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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Carrie

The definition of what a White Horse represents in dreams appears on the screen: it is linked to instinct, purity and the drive of the physical body to release powerful and emotional forces, like rage with ensuing chaos and destruction.

The movie starts where the first one left off. Laurie is walking down the street, covered in blood, still holding the gun when the Sheriff drives up. He takes the gun from her and puts her in the car and takes her to the hospital. They take her into the operating room to fix all of the damage done to her (the sequence of them fixing her is very graphic).

They show a scene from when Michael is a child and his Mom is still visiting him in the institution. She brings him a toy white horse and he tells her he dreamt of a white horse last night and his Mom was in the dream too, all dressed in white. He wants to go home but she tells him he can’t yet.

They load up Michael’s body into a van and are going to drive him to the morgue. On the way the driver and his partner are chatting and the driver doesn’t notice a cow in the road until it is too late. They hit it and the crash kills the driver instantly but his partner is still alive, trapped in the passenger seat. The crash wakes up Michael and he gets out of the van. The man calls for help but instead Michael saws his head off with a piece of glass from the crash. He walks down the road with his head until he has a vision of his Mom dressed in white standing with a white horse. He drops the head and walks toward her.

Back at the hospital Laurie wakes up after her surgery. Her leg is in a brace and her arm is in a cast. She gets out of bed and walks down the hall to Annie’s room. Annie is in a coma and Laurie sits with her until the nurse comes and makes her leave. The nurse is walking Laurie to her room when she is paged on the intercom. She leaves Laurie but before Laurie goes to her room she heads to the nurses station to get some aspirin for her headache. No one is there but then the nurse from before comes back. She opens her mouth and blood starts pouring out from her being stabbed. Laurie screams and runs down the hall as Michael comes around the corner. He stabs the nurse and goes after Laurie, who is running down the stairs to get away and finds the rest of the hospital staff there, dead. She runs outside into the rain and hides in the guard shack. The guard comes back from getting coffee and finds her there. He goes to get his car to take her back to the hospital. When he comes back to get her Michael puts an axe in his back. The door is locked so he can’t get in and Laurie hides under the desk. He uses the axe to start chopping up the shack to get to her. He gets in, she screams, and then wakes up at home in bed.

It’s nearly a year since the massacre - October 28. Laurie takes some pills and goes back to bed. Downstairs her friend Annie is making breakfast and her father the sheriff comes down and pours coffee into a thermos. Laurie lives with them since Michael killed her parents and her and Annie still have scars on their face. The sheriff goes to work and Laurie comes downstairs. Annie asks her about the nightmare and Laurie says she doesn’t remember much but it was one at the Hospital this time. She says at least she knows what she’ll talk about with her shrink today.

Laurie is talking with her shrink about her dreams. She talks about how she misses her parents and her dreams are getting worse as it gets closer to Halloween. After that she heads to her job where she talks to two other friends about dressing up for Halloween and going to a party. They convince her to dress up and go.

We see Dr. Loomis at a convention center, talking with his publicist about his new book which comes out on Halloween. He gives a press conference which he starts by showing the film of when Michael was a boy and Dr. Loomis tells him his Mom has died. He says Michael can’t see her anymore and Michael says he won’t see Dr. Loomis anymore. The reporters ask him questions and generally imply that he is profiting off a massacre and should feel guilty for what happened. They also imply Michael may be alive because his body was never recovered. He angrily brushes them off and it’s clear he’s become quite a jerk.

Laurie and Annie and the sheriff are eating pizza and talking. The scene then cuts to Michael walking through a field. Two rednecks are driving in a truck with one’s daughter. She’s telling her Dad that she saw Michael (who they think is just some random vagrant) on their property again and him and his friend want to find him and beat him up. They come up on him and get out of the truck, one has a tire iron and the other has a bat. They taunt Michael and when he does not respond they beat him up. He does nothing to defend himself. The daughter gets out of the truck and yells at them to leave him alone before they kill him. They leave him there and she apologizes to Michael before getting in the truck. Michael gets up and he’s grown a very big, thick beard by now so all you can really see of his face is his eyes. He puts on his mask and goes over to the truck. He breaks the window and pulls out one guy and kills him. He then grabs the driver and impales him on the deer antlers that are tied to the front of the truck. After that he grabs the daughter and stabs her to death. He goes to the back of the truck where their dog is and puts his knife up to the cage. After that it cuts between Laurie eating pizza and him cutting up and eating the dog. All of a sudden Laurie gets sick and runs upstairs and throws up, almost as if she could tell he was eating the dog.

The next day Loomis is outside of Michael’s childhood home to film a news story to promote his new book. His publicist tells him that this is just sick and he’s going to far in trying to sell his book. He tells her he doesn’t care and goes back and does the interview. The sheriff is watching as Dr. Loomis blames the inept police for losing Michael’s body and insists he is dead. He also talks about the shocking revelation in his book. He doesn’t say what it is but the sheriff looks angry and worried that he put that Laurie is really Michael’s little sister in his book.

We see a woman dancing at a strip club and it is the same one Michael’s mom worked at. The old fat owner calls the woman over to sit on his lap while they watch him on TV dressed in a Frankenstein costume, promoting the strip club. The girl and a guy who works there both tell the owner it was great. The owner comments about how it’s after midnight so it’s officially Halloween and tells the guy to take out the trash while he has sex with the girl. The guy takes out the trash and runs into Michael. He tries talking tough to Michael but Michael puts his mask on and knocks him down and stomps his head in until it’s mush. His Mom and the white horse and young Michael appear to him and young Michael asks his Mom if they can be a family yet. She says not yet but soon he’ll bring them all home. He then heads inside where the old owner is about to have sex with the stripper. He threatens Michael with a gun but gets too close to him and Michael throws him to the ground but not before he rips off a part of Michael’s mask. The stripper screams and tries to run out but Michael has locked the door and hung the guy whose face he smashed in in front of it. She freaks out and Michael throws the owner out front and he’s pretty badly beaten. He then grabs the stripper and repeatedly throws her into the glass until she’s dead. Then he finishes off the owner.

