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THE GRUDGE 2 - Preview


NOTE: Spoiler #55 sent in by Brentage5000 who says... "Okay, all I'll say beforehand is that the rough timeline is Aubrey, Allison, Jake. You'll see what I mean."

This one starts with the same warning as the last one. We then see a married couple, Trish (Jennifer Beals) and Bill (Christopher Cousins), in their apartment at breakfast. Bill comments on how Trish got home late last night and accuses her of sleeping with a co-worker. She doesn't respond and just goes about her routine in a daze. He sits at the table and she scoops some bacon onto his plate. He comments on it being burnt and she strikes him down with the pan. She puts the pan on the plate, sits down, and puts her face in the pan.

Now come the opening credits. During them, we see flashes of the incident which brought about the curse, with Takeo Sakei (Takashi Matsuyama) reading his wife Kayako's (Takako Fuji) diary and finding out about her affair with an American teacher before killing her and their son Toshio (Yuya Ozeki) and himself.

Years later, we see a group of girls at an International High School in Tokyo, and their names are Vanessa (Teresa Palmer), Miyuki (Misako Uno), and Allison (Arielle Kebbel). Vanessa and Miyuki rag on Allison a little bit because of her new girl status and offer her some helpful tips on how to fit in better. They then get her to come with them to "the most haunted house in Japan" and go inside. Vanessa explains to Allison that some crazy American girl killed her boyfriend here and tried to burn the place down, but failed. Vanessa and Allison go upstairs and are followed shortly by Miyuki, who hears some kind of splash coming from the empty bathroom. The trio goes upstairs and to the closet entrance to the attic, where Vanessa says that Kayako was killed and lives. She convinces Allison to go in for a ten count, and Allison does, but as soon as she's in the other girls slam the door shut on her. She starts freaking out when she can't open the door and tells the other girls to let her out, but they aren't holding it shut. Allison turns and sees a journal flipping open to a page with an eye drawn on it. She then sees Kayako coming out of her "home" and start attacking her. Meanwhile, the other two girls are starting to freak out when Allison comes bursting out, screaming like a banshee.

In Pasadena, we see a young girl named Aubrey (Amber Tamblyn) arriving home. In her house we see a lot of pictures of Aubrey and her mother with Aubrey's sister Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Aubrey goes into her bedridden mother's bedroom and after a coughing fit, mom (Joanna Cassidy) tells Aubrey that Karen has been in an accident in Japan and Aubrey needs to go to Tokyo and bring her home. After a plane and taxi ride to the hospital, we see Aubrey encountering the language barrier until a reporter named Eason (Edison Chen) helps her out. Aubrey gets taken to her sister's room and Karen makes sure it really is her sister and tells Aubrey to get her out of there. Karen starts to lose it and just before being sedated gets told by Karen, "Don't go in that house." Later, we see Eason telling Aubrey that he's a reporter/photographer and pulled Karen out of the fire she started and wants to talk to her, but Aubrey basically tells him no way. Meanwhile, Karen sees Kayako and breaks out somehow. After a chase through the darkest regions of the hospital, Karen ends up on the roof and thinks she's safe just in time to get pulled over by Kayako and (naturally) land right next to Eason and Aubrey, who were just leaving.

In Chicago, we see Trish and Bill just moving in...or rather, Bill moving Trish in, since apparently they're recently married. Trish is greeted warmly by Bill's daughter Lacey (Sarah Roemer) and her friend Sally (Jenna Dewan), but gets the cold shoulder from young son Jake (Matthew Knight). Later, after things have settled down and Jake has gotten the required not-a-new-mom speech, he sees his neighbors, the Flemings, bringing in their kid, who has apparently gone crazy or something.

We see Allison in a kanji class at her school. She is pretty nervous for some reason when suddenly a black cat rubs against her legs. She watches it rub against some desks and then jumps up when she sees Toshio beneath her desk. The rest of the class laughs at her and she sits back down, but soon enough the same thing starts happening to Miyuki, a few rows up. Later, we see Allison getting ragged on in the shower by Vanessa. We then see Vanessa in the shower when suddenly she starts pulling out hairs like Kayako's out of her head. She freaks a little, but later is calm enough. As she's getting dressed though, she sees Toshio hiding behind a towel and runs off. Elsewhere, Miyuki is meeting her boyfriend Michael (Shaun Sipos) and getting a room at a hotel. They go inside their room and Miyuki relaxes on the bed while Michael showers. Miyuki sees him naked and starts to have second thoughts when she sees in the window that Michael is out of the shower. She feels something start playing with her legs and she tells Michael to cut it out when she sees Michael still in the shower. Fearfully, she lifts up the cover and gets a glimpse of Toshio just before Kayako pulls her down into the mirror and out of existence. Later, we see Michael get out of the shower and come into the bedroom, but Miyuki is nowhere to be seen.

