NOTE: This spoiler was originally sent in by Enigma and then updated by Gloria who spoiled the "work print" which has a different ending. I'll try to work both endings in...

As the movie beings are shown a quote:

"The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to break free from the abyss and move silently among us."    - Dr. Samuel Loomis

The film starts introducing a 10 Year Old Michael Myers playing with a pet hamster. He takes it out of the cage and walks around his room. Michael is wearing a clown mask, which sets up his apparent dislike for his appearance. The scene moves to the kitchen, where his Mom is making breakfast for the family, while arguing with her vile, crippled boyfriend. Every time someone screams, the little baby in the bassinet starts to cry (important later). After a few minutes, Michael's sister Judith comes in, and has a verbal exchange with Mom & the boyfriend, and the boyfriend creepily hits on the daughter. Judith comments about her mother's "abortion" eggs she makes every morning, causing her mom to yell at her to go fetch her younger brother Michael.

Judith goes upstairs to get Michael for breakfast, and he is in the bathroom cleaning his knife, after apparently killing the hamster. He comes downstairs and tells his Mom that the hamster died, and she tells him that they'll get a new one after school. Michael then goes over and kisses his baby sister "Boo," and sits down to eat. The boyfriend chastises Michael for being a sissy, and continues to demean the whole family, all while the baby cries in the background.

Cut to school. Michael is in the bathroom, and the school bully and a buddy come in. They confront Michael, and make fun of his family. The bully pulls out a newspaper ad for the local strip club. Michael's Mom is in the picture. They start fighting, and the principle comes in and breaks up the fight. Michael cusses out the principle, so Mom is called into the school. We find out that Michael's mother has been called quite often by the school about Michael's behavior.  The principle has a psychologist, Dr. Loomis, to come in and talk to the Mom. The school has found a dead cat in Michael's backpack, along with a bunch of pictures of tortured animals. Loomis recommends therapy for Michael. While this is going on Michael sits in the nearby room listening to the argument between the his mother and the principle about his behavior. Michael appears to be nervous, and quietly exits the room and runs to his locker to get his clown mask and leaves the school.

Next scene, we are being shown the front of the school where the bully has exited. As he walks across the street, the bully grabs a fellow students beanie, in which he spits in and taunts the student with. Eventually he throws the beanie back at the student and continues to walk across the street, not noticing that Michael is watching his every move. Michael begins to follow his prey through the woods that the bully has taken as a short cut home. On the way, Michael jumps out from behind a tree and hits the bully with a tree limb. After beating him senseless for a few minutes, the bully begs for him to stop. Michael stands above the begging bully and watches the bully bleed as his pleads with him.  Michael leans over to pull out the newspaper clipping we saw earlier of his mother and carefully looks at it. This clipping just provokes Michael to beat the bully even harder with the tree limb, in which point Michael finishes him off. Michael calmly walks away as though nothing has happened.

Later that evening at home, Mom is getting ready for work, and she is talking to Michael about what happened at school (no one knows he's killed the bully yet). He begs to go trick or treating, and she relents, telling him things are going to change tomorrow. She also promises that things will start getting better at home tomorrow as well. Mom tells Judith to take Michael trick or treating. As Judith whines about taking her brother out, her vile b/f once again voices his harsh words at the family, all while the mother quietly mocks her b/f in front of her son causing (the only time) to smile, his mother leans over to kiss him goodbye and place the mask back over his face and then she leaves for work. Judith's boyfriend comes in, and Judith tells Michael that she isn't taking him, and goes upstairs to have sex with the boyfriend.

In the next odd scene, Michael sits out on the front porch pouting, while there are shots of his Mom dancing at the strip club to the song "Love Hurts." Michael moves from the front porch to the side walk, pouting and watching other children walk by, Michael decides to go back inside the home.  As Michael goes back into the house we see the The Thing playing on the tv and the b/f asleep in the living room. Michael quietly walks into the kitchen, the scene cuts to Michael eating his candy corn, examining the candy and flicking it across the room.  Michael appears extremely bored and looks across the room at the drawers where his future favorite knife in killing is waiting for him.

