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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Caboose.

The movie starts off similar to the first one.  Stu’s soon-to-be-wife Lauren (Jamie Chung) is waiting with her parents hours before the wedding is about to start. The guys minus Doug (Justin Batha) are nowhere to be found. Tracey (Doug’s wife) gets a distressed call from Phil (Bradley Cooper), who tells her they screwed up once again. Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zack Galifinakis) are sitting next to Phil – they’re on a dirty rooftop somewhere in Bangkok. Tracey asks how bad they screwed up –- “like, ‘no wedding’ bad?” Phil replies that it’s worse than that.

One week earlier…..Phil is at Stu’s dental office getting a checkup (though he’s more concerned about taking nitrous oxide hits and stealing Stu’s prescription tabs). Phil complains about the wedding being all the way in Thailand and about how much Lauren’s father hates Stu, but Stu assures him the wedding will be a good time. It becomes evident that Alan didn’t get a wedding invite and is extremely upset over it (it’s mentioned that he’s literally been waiting by the mailbox for weeks). Prodded by Tracey, Doug asks Stu about it over brunch at IHOP. Stu immediately refuses at first, obviously still shaken by the events from Hangover I.  On that note, he also tells the guys that this brunch is their “bachelor party”, which obviously pisses Phil off. Regardless, Doug tells Stu how much the Wolfpack means to Alan, so he reluctantly invites him. When they bring the invitation to his house, we see Alan is living at home and EXTREMELY dependant on his parents. He’s also taken a few of the pictures from the first film (which were supposed to be deleted) and framed them in his room.  Alan gets so excited about getting the invitation he suddenly pulls a syringe of some unknown substance (I think it was his ADD medicine) and injects it into his leg, much to everyone else’s shock.

The Wolfpack meet at the airport, where they join up with Teddy (Mason Lee – son of film director Ang Lee), Lauren’s 16-year old brother who’s a child prodigy already excelling at Stanford. Alan is unnecessarily hostile towards Teddy because he thought it’d just be the Wolfpack hanging out. They arrive in Thailand, where the guys all witness first hand how hard Lauren’s dad is on Stu (he, like everyone else, berates Stu by telling him that a dentist is NOT the same as a doctor) and how much he prides Teddy. At dinner that night, he makes a speech where he compares Stu to a bland mushy rice they feed to babies and old people. Alan also takes this time to deliver one of his famous, bizarre speeches (complete with note cards and random facts about Thailand); his speech is stopped short after he reveals to everyone Stu’s first marriage was to a “whore in Las Vegas”.

After dinner, Phil coaxes Stu and the rest of the guys into going down to the beach to have a bonfire. After hearing they’re only gonna drink ONE beer, Stu caves and brings Teddy since he never gets to have any fun. The guys head down to the bonfire, roast up some marshmallows Alan brought, and make a toast to Stu’s wedding…..

…….The next morning, the hangover begins! Phil wakes up first and finds out they’re in a hotel somewhere in downtown Bangkok. Although it’s not nearly as wrecked as the Vegas hotel from the first one, the room is still pretty crummy – signs of a crazy party are everywhere and the room deals with constant power outages. Alan wakes up with his head shaved (but not his beard). Stu wakes up in the bathtub with the Mike Tyson tattoo on his face. There’s also a vest-wearing, cigarette-smoking monkey in the room. And to top it all off, Teddy is missing. Everyone first looks at Alan to blame for yet another blackout night, but he swears he didn’t do anything this time.

Doug calls them up, asking what happened to them last night – everyone is clueless since they all drank the one beer. While talking with Doug, Phil freaks after finding a finger wearing a Stanford ring on the table. Assuming it is Teddy’s, he panics and resolves to find him quick before “Bangkok has him”. Meanwhile, Stu and Alan have been playing with a weird, spider-sac looking bump under a blanket  -- after flicking it enough times, a figure moves under it. It’s revealed to be the tiny penis belonging to Mr. Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong), who Alan has kept in touch with since Vegas and parties with all the time. Chow, now revealed to be a petty criminal, claims the guys called him up last night to party -- but before he can tell them the full story, Chow snorts a bump of cocaine and suddenly passes out on the table. After failing to find a pulse on him, the panicked guys stuff Chow’s body in an ice box and lock it to avoid going to the authorities.

They leave the room and begin searching the city for Teddy. At first, they try some of their old tricks from the first movie (checking the roof, emptying their pockets for clues). The only clue leads them to a bar called the White Lion; however, the bar (and half of the block) got burned down the previous night. Doug calls them again and tells them the police found Teddy and threw him in jail for the night. Relieved, the guys go to bail him out……however, it turns out to be a wheelchair-bound monk wearing Teddy’s sweatshirt and holding his wallet. Frustrated, the guys try to get answers out of the monk, but he has taken a lengthy vow of silence and refuses to talk. They take the monk back to the White Lion block, where they find the shop where Stu got his tattoo at. The tattoo artist (Nick Cassavetes) confirms they’re the ones responsible for outside, and shows a video of them starting a full-blown riot after having a few drinks at the White Lion. A drunk Teddy is seen in the video taking off all his clothes and giving them to the monk. The artist also talks about how much Stu cried when he got his tattoo (he’s giving the same tattoo to a 9-year old at the same time).

Feeling no use for the monk anymore, the guys find the nearest monastery in hopes of returning him. After disrupting a silent prayer, the guys are beaten numerous times by a monk wielding a kendo stick. Another high-ranking monk tells them that they climbed over the wall the previous night and kidnapped the wheelchair monk. Before leaving angry, the monk suggests they meditate with the others to help jog their memory of last night. Phil and Stu think it’s crap, but Alan has warped flashes of the night (oddly enough, the guys are all seen as kids in his flashback) and confirms where to go next.

