's parents). This Death Eater is Barty Crouch, Jr. The crowd gathered gasps and erupts in murmur. Barty Crouch, Jr. (who is at the hearing), attempts to leave, but is stopped by Moody. Junior is brought before his father, who disowns him and sends him to Azkaban. Barty Jr. just licks his lips and laughs as he's taken away. Harry realizes Barty Jr. is the leather man from his nightmare and is the one who conjured the Dark Mark at the Quidditch World Cup. The memory ends, and Harry is returned to Dumbledore's office, where he and the headmaster discuss the memory. Dumbledore explains the basin is a Pensieve and is used to store memories. The headmaster is frustrated because he can't figure out exactly what is going wrong at Hogwarts.

It is the day of the Third Task. The students gather outside at the entrance to a vast maze of bushes and trees. Earlier that day, Moody placed the Triwizard Cup somewhere in the maze. The task is simple: the first person to touch the cup wins the tournament. Cedric and Harry will enter first, since they are tied for first, followed by Krum, then Fleur. The crowd cheers the Champions on. The headmasters bid their students good luck, and Cedric's father is there to give his son a hug and bid him good luck. The cannon fires, and the Third Task begins. Cedric and Harry enter the maze, which closes behind them, sealing them in. As the Champions make their way through the maze, Fleur is attacked by a bewitched Viktor and is knocked unconscious before being swallowed up by the maze. Harry meets Krum, who does not attack Harry, then continues on and finds Fleur before she disappears completely. Worried about Fleur, he sends up a signal flare of red sparks for someone to come rescue her. After sending up the flare, a large gust of wind picks up and the walls of the maze start closing in on Harry, causing him to move on. Harry breaks through the closing walls and comes to a calm hallway. He looks around and sees the Triwizard Cup at the end of the path. He runs toward it, but runs into the middle of a duel between Cedric and the bewitched Krum. Cedric disarms Krum and knocks him unconscious. Cedric and Harry then race toward the cup, pushing and shoving each other out of the way. Roots from the ground rise up to stop the boys, eventually catching Cedric and pinning into the ground. Harry pauses, torn between helping Cedric and winning the tournament (the cup is in sight). Harry eventually turns around, frees Cedric, and then races with Cedric to the cup. As another gust of wind approaches, Cedric urges Harry to take the cup: “You saved me - take it!” Harry can't take it himself, and suggests they grab it together. On the count of three, both boys grab the cup and are instantly transported out of the maze.

Cedric and Harry land in a graveyard. The cup is thrown to the side. The boys are lying in the graveyard from the beginning of the film. The statue of the hooded figure and stone slab reading “Tom Riddle” is seen next to the boys. Harry and Cedric stand up, unsure of where they are or how they got there. Harry looks around and slowly recognizes this graveyard as the graveyard in his nightmare. Cedric looks at the cup and realizes it was a port key. Harry finds the name “Tom Riddle” on the gravestone and yells for Cedric to get back to the cup, who doesn't understand what's going on.

As Cedric hesitates, a door opens, and Wormtail enters the graveyard. He is carrying a small object wrapped in a blanket - the entire creature is not seen, but a close-up of its face is. It is a pale white, decaying, withering shell of a face with large sunken eyes. It is Lord Voldemort in his weakened state. Harry's scar burns intensely, and he falls to the ground as a fire ignites under a cauldron sitting in front of the gravestone. Upon seeing Cedric with Harry, Voldemort hisses to Wormtail, “Kill the spare!” Wormtail raises Voldemort's wand and shouts, “Avada Kedavra.” A flash of green light hits Cedric. Harry screams; Cedric falls to the ground, dead. His lifeless face looks up at the sky. Harry cries out, but Wormtail raises his wand and moves the statue's scythe around Harry, pinning him to the statue. Wormtail drops Voldemort into the boiling water and begins an incantation. He drops a bone from the grave into the cauldron (“Bone of the father, unknowingly given.”). He then raises his right arm and cuts off his own hand, which drops into the water (“Flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed.”). He then takes his dagger and slices Harry's right arm, then drops the blood into the cauldron (“Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken. The Dark Lord shall rise again.”). The cauldron sets ablaze, and the creature Voldemort floats in mid-air. It slowly grows and transforms into an adult human figure. A robe forms around Voldemort, clothing him as he grows. Voldemort runs his hands over his bald head as the transformation finishes - he is pale white; with dark eyes; long, bony fingers and toes; and two red serpent-like slits for nostrils. His eyes open as he makes his first steps forward. Lord Voldemort has returned to power.

He gathers his wand from Wormtail and conjures a mark in the sky that transports a handful of his Death Eaters to the graveyard. Voldemort welcomes them then berates them for abandoning him and betraying him. He reveals their identities - among them, he is most disappointed in Lucius Malfoy. Lucius drops to his knees and insists he has always been loyal to Voldemort and has been forced to lie to the rest of the world in order to remain alive. Voldemort scolds Wormtail for only returning to his side out of fear instead of loyalty, then rewards his service by replacing Wormtail's sacrificed hand with a new, metallic silver hand. Voldemort then looks over Cedric's body, feigning sadness over his death, causing Harry to scream out not to touch Cedric. Voldemort proceeds to antagonize Harry, mocking “the lie” that made Harry famous - that he's The Boy Who Lived. Voldemort proceeds to explain why Harry seemed to defeat Voldemort when he attacked Harry 12 years ago. After Voldemort killed Harry's mother, Lilly, her love for Harry provided a shield around him. It was Old Magic, but Voldemort did not anticipate it - he could not touch Harry. However, now that he has returned to his original form, he can touch him. Voldemort does so, touching Harry on his scar, sending Harry screaming in blinding pain.