Apparently tired from sitting there, Michael decides to get the duck tape and a butcher knife. He goes into the living room and finds the boyfriend still passed out in the chair. He tapes him into the chair, and tapes his mouth shut. After he's secured him to the chair, once again like earlier in the film, Michael stands over his victim calmly staring at his prey, he then cuts his throat and watches him die slowly.

Upstairs, Judith and her man have finished, and asks Judith to closes her eyes, and the boyfriend pulls out the famous Shatner mask, and tells her he wants to where it while they have sex. She tells him he's weird, so he goes downstairs to get some food. Sitting at the kitchen table as he makes a sandwich, Michael comes up behind him and beats him to death with an aluminum baseball bat. Michael then goes upstairs and enters Judith's room. She is laying away from the door, listening to music. Michael originally comes in wearing his clown mask, as he steps into the bedroom he notices something on the floor, the Shatner mask, Michael picks up the mask and replaces the old one with the one he has found on the floor and approaches Judith, he strokes her leg with his bloody hands, and she rolls over and asks him "what the hell are you doing in here".  Michael doesn't answer his sister, Judith once again asks Michael what he is doing and slams him. Within seconds of the slam, he stabs her in the stomach. Wide eyed and shocked, Judith sits on her bed looking at her brother who pulls out the knife. Scene cuts to a view of Judith's feet as she limps out of her bedroom. Her legs are soaked from the blood pouring from her stomach.  Limping and clinging to the wall for support to stand, Judith turns to see Michael step out from her bedroom. Judith begins to panic and tries to limp faster. Michael once again calmly follows his prey slashing her back repeatedly as he tries to escape. Judith than falls to the floor screaming and crying. Michael stands over his sister as he continues to slash and stab her. As Judith finally takes her final attempt at crawling away we see a focus of her arms shaking and twitching from the pain as she goes limp. 

He then walks into little "Boo's" room, where we find Michael standing in the doorway watching his little sister who is wide awake in her crib playing with her toys.  Michael walks up to the crib and pulls off his mask to kiss his little sister on the forehead.  Michael proceeds to pick up his baby sister and take her outside.

You see Mom leaving work and being walked to her car by a stranger, scene cuts to Mom smoking as she drives home.  Mom pulls put in her yellow car and sees Michael sitting on the front porch. Saying to herself "what the hell happened now" she walks up and sees that he is holding the baby. She asks him what's going on, Michael tells his mother that everything is better now and he has fixed it. His mother takes the baby from his arms and looks at him with a confused look. The camera pans about above and their words are lost from police sirens approaching. The next montage shows the paramedics removing the bodies from the house, with Mom screaming and crying. Mom than runs to the body of her daughter pulling off the sheet covering her, in which it causes her to break down even more and she falls to the ground. A local TV reporter is giving a news story - manson-like, horrific, and sister stabbed 17 times, and describes the details. While Michael sits in the back of a police car.

Final scene outside the house shows Michael turn to his left side to look into the camera with dead eyes.

Act 2
Cut to 11 months later, Michael is committed to Smith's Grove Sanitarium under the care of Dr. Loomis. Michael is now making his own masks, he at first appears not to be wearing the masks all the time but eventually he begins to always cover his face. There are several scenes of Michael and Dr. Loomis doing talk therapy. Early on, Michael claims to not remember anything about Halloween night, and continually asks about his family. Almost appearing to be just like an other kid, Mom comes and sees him every week.

Michael begins to become more and more distant, to the point where he always wears his mask. He finally breaks down and begs to go home, and Loomis and his Mom both tell him he cannot. Dr. Loomis finally gets the sanitarium staff to let Michael have hours outside in the courtyard. In hopes of getting Michael to open up a little more after letting him get some fresh air, Michael tells Dr. Loomis repeatedly "I need to get out of here". Dr. Loomis' sentences are just answered with the repeated words "I need to get out of here".

After a couple weeks of Michael not talking, Loomis and Michael's Mom are having lunch with him. Mom gives Michael a picture of him holding the baby, and tells him she thought he'd like to have it. He doesn't respond at all. Loomis asks for the nurse waiting outside of the room to come inside and sit with Michael until Loomis returns from walking Michael's mother to the car.