That night Laurie dreams about Michael but she also dreams about her real Mom dressed in white with the white horse. Young Michael is also there. She wakes up and goes in the bathroom. She sits there with her head on the counter and it cuts to the scene from the first movie where young Michael is eating candy in the kitchen with his head resting on the table. Then he gets the duct tape from the drawer and the knife, like in the first one where he killed his stepfather. Then it flashes and we see it is Laurie with the tape and knife and she has a clown mask on just like Michael did when he killed his family. She goes in and tapes down Annie just like the step father was. She puts the mask on and slits Annie’s throat and starts screaming, "Die, Bitch!" over and over. She wakes up in the bathroom, having hallucinated all of it.

The sheriff is in his office reading Dr. Loomis’ book and it does reveal that Laurie is really Angel Myers, Michael’s little sister. He calls the house to talk to Laurie but Annie tells him Laurie just left. He asks Annie to find her so he can talk to her, but won’t tell Annie why. We see Laurie walk into a store and buy Dr. Loomis’ book. The sheriff tells one of his deputies to go over to his house and stand guard. And if his daughter won’t let him in he’s supposed to sit on the porch with a shotgun. Laurie is reading the book and flips out when she discovers she’s Michael’s sister. She drives home and yells at Annie because she thinks Annie knew. She gets some clothes and leaves, telling Annie to tell her Dad that Angel says "F You". Annie is totally confused and calls her Dad, telling him what happened.

Dr. Loomis is in town at a book signing. A man hands him the book with a picture of a girl tucked in the front page. He angrily tells Dr. Loomis that it’s a picture of his daughter (Laurie’s friend who Michael killed in the first movie) and accuses Dr. Loomis of being responsible for her death. He pulls out a gun and deputies tackle him and take him away. Dr. Loomis is walking with his publicist after and is upset even when she says the gun wasn’t loaded.

Laurie goes to her see her friends from work. She’s very upset and tells them she’s Michael Myer’s sister and shows them the book. They console her and she decides she’s tired of being a good girl and wants to go to the Halloween party and get drunk. They all dress up and head to the party. They are drinking and one of Laurie’s friends goes off with a guy to his van. They are fooling around and the guy leaves to pee. Michael smashes him into the tree and breaks into the back of the van and strangles Laurie’s friend. Laurie and her other friend are back at the party and Laurie has another vision of her real Mom and young Michael. She hallucinates that Michael grabs her from behind and screams, but he’s not there.  Laurie's friend then insists on them leaving. 

The deputy is outside of Annie’s house when Michael kills him. He goes into the house. Annie has just finished talking to her Dad and assuring him she’s fine. She goes upstairs to take a shower and Michael comes in. She screams and runs but Michael catches her.

Laurie and her friend drive to Annie’s house, as Laurie has decided to go home. They don’t notice the deputy dead in his car and go inside. They go upstairs and see that Annie’s bedroom is a mess. They look for her and it shows flashes of Michael throwing Annie around the room. They find her in the bathroom. She and the room are covered in blood. Laurie holds her and tells her other friend to call 911. The friend does and doesn’t know the address so she goes outside to look. She tells the operator the house number and Michael grabs her and pulls her inside and stabs her to death. Laurie is holding Annie and Annie dies. Michael breaks in and Laurie runs out the front door.

The sheriff is at his office when someone tells him a 911 call just came from his house. He and several other officers speed over to his house. They find the deputy dead in his car, Laurie’s friend dead in the hall, and Annie dead in the bathroom.

Laurie is running through a field when she gets to a road. She flags down a car and the man stops and helps her into his car. Michael then grabs and kills him and rolls the car with her in it. She is unconscious and the car is on fire. Michael pulls her out and carries her home.

The sheriff is outside of his house, distraught, when a deputy tells him someone saw a man killed on a road and a large man carried a girl away. They figure out Michael took Laurie and head over to the Meyers’ home.

It’s on the news by now that Michael has a girl held hostage in the house. Dr. Loomis sees this and, feeling bad about his book, decides to try and help.

The police have the Meyers house surrounded and are trying to get Michael to come out. Inside the house, Laurie is hallucinating again and sees her real Mom and young Michael. Young Michael is holding her down and her Mom wants her to say "I love you Mommy." Laurie says it to her.

Dr. Loomis shows up and the sheriff is furious with him and tells him to leave. Dr. Loomis runs to the house instead and tells the sheriff he can get Michael to come out and he owes it to the sheriff. Dr. Loomis goes inside and tells Michael he has to let Laurie go. He tells Laurie to run but Laurie says she can’t because he (young Michael) is holding her down. Dr. Loomis tells her it’s all in her head and no one is there. Michael grabs him and stabs him many times. Michael’s Mom tells him it’s time for them to be a family, so he grabs Laurie to kill her. He’s now standing in a window so the cops have a clear shot at him and shoot him before he can stab Laurie. He falls down and Laurie goes to him and says "I love you brother" several times. He picks up the knife as if to stab her but is too weak. She sees this, takes the knife, and stabs him repeatedly, with the final stab being in his head. She walks out of the house with his mask on, falls to her knees, and pulls it off.

The last scene shows her in an insane asylum, looking a lot like young Michael. She has a vision of her real Mom in the white dress with the white horse.

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