Voldemort releases Harry and frees him from the statue's grasp. He urges him to pick up his wand. He wants to kill Harry in a duel. When Harry refuses to bow before the duel, Voldemort berates him for disrespecting “Bumbledore” and not obeying the rules of dueling. He forces Harry to bow, then performs the Cruciatus Curse on him for a short time. As Harry lies on the ground, Voldemort trashes Lilly Potter, infuriating Harry who tries to disarm Voldemort to absolutely no success. Voldemort tells Harry he is going to kill him, and the whole world will only remember Harry as begging for a death Voldemort graciously gave him. Harry hides behind a gravestone, and Voldemort taunts him. Harry, knowing he has no escape, faces Voldemort face to face, and agrees to duel him. As Voldemort calls out the killing curse, Harry calls out to disarm Voldemort. The two curses shoot out and connect in midair, locking together. As each dueler fights to overcome the other's beam, the two wands become interconnected due to this phenomenon. As this happens, the spirits of everyone killed by Voldemort's wand pour out in reverse order (Cedric, then the groundskeeper, then Lilly Potter, then James Potter). Harry's parents float to his side and encourage him to let go of the spell. They offer protection for a few moments to allow Harry to get back to the port key. Cedric asks Harry to take his body back to his father. Harry breaks the connection, and the spirits rush to Voldemort, blocking him from coming after Harry. Harry grabs a hold of Cedric's body, calls the port key to him, and transports both of them back to Hogwarts. Voldemort and the Death Eaters are left alone in the graveyard.

Harry and Cedric's body land before the stands of students and professors, who begin cheering when they see the boys. Harry is sobbing and holding Cedric's body as the band strikes up and people begin clapping. As people approach the boys to congratulate them, they notice Cedric is dead. Fleur screams. The band stops. Dumbledore attempts to pull Harry off Cedric's body, but Harry grips tight, sobbing that Voldemort is back, and Cedric asked him to take his body back. Slowly, Amos Diggory, Cedric's father, realizes what is going on, and rushes to his son's side, sobbing uncontrollably. The crowd is silent, students are crying. The only sound is the cry of Cedric's father. Moody takes Harry in his arms, taking him back to the castle: “This is not where you want to be right now, Harry.”

Moody takes Harry back to his office and locks the door. He asks Harry about the experience, what it was like to see the Dark Lord. As Harry speaks, Moody begins to twitch. He reaches for his flask, but it's empty. He stumbles into the next room, pulling jars from a box, but they are all empty as well. Growing agitated, he asks Harry if there were others in the graveyard. Harry pauses and says he never said anything about a graveyard. He slowly realizes Moody was the one behind everything all along: Moody put Harry's name into the Goblet of Fire, he suggested Hagrid tip Harry off about the dragons, he told Cedric how to solve the golden egg (knowing Cedric would then help Harry), he bewitched Krum in the maze to eliminate everyone else but Harry (so Harry would certainly reach the cup first), and he turned the Triwizard Cup into a port key. Harry backs away as Moody advances on him, who hopes to be rewarded by Voldemort for finishing the great Harry Potter. As Moody is about to use the killing curse, the door breaks down, and Dumbledore disarms Moody. He pins him down, and Snape pours Veritaserum down Moody's throat. Under the potion's influence, Moody reveals he's not the real Alastor Moody - the real Moody is locked in the trunk in his office (the one whose contents he earlier said Harry wouldn't believe). Snape discovers the flask is full of Polyjuice Potion. As the potion wears off, the imposter is revealed to be Barty Crouch, Jr. Dumbledore sends McGonagall to summon Azkaban to come take Barty back to prison.

At a service for Cedric Diggory, Dumbledore tells the student body that Cedric was murdered by Lord Voldemort (even though the Ministry of Magic doesn't want Dumbledore to tell them that). He says telling any other story for Cedric's death would be an insult to his memory. He warns every one of times to come, and stresses the importance of the friendships they formed this year. After the service, Dumbledore speaks to Harry in Harry's room. He apologizes for having put Harry in great danger. Harry tells him about the duel with Voldemort and explains how their wands became linked. Dumbledore describes this event as “Priori Incantartum” (caused by the battle of two wands that share the same core - in this case, a phoenix feather, as described in the film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone) and realizes Harry saw his parents. He stresses there is no spell that can resurrect the dead, but that Harry isn't alone because he has friends at Hogwarts. He warns Harry that “dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon you will have to choose between what is right and what is easy.”

It is later that day, and the visiting students are preparing to leave. Viktor gives Hermione his address and urges her to write to him. Fleur and Gabrielle give Ron a kiss goodbye. Harry, Hermione, and Ron gather near the lookouts and wonder if they'll ever have a normal year at Hogwarts. Hermione muses on how “everything is going to change now.” She makes the boys promise to write over the summer, though both of them jokingly say they won't. The film ends with the three friends overlooking the Black Lake as the Durmstrang ship sinks beneath the water and the Beauxbatons chariot rides off into the sky.

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