Loomis then walks Mom to the elevator and tells her about different types of therapy (electro-therapy), and while they are in the hall. The nurse sits in front of Michael and picks up the photo telling him "she couldn't be related to you", in which she throws the picture down and faces the other way as she reads her newspaper. Michael picks up a fork and kills the nurse who has her back turned to him. Camera footage from the surveillance shows Michael stabbing and strangling to the nurse. We find find Michael once again standing over his kill, as guards rush in to pull him back as his mother tries to grab off his masks. As she does, Michael begins to freak out, screaming, kicking and hitting, his mother falls to grown pulling at her hair as she scream at the horrific mess her son has made and the monster he has turned into.

In the following scene, Mom is at home watching home-movies of her family when she was pregnant and after the baby was born. Showing us Michael was once a happy smiling child that somehow was lost. She picks up a gun and shoots herself.

Cut to fifteen years later. Michael is grown up (HUGE), and is in his room making another mask. His walls are covered with masks. Here we see Danny Trejo explaining to the new orderly about how to move Michael and keep him from freaking out.  We are shown reporters standing out front about the outcry from the public about Michael possibly being released. As music plays and no words are heard, we see Michael in front of a group of men that stamp a "denial" on his papers. Michael is denied from being released.

The two orderlies come in and chain him up and take him to a session with Dr. Loomis. Loomis tells him that he hasn't said a word in 15 years, and he doesn't know what else to do for him. Loomis says that he's not going to work with Michael anymore (You get the impression that every time someone that cares for him gives up on him, it brings out the beast in him).

That night, the newer orderly (not Danny Trejo) for the sanitarium has obviously been raping females that are being held and letting his friends as well. The orderly has let his buddy come in one night. As they are walking down the aisle that leads to all the inmate cells, the orderly decides to go into one cell block to bring out a young female who doesn't speak and proceeds to show her to his friend. This causes her to scream.  During this time the friend notices they are near Michael's cell and decide to drag the young woman to his cell with his "brilliant idea". They unlock his cell, leaving the door open and shoving the woman into the room, taunting Michael about pussy and proceeding to rape the woman on his bed as Michael with has his back to them, as sits at his desk making masks. The guards' friend decides to take one of the masks off the wall and put it on his own face taunting Michael more and shoving his fingers in Michaels face after touching the woman's privates. Michael stands up and begins to attack the men and slamming the one into the wall outside of his cell, your are left with the sound of the man's cracking skull. In this scene the woman isn't killed by Michael by leaves you to wonder what happens to her. Michael than provides to walk out of asylum and not running into anyone... you think they'd have more guards or other staff?

A car wash/gas station is shown where big rigs are at. One in particular Michael is watching as a very large black man who goes into the one restroom where he looks at porno mag. As the man sits on the toilet he notices dirty feet that are sticking out from their shoes. Michael proceeds to bang on the door and causing the man to get very mad. The man gets off the toilet and opens the stall door to find Michael standing in front of him. Larger than what he expected the man threatens that "Michael" picked the wrong man to mess with and pulls out his knife. Once Michael sees this they struggle and Michael repeatedly slams the man against the stall wall causing it to break. The man collapses and we find a shot of Michael standing over the man who is no longer wearing his work outfit and laying in a pool of blood.

Act 3
Laurie Strode is in the kitchen with her Mom and Dad. The mother calls for Mason and Laurie to come downstairs for breakfast. After some joking around, she leaves for school. Dad asks that she drop some papers off at one of the properties he has for sale (he's a realtor). On her way there, you see Michael going into his old home, and tearing up some floor boards, and pulling out the butcher knife, and the Shape Mask. Laurie is walking to the house and is joined by Tommy Doyle, and when they get to the Myers house, Tommy tells her not to go up there, because the boogeyman lives there (sound familiar?) As she slides the papers under the door, Michael stands on the other side and watches her. Her and Tommy leave and head off to school.

At the sanitarium, Loomis argues with some board members about what happened. He tells them they should call Haddonfield and tell them that Michael is heading there. They, of course, don't believe him.