Cut to an apartment. We see Aubrey going into Karen's old place to either clean it out or just to have a place to sleep. She looks around at some of the old things and tries to call her mom, but is unable to speak and ultimately falls asleep on the couch. Meanwhile, Eason is watching a video interview of Nakagawa (Ryo Ishibashi), the man who was investigating the murder in that house and who helped Karen towards the end of her encounter. He's obviously uncomfortable talking about it and at one point glances behind him as though he thinks something is there, although nothing is visible. Curious, Eason goes back and forth a few times and increases the volume until in one frame he sees Kayako standing there.

In Chicago, we see Jake sleeping when he is awakened by a pounding from next door. He gets out of bed and hears someone leave the apartment down the hall. Curious, he heads for his door and sees the sweat-jacket clad person leave the apartment. He follows them through the basement and sees the person digging through the trash for old newspaper pages. The person takes them and heads back, pausing briefly near the spot where Jake is hiding. In the morning, Jake tries to tell Lacey about this but is cut off by the need to go to that school thing. On the way, he looks back at the end apartment and sees all the windows entirely covered with newspaper. Back inside, we see Trish get a phone call from someone and they're pretty chummy when suddenly the door opens behind her. She turns around and sees Bill, who asks who it is and if it's Nate. She says it's just some friend of hers and asks why he came back. He claims to have forgotten his keys but as she goes to check the master bedroom, we see them clutched in his bleeding palm.

Cut to Vanessa. We see her getting called into the office of Principal Dale (Eve Gordon). The principal and Allison are both present and Vanessa is asked what happened in that house when they were there. When Vanessa gets defensive, she is told that the reason for the asking is that Miyuki is missing and no one knows where she is. Allison erupts and asks Vanessa WHY they had to go into that house and runs off. After telling Vanessa to stay put, the principal runs after her. For some reason, Vanessa actually listens and wanders over to sit behind the principal's desk and starts playing with the lamp....until it stops working. After texting Miyuki "WHERE R U?" and putting her phone on the desk, she gets bored again and checks out the lamp cord, only to see that someone unplugged it. She hears someone run around the desk when suddenly her phone starts going off while Toshio starts jumping up and down on the desk (kids...). She reaches for her phone and says hello but is answered by Toshio's meow sound. She runs off and finds a phone booth where she tries to call Miyuki, but whatever answers gives the meow sound again. Vanessa sees Toshio sitting at her feet and suddenly starts getting wrapped up in Kayako's hair (kinda hot, actually) before vanishing.

In Karen's apartment, we see Aubrey being woken by someone knocking on the door -- Eason. She lets him in and the two talk about the house and what happened there, with him saying he's already been inside it and ever since has felt like something is after him. They go to the house and Eason advises Aubrey to wait outside...sternly. He goes in and (after failing to take off his shoes -- BAD violation of Japanese custom...although the place is burnt to a crisp) starts looking around. Meanwhile, Aubrey is outside when she sees Kayako inside and for some reason goes in just in time for Eason to find Kayako's journal (with the eye thing). The journal "sees" him and he grabs it and Aubrey and they get out of there. Back at the apartment, Eason attempts a translation of everything in it but can't, so they go to a friend of his where we basically learn that Kayako's mother was something of an exorcist who took the bad spirits out of other people and put them into Kayako. Later, the two are in Eason's apartment where he reveals that he has an address for Kayako's mother way out in some off-the-map village. He goes to put some tea on for the two of them but Aubrey falls asleep while he's occupied. He puts a blanket on her and then goes into his darkroom to develop some pictures he took of the house earlier. He notices a black spot in one of them and moves to develop that bit of film a little more clearly when suddenly the black spot becomes a black pool and the black pool becomes Kayako and Kayako....well, you know.

With Lacey, we see her knocking on Sally's door to show off her hot new cheerleader outfit. Sally's response is to chug all the milk in a half-gallon jug (though it's only like two-thirds full) and then vomit it back up into the jug. Lacey is understandably freaked by this and says she'll check in with Sally later while backing away. In her own apartment, she sees Jake shivering in a corner of his room and he says he's scared to death of something really wrong, but he doesn't know what. Later that night, we see Jake wake up and hear the pounding next door and some voices. He gets up the nerve to check it out and goes into the apartment and finds the room the pounding is coming from -- young sweatshirt person's bedroom. Jake sees them sitting on the floor and muttering something when he sees Kayako's eyes looking in from holes in the window. He runs for his own place and dives into Lacey's arms, and she calms him down and lets him sleep with her (not like that, you pervs). The next morning, the kids head off for school and we see Trish in Jake's room listening to the pounding while bacon burns on the stove. Bill comes out of their bedroom, noting that Trish's side of the bed hasn't been slept in, and as the kids leave he sees the bacon burning. He shakes his head at the sight and heads into the living room as Trish comes into the kitchen, and he comments on how she got home late last night.....