Alan’s flash takes them to a strip club full of beautiful Thai girls. They talk to the club owner Samir (Bryan Callen – Eddie for the first film), who tells them they came in last night with Chow – Samir is pissed because Chow never came back to pay for a $6,000 Uzi Samir got for him. While playing with the Uzi, Alan accidentally fires it and it shatters the glass ceiling above their heads. The guys then talk to the stripper that kept them company last night, who confirms Teddy was with them. She then goes on about how much Stu was in love with her and how they had sex. Stu takes this pretty hard……then he realizes she’s a tranny, and she goes into EXTREME details about how kinky she and Stu got. The guys get repulsed and quickly leave, but are suddenly attacked by two Russian-looking guys demanding the monkey back. As they take the monkey, Phil runs after him, and he is suddenly shot by the guys as they drive off. Stu and Alan rush him into the nearest clinic, where they’re relieved to learn the bullet only grazed Phil’s arm.

Feeling themselves slowly running out of time before “Bangkok has Teddy”, Alan eventually lets it slip that he is responsible for the blackout. Turns out he mixed a bunch of his ADD medicine and another drug (I think it was speed) into one of the marshmallow bags, hoping Teddy would eat them and knock out early so he could leave The Wolfpack for some quality time. Stu loses it and attacks Alan on the street. As Phil tries calming them down, he sees a note on Alan’s belly telling them to be at a high-class restaurant in 20 minutes. As soon as they get there, they’re escorted to a table with Kingsley (Paul Giamatti), a loose-cannon “business man” who’s also looking for Chow. He claims that Chow was supposed to transfer some money to him, and that he’s keeping Teddy as an insurance policy. Kingsley threatens to kill Teddy if he doesn’t have that money by 8am tomorrow.

The guys return to the hotel in hopes of checking Chow’s body for clues. As soon as they open the ice box, a freezing Chow JUMPS OUT and attacks them. He’s still alive after claiming your pulse tends to temporarily stop while on cocaine. After warming him up, the guys get Chow to agree to the transition tomorrow, but he reveals he left the account number in the monkey’s pocket vest.

That night, Chow takes them to the corner where they grabbed the monkey from last night. Apparently the monkey is the middle-man for the Russian-looking guys’ drug cartel (delivers the drugs to customers, then delivers the money to the gangsters). They find the monkey and grab him, but the Russians spot this and get into a car chase through the streets of Bangkok – the entire chase, Stu struggles to actually pull the monkey inside as he hangs onto the side of the car.  They successfully escape the Russians, but not before running into a hung pig carcass, which showers their car with blood. The monkey gets shot sometime during the chase, prompting the guys to drop it off at an animal shelter after they retrieve the account number – Alan, who bonded with the monkey very much like baby Carlos in Hangover I, has a sentimental moment with him before leaving.

The guys make their 8am appointment with Kingsley. Everything goes well until Kingsley reveals he’s an Interpol agent sent to capture Chow (Samir is also revealed to have tipped Kingsley off). Unfortunately, Kingsley also tells the guys that they don’t have Teddy, as he merely took advantage of the situation so they can get the guys to bring Chow in. Turns out they weren’t able to find Teddy either, and he tells the guys that he’s afraid “Bangkok has him now”.

Out of options and clues, Phil decides to call Tracey and tells her what happened (opening scene).  Afterwards, the three take a break at a nearby bar, where Stu tells Phil he’s not coming back to the wedding. He goes on a tirade about how he has a demon (aka a thing for prostitutes) and that he feels like he totally messed things up with Lauren and her family.  Phil gets a call from Lauren, demanding to know where they are. Just then, Stu begins thinking about everything that’s happened – including the power outages and the sweltering Thailand temperatures. He has a revelation and, after snatching the phone and telling Lauren he’s on the way to the wedding, reveals that he knows where Teddy is: he believes that when Teddy stepped out of the room last night to get ice, there was a power outage and he got stuck on the elevator. Sure enough, that’s exactly where he is. They grab Teddy (who’s confirmed to be missing a finger) and head off to the wedding using Chow’s speedboat to get them there quicker.

At the wedding, Lauren’s father is seconds away from calling the wedding off when the guys are seen edging closer in their speedboat. Upon realizing that Alan is driving, Doug recommends everyone back up – Alan ends up driving the boat onto dry land and “parks” it next to the wedding. As the guys get out, Lauren’s father demands an explanation – Stu goes on a tirade about how he’s not the bland rice Lauren’s dad compared him to and insists he has a demon (on this note, Alan tells the crowd about Stu’s graphic time with the tranny stripper). At the end, Stu professes his love for Lauren and demands a blessing from her dad – he’s reluctant, but gives it to them after realizing Stu isn’t the man he thought he was.

The wedding continues on and is a success. At the reception, Alan reveals his wedding gift to Stu and Lauren, which he claims his dad paid for --- Mike Tyson comes out and begins singing his rendition of “One Night in Bangkok”. As the night ends, Stu thanks Alan for the gift. Teddy comes up and reveals he took photos from the night on his iPhone. So once again, we watch the photos from the night as the credits roll by – they show that the guys were the ones who shaved Alan’s head, Teddy lost his finger after doing that trick where you try to quickly stick the knife between your fingers, Stu (painfully) getting his tattoo, The Wolfpack going up against a SWAT team in front of the White Lion, and yet again…..more graphic shots of Stu and the tranny.


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