At school, Laurie is in the library with her friends Annie & Lynda. They are making plans for Halloween night, and Laurie notices The Shape staring at her from outside the window. Annie is asking Laurie to babysit Lindsey for her that night, so Annie and her boyfriend can have sex. While they are talking about it, Laurie sees him a few times, then finally she looks back and he's gone.

Dr. Loomis gets a call as he is leaving what we know is a lecture he was holding about Michael as child and the book he wrote about him as well. Dr. Loomis asks the staff that has called him about how the hell Michael got out and what happened.

On the way home from school. The girls see the Shape watching them, and Lynda and Annie make fun of him. Annie telling the Shape that her father is the sheriff as Lynda jokingly asking him if he wants them. He eventually walks away. Annie's Dad pulls up in his Sheriff's car, and gives Annie a ride home. Lynda and Laurie talk about how it would suck to have a sheriff for a Dad, then head their separate ways. Laurie is followed home by Michael.

It's now the evening, and Laurie is sitting out front handing out candy with her Mom. Annie comes by to pick up Laurie to drop her off at the Doyle's house. Laurie is babysitting Tommy that night. After Laurie leaves, her "father" is finishing off his cig as he goes back into he house and is confront by Michael. At first he jumps back because he seemed to of appeared out of nowhere, thinking he is just someone dressed up, the father doesn't move away, instead Michael lunges at the father with his knife. Michael busts into the house and kills Laurie's parents.

Loomis is talking to the sheriff who quickly dismisses the notion of Michael coming home. They argue a little while, and the sheriff finally says he knows that Loomis wrote a book about Michael, and sees Dr. Loomis as a greedy man who got rich on "blood money."

Annie takes Lindsey, who she is babysitting to where Laurie is babysitting Tommy. The girls get their coats, and head down the street. Annie complains about having to carry the pumpkin to where Laurie is at.  Anne and Laurie joke about sex in front of the two children that are suppose to be watching a movie. Annie tells Laurie that her boyfriend Paul knows that Ben Tramer is interested in Laurie. Laurie admits she needs a boyfriend, aka sex., a car horn is heard and Annie realizes her b/f has picked her up. She goes outside to the car where her b/f waits.

At the Doyle's house, Tommy and Laurie are discussing the boogeyman. Tommy is sure he exists, but Laurie tells him there is no such thing. 

Lynda and her boyfriend arrive at the Myer's house. They go inside to "party." While having sex, Michael watches from the hall. When they are done, the boyfriend goes outside to get some more beer. Lynda calls Laurie and they talk about something they said earlier. The boyfriend is outside leaning into his car getting beer. Michael stabs him in the chest and impales him on the wall. Michael then puts a sheet over him and goes into the room with Lynda. Lynda makes fun of him, and when she goes to get the beer from him, he grabs her by the throat and strangles her.

Annie and her boyfriend are going at it on the couch, and Michael watches from above. He grabs Paul, and stabs him through the heart. Annie jumps up and runs through the front door screaming, only to be grabbed by Michael and pulled back inside. He brutally beats her, and as he stands over her body, the screen goes to black.

Loomis and Sheriff Brackett are at police HQ, and Loomis tells him that Michael is a socio-path and is here to find his sister, but he doesn't know why. Brackett tells Loomis that fifteen year ago, he was new to the force, and called to a residence for a gun shot. He found Mrs.. Myers dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and the baby crying in another room. He took the baby out of the house and to a nearby town's ER and left her, and told no one about her being there. A few months later, he found out the Strode's adopted her. Brackett calls the Strode's home, but no one answers. Loomis and Brackett head for the Strode home.

Laurie and Lindsey are heading back to Lindsey's house. They go in, and find Annie lying on the floor, bruised and bloody, but still alive. Laurie tells Lindsey to go to Tommy's house and call the police. She then goes to Annie and tells her it's going to be OK. Annie is crying, and trying to tell her something. Paul is hanging from the ceiling with a pumpkin on his head. Laurie calls 911, and Michael comes into the hallway with Annie and Paul. He pushes Paul making him sway, and steps over Annie. Annie starts to call out Laurie's name, and Michael comes up behind Laurie and grabs her and flings her across the room. Laurie runs off, and breaks a glass door and runs down the street while Michael follows. Loomis and Brackett hear the call, and head toward Tommy's house. They are 20 minutes away. Loomis yells "he found her, he found her, hurry for god's sake".