With Allison, we see her get called into the principal's office and asked about Vanessa disappearing and the house, and Allison spills everything, including how she's cursed now. The principal says that she went into the house and is just fine, but Allison says that the house is after her too and will get them like it got Vaness and Miyuki. The principal says it didn't get Vanessa and Miyuki -- they're right next to her. Allison pales and we see ghosts of the two girls sitting next to Allison just as the principal turns into a ghost version of herself and heads for Allison....

Aubrey wakes up from sleep and sees that it is now morning. She calls out for Eason and finds him dead in the darkroom. She goes to try and wake him up but he turns into Kayako and tries to grab her. Aubrey runs past the hanging pictures which have all turned into pics of Kayako's eye and heads for the bus station. On the bus, she sees an old man apparently playing peek-a-boo with no one and is confused until she sees Toshio sitting next to her reflection. The reflection vanishes, but the presence remains. Aubrey hikes through the woods and finds Kayako's mother. She wakes the mother up and asks her to fix this, and explains that Karen tried to burn the house to make it stop, but the mother says that would just make it worse and that it will never stop. Aubrey just looks at her sadly and the mother realizes that she brought Kayako with her and sure enough, Kayako springs out and kills her mother. Aubrey sees this and heads back to the house. As she gets there, she finally calls her mother and gives her the news about Karen. When mom starts blaming Aubrey for this, Aubrey says, "No...you don't get to talk to me like that anymore." Mom keeps going and Aubrey manages to say, "I love you so much mom....goodbye," and hangs up. She goes into the house and asks it what it wants and Aubrey sees Karen going up the stairs and looking for Doug, her boyfriend who had gone to the house looking for her. Aubrey follows and finds the room Karen went to. Inside, Aubrey finds Takeo reading Kayako's diary and stands there watching him. Takeo looks up and, seeing Aubrey as Kayako, starts choking her, ultimately breaking her neck. Aubrey is dropped to the floor, trying to breathe, and as she does so she sees Toshio watching and watches as Takeo does what he did three years ago...

We see Jake and Lacey arriving home to the sound of the banging, but for some reason the lights in their apartment aren't working and the place is a mess. Lacey digs a flashlight out of the closet and goes to look for Bill and Trish, telling Jake to stay put just as the banging finishes up for the moment. Jake looks around where he is and sees something at the edge of the couch. He goes to check it out but trips over something that was in his way. Twisting around, he sees Bill lying there with a gash in his head from where the pan struck just as he hears Lacey scream. He goes to check that out and finds Lacey face down in the bathtub, having apparently drowned herself. He hears Trish say his name from the tub and pulls back the curtain, but no one is there. He starts trying to wake Lacey up but is stopped by Trish, who smiles at him and tells him that he's very dirty and it's time for his bath. He runs into the hall and slams the door and finds the sweatshirted headbanger there. He goes up to the person and says that everything was fine before they came back and asks what they brought with them. The person looks at Jake and we see that it's Allison! She says that it followed her back and there's no stopping it just as she sees Kayako crawling down the stairs leading to the next floor up. She looks away and suddenly hands are on either side of her face. The meow sound comes and she gets pulled out of existence, leaving only her sweatshirt. Jake picks it up in horror and holds it, but white hands come out of the sleeves and fasten onto his wrists. Slowly, Toshio's head comes poking out of the hood and looks a terrified Jake right in the eye. He opens his mouth and--

Roll credits.

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Aubrey's (Amber Tamblyn) Story
After a short chase scene, Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is pushed off a hospital roof by Kayako (Takako Fuji). Eason (Edison Chen) pulled Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) out of the burning house in the first movie, and dies after he is attacked by Kayako in his photo development booth. Aubrey replaces Kayako as the main ghost of the cursed house when she is killed by Takeo, the ghost's husband. The ghost who we thought was Kayako in the beginning attacking Allison (Arielle Kebbel) was actually the ghost of Aubrey.

Allison's (Arielle Kebbel) Story
After entering the cursed house, Miyuki (Misako Uno) is pulled into a mirror by Kayako and Vanessa (Teresa Palmer) is killed in a phone booth when she is wrapped in Kayako's hair. Allison is the only one left alive in the story.

The Chicago Family's Story
The entire family is killed off in different ways: the mom (Jennifer Beals) murders her husband (Chris Cousins) and her Stepdaughter (Sara Roemer). The hooded figure is Allison, who moved back to America. She is killed by Kayako by pulling her into her hoodie. Jake (Matt Knight) is the only one left alive (but not for long...Kayako comes to kill him when she comes out of Allison's hoodie).

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