Laurie runs through the house and jumps through the glass door that is locked. Screaming and running through the night as Michael stalks her. Laurie looks back screaming even louder for help. Laurie makes it to the front door, where she pounds on the door and screams for Tommy to open to door as Michael slowly approaches the house.

Laurie makes it into Tommy's house and locks the door. Laurie stands there with the 2 kids screaming and Michael breaks down the door. Laurie and co. run upstairs and lock themselves into a bathroom. Sirens are heard in the background. 2 police officers arrive, and go into Tommy's house. One goes upstairs and knocks on the bathroom door. Laurie starts to unlock the door, and Michael stabs the 1st officer. Michael then starts to break down the door, and the 2nd cop shoots him in the shoulder, Michael kills him, and then breaks into the bathroom and grabs a screaming and kicking Laurie and heads into the night.

Loomis and Brackett get to Lindsey's house and go inside to find Annie on the floor, still alive. Sheriff Brackett stays with her, and Loomis goes outside to flag down the ambulance. Tommy and Lindsey come running down the street. Loomis stops them, they tell him what happened, and he tells them to stay there with the ambulance. He goes towards the police car.

Cut to the Myers' basement, and Laurie starts to stir. She finds Lynda's body and cries over her. Michael comes in, and Laurie, still crying, asks him what he wants. Michael kneels, drops his knife and takes off his mask. He then hands Laurie the picture of them as children. Laurie continues to cry and tells him she doesn't understand. He gets angry, and shoves the picture at her. She sees the knife at his side, and tells him she wants to understand. She keeps talking to him while moving towards the knife. Laurie takes the photo from Michael to take a better look at it.  As she does this she tries to get closer to the knife.  She finally reaches it and stabs Michael in the shoulder/chest. He falls over. She tries to get out of the basement, but it's locked up.

She makes it out of one room, but is trapped in another. As she starts to break down a door, Michael comes to, and pulls the knife out and puts on his mask. He comes after Laurie. She makes it outside, running through the yard, she climbs through a hole in the fence but falls into a drained swimming pool. Laurie is trapped in the Michael stares at her and starts to come toward her. Laurie tries to climb up the sides of the pool but fails. Screaming for help and crying.  Right as he gets to her, Loomis appears and yells at him. Michael ignores him, and goes towards Laurie. Loomis shoots Michael 3 times, and Michael falls over. Loomis helps Laurie from the pool, and gives her his coat.

They get into the police car, and Laurie's asks, "Was that the boogeyman?" to which Loomis replies, "As a matter of fact, I believe it was." Michael busts out the window and grabs Laurie. Loomis chases after them, and tells Michael to stop, that Loomis was the one who failed him and gave up on him.

Michael lets Laurie go and crushes Dr. Loomis' head. Michael then chase Laurie through the house, which ends with them both falling off the balcony and Laurie shooting Michael in the head...

Police cars begin to pull up behind Loomis, a police officer jumps out of his vehicle and yells at Michael to put the weapon down and release the girl.  Dr. Loomis turns to them and yells "no" because now the police have drawn their guns at Michael.  Dr. Loomis tells them he can handle this. He continues to talk to Michael and tells him to give her to him as Laurie cries and begs Michael to let her go. Michael let's go of Laurie, and she turns to look at him one last time and he looks back at her and she runs into the arms of Dr. Loomis.

Dr. Loomis tells Michael he has done the right thing and he drops the knife but he still advances forward. Shot repeatedly by the cops standing by their patrol cars. Dr. Loomis runs to Michael and screams "no" and shakes his head in disappointment. Laurie lays on the ground crying as Loomis looks around and shakes his head at the failure that lays dead in front of him.

The final scene is the camera above Michael's dead body and it zooms out, we hear the first recording of Michael, as child, as he is being interviewed for the first time by Dr. Loomis, we are left with Michael saying "my name is Michael Myers".